Celebrity Nudity Rumors September 21, 2017

Sunday’s Get Shorty might have a long scene with Sarah Stiles full frontal nude while singing a song. There might also be a sex scene afterwards.

And Sunday’s The Deuce should have Margarita Levieva topless during a couple of scenes.

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Absentia is aired tonight in some Europe country, any info in nudity in first two episodes?


It was yesterday. Pokies from Stana Katic and some topless strippers in the background of another scene.


Thanks man! I still hope in some nudity from stana!


Well you can be rest assured that there is nudity from her..we got a brief glimpse of that in 1 of the earlier teasers


it's 9/26 n hope we'r getting Demonios tus ojos on VOD..
hope someone give us the clip of ivana soon...
i read in a site that the movie is releasing on DVD...So not sure about the VOD release part...


It's for rent in this page: http://ver.movistarplus.es/ficha/demonios-tus-ojos/?id=1432352&nv=2

We're waiting to anyone who has Premium Service in Spain and upload the content. But if anyone here can rent for 4$... I'd rent it, but I'm living outsiude Spain at this moment and VPN I'm using doesn't work for this.


You need to have Movistar+ to rent it, not only pay 4€.


In that case, although I were in Spain, I couldn't rent it. I hope any partner in Spain want to rent the movie and share the scenes with us.


I haven't seen it anywhere. It seems to be playing at another "film festival" tonight. Maybe someone got confused.

I pity anyone who can't appreciate some POV doggystyle. That's the best.


bluray/dvd release begins next month


Bill Camp gets a handjob from Nicole Kidman in The Killing of Sacred Deer. I don't know how the scene is filmed and she is probably not nude in the scene. But who knows, there may be some groping, ejaculation or she may service his real john!!


I've seen this film. Nothing sexy about the scene. Fully clothed, filmed over the guys shoulder, in a parking garage. Darkly funny but disturbing scene.


Where did you get this info?


Lol you dream too much


any word on Tatiana Maslany in Stronger?


any news on apocalypse child? been out in itunes and amazon but its not available in the country i’m in right now and so I can’t manage to buy.


Brief nudity from Ana Abod Santos and a non-nude sex scene with Gwen Zamora.


any clips? thanks


Nice, although Sarah has told it was a merkin... Sec. 4:35 http://thegetshortypodcast.libsyn.com/website


that really surprises me, it really doesnt look like a merkin


Oh shit merkins are getting more realistic, how the hell are we supposed to tell now?


If you were fooled, you need to go see an eye doctor because that merkin is as obvious as it gets


Sarah Stiles in Get Shorty


any news for Demonios tus ojos ??
release date for VOD ?
any nude clip from the movie ?


Why the hype with that film? We already know there is no nudity


There is a little nudity, Ivana Baquero is hot, enough for me and some others


It's got ass. That's nudity.

Ass POV doggystyle? Dude it doesn't get better than that.


Sorry but butt crack is not nudity. That's all Ivana shows according to reports.


Nudity isn't all.


It will be avaliable on VOD on 26th September. In three days we'll have the clips.


Where are you getting this information, by the way? I haven’t found it anywhere. Thanks!


Kristen Stewart & Chloe Sevigny are breifly topless during sex scene in 'Lizzie'


Where did you see the film or find this out?


Sex scene... with each other??? Just wondering. Your post was a bit vague lol


Now THIS is awesome news. Can't wait.


I wouldn't get my hopes up about EmmaB's reviews. The poster was wrong about Jennifer Lawrence in Mother!, so what else is he/she wrong about?


It's not like they haven't both been topless before, repeatedly, but whatever floats your boat, I guess...


To be released late next year or something?


Thanks for the scenes. Those merkins look awful.


Sorry to disappoint, dudes... But Kate Micucci has a merkin:


Kate Micucci: I had a choice of merkins, and I was like, “What’s the biggest one? Let’s go with that.” Just taking off the habit and seeing our hair, that seems almost as scandalous in a way as the nudity later on. You’re so used to seeing these faces without anything else. When Alison reveals her hair it’s like, “Whoa!” But yeah, as far as my nude scene, we were moving really fast one night to do a whole bunch of stuff, so I didn’t have time to think about it. It was just, “Here we go!”


