Climax Nudity Review

The new Gaspar Noé film Climax just premiered at Cannes and is rather disappointing nudity-wise considering his body of work.

Sofia Boutella in a bra makes out with a topless Sharleen Temple late in the movie. Sharleen also wears a sheer top throughout the movie and we see her ass at the end as she spoons with Sofia.

A brunette (likely Lea Vlamos but not 100% sure) is full frontal naked in the shower briefly right before the Sofia and Sharleen scene. She is shown naked again at the end of the movie but it’s shot from above so you can’t really see anything.

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Anything in Westworld S2E5?


Westworld has been so dry as of late, the ratings are not looking so good, I'm loosing Patience, I want it to be the next game of thrones not a showtime show were all the significant plots are in the first season to lure into audiences.


According to hbo tvma there is nudity in this episode and Recapped have it in their nude calendar, so we have just wait for their review this week.


Cannes news: Riley Keough has an extended topless scene in The House That Jack Built, Matt Dillon fondles her breasts then proceeds to mark them with a marker and SPOILER later cuts her breast and uses it as a wallet!!!

No nudity in Blackkklasman


Thanks for news!


Any male nudity in The House That Jack Built?


“All About Nina” bought by The Orchard - shouldn’t be a very long wait for MEW.


The Lars von Trier film The House That Jack Built is grabbing headlines for prompting walkouts at Cannes due to its depiction of mutilation. Any nudity reports?


Riley Keough shows breasts, one of them is sliced off.


Alison Brie in season 2 of Glow?


I thought maybe I was remembering wrong so I looked back. Actually, Recapoed hasn't explicitly said Alison Brie wouldn't be nude this season. They actually haven't said anything about her. All they've said was that it was likely Betty Gilpin could be.


I believe recapped said that no nudity fron her, but nudity from Betty Gilpin


Which will be glorious.


spike lee usually has some nudity in his films.anything from blackkklansman?


What about Elisa Mouliaa in Bernarda? The film premiered in Cannes.


Anyone have any clips of charlize theron from tully?


As someone who saw the movie largely because of the promise of nudity: Don't get your hopes up. A couple quick, close-up shots of Theron's nipple before she breastfeeds. Hardly exciting. But the movie is excellent!


Guys, Tully it's not a big blockbuster movie that will have cam version in a day or two. Not to mention Charlize nudity is brief one.


Anything about Sophie Turner in Heavy ?


Too early isn't it??
It's scheduled for 2019 release.
One can only hope,it will come but I feel we will have to wait


It's screening at Cannes, so we ought to find out soon.


Didn't knew that.Hoping for something unexpected


Can anyone plz find\share Tully caps starring Charlize Theron...


There's only 2 close-ups of her right breast and it would be a cam version anyway, so...