Chambers Season 1 Review

Chambers premieres on Netflix on Friday and has a couple of nude debuts.

Lilliya Scarlett Reid possibly shows her butt during some weird montages in episode 2. The editing and the fact that no face is shown is somewhat suspicious though. There are no doubts about Lilliya’s nude scenes in the later episodes however. In episode 5, we see Lilliya’s reflection in a mirror as she stands naked in a bathtub. And in episode 8, Lilliya is topless as she gets out of the shower.

The star of the show, Sivan Alyra Rose, also makes her nude debut on this show. Near the beginning of the first episode, the camera slowly pans up her topless body as she applies some lotion to a surgical scar that runs between her breasts. Sivan also has a sex scene later in this episode and the next but it looks like there is only implied nudity.

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Some news about Antje Traue. I find out that:
* in Dark S2 "supposedly we are getting here nude scene" (anonymous writes that)
* about "Das Ende der Wahrheit / Blame Game" I read that on a critic website that movie was given one dot about "Erotik". So...
I hope that Recapped could give us some information about Dark and that someone from our German reader could go to the cinema.


CRD movie (Indian) ft nudity from Mrunmayee Godbole to release in few hours on Netflix


Any caps or vids?


I've been waiting for a good 2 days since the news came out


I don't think she is nude in that...
But anyway please share the download link as soon as u get it.


Reviews indicate that there will be nudity, we will know soon anyway


"bliss" with dora madison burge had its world premiere @ tribeca yesterday. any nudity in it? thanks in advance.


olivia dejonge


Need any movies update form Tribeca too..


Euphoria airs on june 16 not may 17


There is a rumor that the series premiere episode of Euphoria will be available to stream a month earlier than the scheduled date of June 16 on HBO NOW and HBO GO. This will only be the first episode and will only be available for a limited time — likely the third weekend of May


With all the recent news about delays, here’s some good news if it turns out to be true. There is a rumor that the series premiere episode of Euphoria will be available to stream a month earlier than the scheduled date of June 16 on HBO NOW and HBO GO. This will only be the first episode and will only be available for a limited time — likely the third weekend of May. A reminder that this episode contains the nude debuts of Sydney Sweeney and Alexa Demie.


Well we've been had again..MDOM VOD release in July..unless someone goes to the theatres and records in May, the wait is till July


US VOD release in July.
UK VOD release on May 17, same day as cinema release.


@Parzival - I see..the way they've framed it and mentioned it everywhere didn't indicate that though. But thanks Parzival. Hope this works out


We're in the Endgame now...


"Euphoria" confirmed for May 17th as well as MDOM?

Good things come in threes, wonder what the other will be.


euphoria airs in june 16


Well, the Game of Thrones finale is two days later. That's enough excitement in one weekend for me.


yes, I'm excited it will finally be over.


want to see sophie turner nude... or in a sex scene very soon...


Ellen Page tweeted about My Days of Mercy coming out May 17.


When she says UK, does it mean theatres, DVD, or VOD?


End of the trailer it says theatre and on demand



It'll be on Netflix next friday but I managed to watch the first 8 episodes. Tomorrow will premiere the last episode from season 1 in Belgium. According to imdb, we'll have a season 2 next year.
In episode 6, Anna Drijver has a sex scene where she's on top of the guy and we can see her butt and right breast.
In episode 8, it has some sexy stuff between Anna Drijver and Elise Schaap but no nudity is shown.


Very brief scene. Very disappointing.


Maybe not entirely relevant at the moment, but Alex's (DD) sister Catherine has been pursuing acting, and has been recently cast in her first (relatively) major role.

Poorna Jagannathan (HBO’s The Night Of, S2 of Big Little Lies), Nikohl Boosheri (Freeform’s The Bold Type) and newcomer Catharine Daddario will star in Alia’s Birth, an indie drama from Sam Abbas. It’s about a rocky relationship between a female couple that forces them to spend the night apart.

© Deadline


That’s one hit family


She's way hotter than her sister


Brunette, similar eyes without the demon look, Daddario... without the DD but still gorgeous. Good genes.
She's in another movie, Lake Artifact, but it's a sci-fi comedy.






However I think that German, Spain and Italian tv shows contain much more nudity that Us and Uk one. There are some interesting scene, also in recent years.


You totally forgot tv series from French, Brazil and Canada(Québec).