It was pretty obvious in the movie, actually. I could make a better merkin with a carpet and a pair of scissors.


The Little Hours seems to be out on VOD. Finally.


Was there ultimately anything in that? I can't remember.


nude ladies round the bonfire


yes dave, full frontal nudity


Merkins don't count as full frontal.


LOL when is he full frontal? He is naked from the side at one point but no frontal from what I can tell!


I just quickly skimmed so there may be more but Lady Gaga is topless in her new Netflix documentary


My attempt at stabilizing the laptop screen in Transparent ep 6



Thanks for this. I didn't think she'd do it this year, after not showing anything in Paint It Black. This is one of the best nude scenes of the year, the only downside is she didn't show her butt as well. Maybe in the future.


Any frontal nudity in this?


No frontal this year. And damn, you're ruining everything for yourself it seems. You should be happy there is nudity. :/


F**k tits. Good only for SJW Americana.


are tits not at the front? 😉


They are showing erect dicks, blowjobs, ejaculation, explicit gay sex and we, straight guys get only boobs all the time? Nope, I'm not a loser, never gonna support this, double standard.


I think downvotes also happen, when the sad truth has been written, and people don't wanna accept it. Great examples are when facts, are written, that anyone can look up, and test. Those are downvoted too if they are not that pleasant. It's a kind of denial, like "yeah, thats true, but f*ck that guy for pointing it out". He is annoying, saying the same thing over and over, without actually reasoning, but the downvotes doesn't mean he is wrong. Actually many times its the opposite. So lets make this an example, I'll downvote your comment, and ill get a tons of downvotes from everyone. Do you best guys. 🙂


Every thread? You have to complain about this in every thread? We get it, you LOVE pussy and you hate America. Please move on.


I realize that attempting to talk reason into you is an exercise in futility, but here goes:
Yes, a small number of tv shows this year have had shown brief glimpses of erect penises. In every instance, it was either a prosthetic or CGI. This somehow equates to a double standard in your mind, though I have no doubt that if they were to show prosthetic or CGI vulvas, you'd complain about that too. This isn't even new to tv; HBO's short-lived series Tell Me You Love Me had a lengthy visual depiction of a handjob, complete with a money shot, a full decade ago. And, surprise! The tv landscape remained largely unchanged in spite of this.
Would we all like to see more full-frontal female nudity on tv? Sure. But no reasonable celebrity nudity enthusiast feels they're entitled to it, nor do we feel compelled to complain when we don't get it it, much less post the same complaints over and over and over again under the guise of a gender equality rant or pretending there's some social righteousness in our desires to see more naked women.
You've expressed your opinion. Good for you. But flooding the comments with the same argument repeatedly, time after time, doesn't accomplish anything beyond actively annoying the rest of the community. If the sheer number of downvotes you've received hasn't been enough to indicate how unpopular your opinions are, or hasn't given you some sort of clue that you're not wanted here, then I can only deduce that you're willingly trolling at this point.
Regardless of your intentions, your presence has made the site exponentially more unpleasant. Seeing a large number of new comments posted here used to be a joyous experience, as it once almost certainly meant there was more celebrity nudity news (and possibly even images) to look forward to. But now, more often than not, it just means "get ready to groan, because you're in for more of the same from ol' Dave1993!" Please. Just stop.

For everyone else:
My sincerest apologies for letting the comments here once again devolve into drama. But it had to be said. This has otherwise been a nice thing to wake up to you, so thank you for the images, all those who posted them.


Great news re: Sarah Stiles! Been wanting to see more since her scene on I'm Dying Up Here 🙂


Alia Shawkat shows boobs in episode 2, 6 and 10 of Transparent season 4.


Alia Shawkat shows her one of her boobs in the season finale of Transparent.


she shows one boob in episode 2, but nothing in the three way


Huh? Please explain.


Well, she has a 3-way and we see one of her boobs during it. The rest is mostly covered.
There might be more from her. Haven't checked all. She has a sex scene in episode 2, but again, mostly covered.


I certainly hope there's more of her. If you can post caps, please do.


Yes, in episode 6.


Does Transparent have any good nudity this season?


Having a heart attack right now. Thanks for the heads-up!
(do you happen to have any idea what the song is? Something sexy I hope?.. or funny?)
Thanks as always!


Looking forward to Margarita, great!!!