Celebrity Nudity Rumors September 14, 2017

This Sunday’s The Deuce should have Jamie Neumann full frontal nude during a photo shoot and a long topless scene from Emily Meade. Julia DiVergilio should also have a couple of topless scenes.

On Sunday’s Ray Donovan, Lili Simmons is supposed to have a brief sex scene which might have some nudity.

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Halle Berry is topless in 'Kings', Daniel Craig's buttocks also make an appearance.


Mr. Skin just updated their TIFF recap with no mention of Halle Berry.


Thanks for sharing. Any more details like well lit or lying down or standing up or front shot or side boob?


Halle Berry is overrated. Bring on the downvotes!!

Thanks for the info though.


Can anyone put here the full description given by Mr. Skin on "The Killing of a Sacred Deer"?


I thought it had already been posted, but here:

(0:09) Nicole Kidman strips to bra and panties and then lies on the bed like a patient put to sleep. From a distance we see Colin Farrell pull down her panties displaying what appears to be shaved bush. (Farrell later references later in the film that she has no pubes anymore.)

(0:54) | SKIP | Raffey Cassidy strips to her bra and panties and lies on the bed. (she's only 15)

(1:07) (MALE) Colin Farrell buns in the shower behind the glass. Then sitting on a chair naked with just his hands over his crotch.

(1:34) Nicole Kidman left nipple can be seen through an opening in her nightgown. Then she takes off her dress and lies down on the bed. We see breasts, shaved bush and buns as she moves.


I wish we could know if its a full butt shot or not. Guess will have to wait until release.


Starz released a trailer for "Nude" documentary which will be available next month


if anyone has an account here they can view exclusive behind the scene photos.



Any news on Disobedience?


no nudity in disobedience,only some girl on girl kissing and mouth to mouth spitting...and a clothed girl on girl scene...as far as i heard


As per Mrskin on Tiff review, Nicole Kidman shows shaved bush and goes full nude in The Killing of Sacred Deer. What the hell is a shaved bush? Do we see her vag? Are her breasts fully visible? Good shots? Anyyone seen....?


Maybe natural bush is now shaved bush for them? LOL.


I've wondered about this as well. What exactly does shaved bush mean, it's such a strange wording. Do we get to see her labia?


I am thinking either it is a fine patch or it is blurred out.


anyone knows abt emma stone's nudity in battle of the sexes??.....it's been given pg-13 for some sexual content and partial nudity


No nudity mentioned in the mrskin review.

(0:30) Emma Stone and Andrea Riseborough begin kissing. Riseborough is stripped to her bra.
(0:32) Blurry panties on Andrea Riseborough in the background.
(0:33) Shirt and panties on Andrea Riseborough. Shoulders and bare back on Emma Stone lying in bed.
(0:35) Emma Stone and Andrea Riseborough kissing.
(0:57) Emma Stone in a bra


thanks for the info dude....least we get to see some girl on girl kissing from emma....anyway why the downvotes ffs can u pls stop it???


someone just downvoted me and i wanna know why...


The Movie Body of deceit will be release on 19 September 2017 here is the link:amazon.com/dp/B074T9F8DX


Recapped or EmmaB... With the release of the Red Sparrow trailer... any news/rumors on Jennifer Lawrence? The book is full of sex. The director at cinemacon said it's hard R. Journos said the footage shown at cinemacon was sexy/raunchy. Details of that?


I'm still holding out for a Mary-Louise Parker scene as well. I'm pretty sure her character has a sex scene in the book(correct me if i'm wrong). Not as graphic or necessary as Jennifer Lawrence's character but would still be a nice surprise!


I still think there will be Jlaw nudity, but I agree, there are ways around it. For example, for the seductress training scenes where she has to basically have sex with a bunch of creepy dudes, they can just show the experience from the POV of one of the other spy trainees and the audience would get that she has to go through the same thing.


No, the book is not "full of sex.". Only people who have never read the book say that.

There are 3 sex scenes for Jennifer Lawrence's character and they can easily remove any nudity from these scenes.

Then there is the famous "Sparrow School". The nudity is SO GRAPHIC in this that I dont think Jennifer Lawrence could agree to it. And they could easily remove any nudity and from the looks of the trailer, it already looks toned down.

Don't be fooled by nudity ratings. There are a LOT of other characters that get nude in the novel. You could easily have a lot of nudity with absolutely no nudity from Jennifer Lawrence.


bullshit I read the novel and Dominika is nude 4 times in the novel and it's very important , because she play with her body in the book and seduce with her body , having lingerie or bikini or remove nudity will be like removing nudity in 50 shades of grey , I always say that , If you say that so you don't understand the book and dominika personnality !