German shows? I do not agree. There is almost nothing besides male nudity recently in german tv shows. America vs Germany? America clearly wins.


Well, in ZDF we had 3 female frontal scenes in tv series. From Kommissarin Heller episode named Herzversagen, Bella Germania and Bier Royal.


I think that in two TV-movie, that will be shown in May, we could find nudity. One is Sarah Kohr, on ZDF on 6th May, the other is Tatort - Die ewige Welle on DasErste on 26th May. What do you think?


The Tatort you mentioned will definitely have some nudity, The movie with Lisa Maria Potthoff I think it might have. Will find out next week.


Also public-TV? In Das Erste and ZDF there are many female nudes...


Does Margot Robbie show anything in Once upon a time in Hollywood.


Knowing Quentin Tarantino's track record of non-nudity in his films save for Patricia Arquette's tits in "True Romance" which he wrote and Bridget Fonda's ass in "Jackie Brown," I hardly doubt there's gonna be any nudity in his potentially last film.


There was also very brief nudity from Kerry Washington in "Django Unchained". The original script had lots of nudity from her character that he sadly edited out.


Don't forget Kerry Washington toplesss in Django. Even then it was pretty brief so I doubt we'll get anything from Margot.


Dark season 2

If Antje really delivers it, we would be seeing a miracle


I think it could be very difficult that she shows anything. She had 2 nude scenes in her career and both were very dark (did she use a body double?). Recently she had two sexy scenes. In the first one (in Dead end) she were maybe nude but covered. The second one was a clothed sex scene.
So, I think she won't be nude..


Well, the two scenes you mentioned, in Dead end she could have been naked but it was very clear that they only wanted to show naked dead people there. The other one, she played a lesbian that wanted to have a child so maybe that's why she showed nothing there.
Dark had a great first season, so if Antje will really show somthing it gotta be on Dark or in her new movie that you already told.


I am more optimistic. Her 2 nude scenes, the shots of her breast were certainly her (her face shared the shot), only time she might have used a double was the shot of her getting doggy style pounded, if that wasn't a double then that was a pretty damn explicit shot when you look closely. Her recent clothed sex scene may have had more to do with 2 factors (1) it was a comedy & (2) she was playing a lesbian who was only having sex with a guy to have a baby.
With Dark, the 1st season had 3 clear nude scenes If I am remembering correctly and Antje is playing a lesbian seductress. I think our chances are fairly good.


Sorry martiangod. Somehow, I did not read your post... But I totally agree with you.


On 9th May her new film "Das Ende der Wahrheit" will be out in Germany. Maybe someone could give us some information. It could contain some sexy (nude) scene. As regards Dark season 2, maybe recapped could have some further information.


Have to totally agree. Hope we are wrong and she does a proper nude scene.


Interesting development with MDoM. Signature Entertainment just retweeted an article that has a new trailer and mentions a May 17. Things could still change but it's more than we got with Lionsgate.


Here we set the countdown again.


A ray of hope, finally. Still...I'll feel a lot more confident if/when Signature directly advertises the film on its website and twitter.

Marco Vanessari

Thanks bro


anything from protector s2


Lilliya Scarlett Reid @ Chambers S01E05/08




Is she now the first American actress born after the year 2000 do to onscreen nudity? Definitely the youngest I’ve seen posted on here so that’s probably a yes.


The comedy "Desperados" starring Anna Camp & Nasim Pedrad is filming now in Mexico. The script was originally written 10 years ago and featured a lengthy comedic nude scene for the main character. Hopefully it wasn't cut in rewrites, anybody able to track down a more current version of the script?
And here's a link to the original script, the scene starts on page 38:


Just read the scene, very unlikely we will see female nudity like that in a comedy movie. It is rare to see female nudity used for comedy and just as are to see actresses okay with doing nudity for comedic purposes. If the scene remains it will probably be all implied nudity rather than shown. I just don't think we will see Anna Camp or Nasim Pedrad doing nudity for comedy like that.

The original script for "Rough Night" also had multiple female comedic nude scenes all of which were edited out.


Yes, comedies have never had nude scenes. Not once, ever. Great post, as always.


Great unnecessary snarky reply as always. I never said comedies never had nude scenes. Female nudity used to be the norm in R rated comedies though it is rare now. However, female nudity in comedies has always been presented for sex appeal not comedy. My previous comment was referring specifically to comedic female nude scenes like the scene in this script. A comedic female nude scene would be like Rikki Lindhome in "Hell Baby", they are rare to see.


