Celebrity Nudity Rumors September 3

We hate to do another blind item but expect the first real nudes of a MAJOR celebrity to be released shortly. This isn’t a hack or leak. This is something that will be available publicly with said celebrity’s support (unless her reps get cold feet). How nude exactly? Full tits and partial ass. Feel free to ask questions but its unlikely we give out many hints. We will neither confirm or deny any guesses.

UPDATE (9/18): Sorry guys, hearing the director’s cut they’ve been teasing is actually more of a G-rated edit than R-rated. Not that it’s any consolation, but Taylor Momsen is partially naked in the upcoming The Pretty Reckless music video.

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Did this ever get answered?


Oh my God - check out Aisling Knight's nude debut in UK indie cult classic "World of Hurt"! You won't be disappointed!!!



Everyone keep an eye out for UK model Aisling Knight's nude debut in ultra low-budget Brit flick, "World of Hurt" - best boob shot of the year, hands down! (And the movie's awesome too!)


im going to go with margot robbie from the wolf of wall street ive heard she has a few nude scenes


So this post started life as a rumour. Sometimes rumours pan out, sometimes they don't. A Terry Richardson director's cut containing nudity from an increasingly risque performer is perfectly credible. I'm sure recapped posted this in good faith, so can we maybe not slag off a site which we all visit and revisit with good reason?

This whole thing hasn't changed my opinion of recapped. Keep up the good work.


Blah blah blah if its a rumor then nothing should have been posted until its known to be fact. Especially if its a MAJOR celebrity as he put it.


You're right!


youtube is over 150 million. when will directors cut come out


It's already out:


Because of the title 'alternative version' and their reaction in the end i have 5% hope that they are just messing with us and the real director's cut is still to come. 😐