Dude, like others have said, just because her character is naked in the book doesn't mean that will translate to the movie as well. You keep saying that there's no way they can adapt the movie without keeping the nudity, but they've done it before and they'll do it again.
I remember about a year or two ago someone was saying the exact same thing in here about Chloe Moretz in Brain on Fire. And guess what happened, the movie came out and Chloe didn't show anything. There's always a way to remove the nudity if they really want it, though I hope this won't happen with Red Sparrow.


You seem new to how adaptations work.


You really don't know Jennifer Lawrence and you think that she is like prudish other actress , but she said in interviews that every body have seen her naked with the leak and she don't care , she has no problem with nude scene since this accident and she remove her no nudity contract clause , she just want to show her body like that , for free ! I don't understand why everybody think it's impossible to see her in nude scene , every time there are an important actress , we have guys who said , no way , she will never be nude , we never see her nude and many other crap ! The prudish period is over wake up it's the new 90's !


I'd like the source for that. Anything Jennifer Lawrence says concerning future nudity is certainly of interest to me.


In what interview did she tell that every body have seen her naked with the leak and she don't care?


Source : (https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/What-Red-Sparrow-Movie-About-43512407)
Jennifer Lawrence Is at Her Most Raw and Visceral in Red Sparrow
This past Spring, I was able to view some exclusive footage of the film and to get further insight from director Francis Lawrence. I don't want to jump the gun, but this has the potential to be Lawrence's most captivating role to date. Yes, even after seeing everything she goes through in Mother!.

The exclusive footage we viewed was basically a 20-minute montage that gave us a broad idea of what we could expect from the film. It was utterly captivating, tense, and tightly wound. We saw blood, sex, nudity, opulence . . . the list goes on. Without giving too much away, we thought we'd give you a taste of what we experienced, why we think it could be Lawrence's next iconic role, and what else stood out from the film.

This isn't just going to be an R-rated film. It's deep in rated-R territory. In just the short amount of footage we saw, there was a rather bloody altercation (or two or three), a steamy sex scene, nudity, and more. Francis Lawrence made it clear after the presentation that this was his vision from the very beginning. He's going for the "hard R." He wanted to toe the line and represent all aspects of the story.

In just the short amount of footage we saw, Lawrence loses her career as a ballerina, cares for her sick mother, practically gets raped, and endures a special kind of mental terrorism that comes with training a deadly spy.

Overall, it's got a really gritty vibe to it, kind of along the lines of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in terms of style. There's something striking about the graphic depiction of the more violent and sexual scenes. It creates a world where very bad things happen, no sugarcoating. Even down to the music and the cinematography, every component of the film seems to come together as one exceptional project.


too bad we have to wait until next year for this movie....can't wait to see Lawrence peaks and Jennifer jugs....


guys remember the comment from "reddit guy" he were right about blake lively & kate mara nudity. do you think other nudity would be true?


The comment:

Celebrititties, August 10, 2017:

Take this with the smallest grain of salt because whatever this person said could be BS, but a redditor gave me a run down of upcoming nudity (again, could be made up trash for all I know).

(1) Blake Lively will show her bare ass in 'All I See is You' (Pretty sure this is true tho cos of a Tiff Report from late last year).

(2) Expect a brief glimpse of breasts and ass from Jennifer Lawrence in 'mother!' during a sex scene with Javier Bardem and rear-nudity from Kristen Wiig.

(3) Hanna Alstrom will go fully nude in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle', and Poppy Delevingne will show her breasts and ass.

(4) Bare back (not sure if ass or nah) and sideboob from Emma Stone in 'Battle of the Sexes', but nothing more.

(5) Ass and breasts from Sarah Wright in 'American Made'.

(6) Nudity from Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev, Kiersey Clemons and Charlotte McKinney in 'Flatliners' (sounds FAR too good to be true, but the film will have nudity in it according to MPAA).

(7) Ass and breasts from Hayley Bennett in 'Thank You For Your Service' and breasts from Amy Schumer.

(8) A brief flash of bush from Julianne Moore in 'Suburbicon', and breasts and ass in another scene.

(9) Confirmed nudity from Nicole Kidman in 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer'.

(10) Confirmed nudity in 'Novitiate'.

(11) Full rear nudity and breasts from Rebecca Hall in 'Professor Marston & the Wonder Women'.

(12) Breasts from Mila Kunis in 'A Bad Moms Christmas' (if true, for sure a body double :/), ass from Kristen Wiig (probably a body double :/) and bush from Kathryn Hahn.