Yeah, that's why I'm curious to see if anyone can find an updated version of the script or even the shooting script, that way we don't have to wonder about it for a year or whatever until the movie comes out.


"and just as rare is to see actresses okay with doing nudity for comedic purposes.*"


I hope Nasim adds herself to the growing list of SNL women to do nudity. Still got my fingers crossed for Vanessa Bayer on her upcoming Showtime series.


Where does it say she will be nude?


Indeed a lengthy nude scene, fingers crossed!


is anna camp the main character?


I think Nasim Pedrad might be


That makes it even less likely then. If there was any chance it would be in the movie it would be from Anna Camp.


Told y'all it was brief, but eh nice to re-view it again! The real shame is (for those who haven't seen the movie, mild spoilers) we get those glimpses for quite miniscule scenes but when Stewart has one where she fingers Diane Kruger they show next to nothing...


Any nudity from Diane Kruger aka Helen Of Troy?


That's the only nudity in the film.


Neither a clothed sex scene?


Thanks. Will never get tired of seeing her naked. Just want some good bottom nudity from her.


hate her hair, love her boobs.


Nobody asked you


I see no one mentioned it and no one posted caps, but Tamberla Perry showed breasts in yesterday episode of The Good Fight.


Any scenes for Julianne Moore from Gloria Bell... ??? !!! ???


Any news about Lindsey Morgan from movie Inside Game and Summertime?


Not one to complain, but maybe don’t use the term “nude debut” when it coincidences with an actress’s acting debut (or major acting debut). There’s a big difference between seeing someone you recognize get nude for the first time and someone you’ve never seen before who gets nude right out of the gate


"Someone you’ve never seen before who gets nude right out of the gate" Like Emilia Clarke, Lili Simmons, Melissa Benoist... just to mention some examples . Who knew them before their debut? Not everyone can have a big name, some have to use their assets to get some notoriety.


I remember how confused we all were when we heard about the "nude debut" of Alexandra Daddario. We weren't excited to see that scene at all.


"Not one to complain, but ."


For future reference, you're supposed to submit all of your complaints at [email protected]


No, "nude debut" is correct. It's not confusing to people who speak English.


nude debut is the first time an actress gets naked (generally on screen). It doesnt include how relevant they are to you.


Seriously? Just because you’ve never heard of them, doesn’t mean others haven’t. They both have other acting credits.


any word on the l word reboot casting?


Wow, both girls are beautiful, so this is a great news. Thanks R!

Also have two question:
My love Alicia Vikander was cast as a lead in new Luca Guadagnino film, and there is always some nudity in his movies, so do you maybe know if there might be something from her?
Second one: I know it's not on your calendar, but could there be any nudity in new Swamp Thing show? Especialy from Crystal Reed. Thanks.


So can you tell me why I'm not rolling in that sweet, sweet modeling agency cash?


Lilliya Scarlett Reid is not for me - her beauty is the kind
only modeling agencies could like!


To each his own. I’m not a modeling agency and I’d hulk smash.


Okay? So what?


You mean insanely gorgeous?

Half of that is makeup and lighting. Not that she's not great looking, but I know a number of models who look STUNNING in makeup and outfits, but when they go without makeup, as most tend to do, they just look pretty normal for the most part.


The ATX Television Festival has unveiled a second wave of programming for their eighth season which will include the premiere of the HBO teen drama Euphoria from Sam Levinson

June 6 in Austin, TX.


Lilliya is apparently still only 18. That has to be a rarity for an American show.

Hopefully we get some good news on Netflix's other teen drama The Society soon.


Thanks for the info, will check this out. Lilliya is a striking beauty.

Hopeful for Nell Tiger Free making her nude debut in June too.


Remember this article from last August? It had this tantalizing quote:

"One entertainment attorney was surprised recently when a young actress with no prior nudity experience came in to negotiate a contract for an upcoming indie film with a substantial amount of nudity. The attorney urged the actress repeatedly to impose strong restrictions on what the movie's director could use. "Usually we negotiate these nudity riders to within an inch of their lives," the lawyer says. "But this time, she pushed back on us and said she really trusted the director and said the nudity was integral to the role and that she didn't need any of those protections in her contract."

Do we have any idea yet what movie/actress this is referring to?