(13) Expect full-frontal and explicit nudity from Maggie Gyllenhaal consistently in 'The Deuce', starting with the premiere episode

(Sorry if this all turns out to be fake - just thought I'd share the interesting news that I heard :))

There was no mention of Kate Mara. He was right about Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman, and Novitiate. Half-right about Rebecca Hall (Mr Skin claims topless only) and Jennifer Lawrence (no rear nudity and no sex scene)

It's clearly a bunch of guesses.


wish he was right abt bad moms christmas....wanna see kunis peaks so badly


Novitiate and Nicole nudity reports had been out for ages when he posted that


Yeah and at the same time his predictions about new Kingsman, Flatliners, The Deuce, Bad Moms Christmas etc were bullshit. Don't take seriously this reddit guy.


hey who is this reddit guy????


Saw today Tulip Fever and if anyone is interested here's quick hudity review:
- Cara Delevingne: boobs in sex scene (the whole nude scene was already released via official clip from film - I posted it sometime ago);
- Holliday Grainger: implied nudity (lying naked in bed with her lover) in one scene, and brief left breast in next one;
- Alicia Vikander: two/three scenes when she put her nightdress on (probably no nudity in those scenes, maybe some brief breasts, but scenes are very dark), very brief handjob (no nudity) given to Christoph Waltz, sex scene in nightdress (cowgirl, hot scene) with Christoph Waltz, breasts and brief butt while she takes her clothes off and in sex scene with Dane DeHaan (just as Cara's it was already released via official clip from film - I posted it sometime ago), also lying naked after sex scene (brief breasts and butt) then she rises up and sits and we get more boobs and there might be very, very brief bush, next she sits naked as DeHaan sketches her but her hair mostly cover her breasts, the last one is as she's lying naked on her stomach and briefly shows her butt (briefly as DeHaan covers it) - but if you are foot fetishist this scene is something special as there is good and long look at her sexy soles.


Thanks for your report VisitorQ. So Holliday Grainger does show something in this movie after all, even though it's just her brief left breast.


can you link the nude scene again pretty please thx





Any details on Evan Rachel Wood in A Worthy Companion?


(NOTE: Times might be a little off as I got there a little late.)
(NOTE #2: Julia Sarah Stone is supposed to be sixteen in the film.)
(0:47) Evan Rachel Wood begins kissing Julia Sarah Stone.
(0:48) Julia Sarah Stone in bathing suit in a dream-like state falling under water.
(0:49) Pokeys on Evan Rachel Wood in a T-shirt.
(0:50) Julia Sarah Stonestrips to bra in the car.
(0:52) Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Sarah Stone kiss.
(1:02) Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Sarah Stone kissing in bed. Julia Sarah Stone begins fingering Evan who then gets on top and starts thrusting. No real skin though.
(1:04) Breasts on Evan Rachel Wood in the mirror just peeking out of her open road.
(1:05) Right pokey on Evan Rachel Wood then strips to her panties.
(1:06) Evan Rachel Wood riding a guy in bed. We see bare thrusting hips and may some top buns. Then another guy comes in and an assault begins. Buns on Wood as she tries to get away across the bed. Maybe some dark bush.
(1:29) Evan strips off her shirt. We see right breast. Then left side boob on Julia Sarah Stone when her top is removed by Evan.
(1:29) Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Sarah Stone in bathing suit in locker room. An OLDER WOMAN shows her right breast changing.


Thanks for the info from Mr. Skin. Much appreciated.


Thank you so much for this Lili news!


So this confirms that Mr Skin was right after all and EmmaB was wrong. Now if Emmab was wrong about this, how do we know he/she's not wrong about the other reviews as well? What are the chances that Dakota Fanning really goes topless in The Alienist? I say he/she has lost a lot of credibility after this. The only ones we can trust on this site are Recapped and MK.


dude do u have the full movie??...can u post all the scenes referenced by mr.skin??


*Notices the comments on this thread jumped by 20 in no time.*
"... the shit just got real."
And lo it was.


Thank you. After all, Mr Skin was right.


Anyone able to slow this down and brighten it?


Today's been a pretty good day for J-Law titties.


That bastard Aronofsky managed to screw us even though he convinced JLaw to shoot a nude scene. That's just evil.


What in the fuck is that?


Hi, any review about stana katic absentia? It will be out in october! Thanks!


Great news, thanks Recapped!


Thanks but Nina Dobrev's the news that I'm desperate for. Flatliners is released in a couple of weeks - trailers show her in 2 sex scenes , one where her bra is being removed. IMDb shows an R rating & nudity - when will you know if we finally get to see Nina's breasts please?


Sorry no Nina, we need to wait till someone convinces her to do some artsy crap that no one will care about ....


MPAA rated it PG13 - the one on IMDB was just user-submitted


Flatliners - Rated PG-13 for violence and terror, sexual content, language, thematic material, and some drug references


This is very disappointing, where did the news about there being nudity in this movie come from?