Colette Nudity Review

Eleanor Tomlinson has her first nude scene in Colette but it is very brief.

Around 57 minutes into the film, there’s a montage that starts with Keira Knightley visiting Eleanor. We then see an over the shoulder view as Keira opens Eleanor’s top exposing her right breast briefly. It then shows a closeup of Keira’s face before going back behind Keira’s shoulder. As Keira continues to remove Eleanor’s top we now see both of Eleanor’s breasts very briefly. We then see a closeup of them kissing. The montage continues with Eleanor now having sex with a man and we see some slight underboob from the side. Then we see Eleanor and Keira in bed together but it is shot above the shoulders so there is no nudity. The montage ends with Eleanor having sex with a man again but now she’s sitting up and we see a bit of sideboob.

Lastly, at around 92 minutes, Keira’s left breast is shown as someone pulls her top down on stage.

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Is there any more information on Tomlinson's topless scene from Colette? Do we get a good view of her breasts? Or are they mostly covered in some way?


Would appreciate if somebody post lucy hale nude scene from dude


Hello recapped,

you have any information of upcoming nudity from Charlotte Vega (Provenance looks promising) or Brittany Ashworth?
Thanks in advance


I read a few reviews for I Think We're Alone Now and there doesn't seem to be any nudity. It's not really a love story, I guess.


What hurts me about this site is that you can't critizised nowadays nudity hypocrisy. Censorship on this site is enormous. "The scrutiny and criticism over the past 50 years against so much female nudity is because there was very little male nudity used in movies and TV" I'm from Europe. There was male nudity in TV/movies since I was born. And I'm 25. I'm not against male.nudity. I just want real equality. It's normal to show every inch of male body even erect dicks and explicit gay sex. We want it also on female side! I hate hypocrisy.


I think it has more to do with the fact that you do it nearly every single post and people are sick of it, and then you play the censorship card. Let me know when you actually get censored and I'll consider being sympathetic. Then you say silly things like "it's normal to show ... explitic gay sex."

You might wanna learn the definitions of words like censorship and normal before you go throwing them around like that.


Watch the only nudity in “Red Sparrow” be man ass and all the feminists on this site massively downvote anyone who complains. “Oh yeah? Well Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t owe you nudity, man!” So sad.


Wish you guys would stop referring to feminists as a bunch of rabid man-haters on the war path. I try to be a feminist and I still want Jennifer Lawrence to get naked. And I will probably bitch if they cover up all the parts that should have contained nudity. Even if it's a bust though, I guess there's always the consolation price of saying I told you so to the guy that was insisting there will be nudity because of the book.

By the way, if I send naked pictures of myself to JLaw won't she then own me nudity? I mean it's fair and square.


Um...well she doesn’t owe us nudity.

If people don’t understand that then there are many problems that need working on in their world.


Who said that she did? I still have the right to want nudity from her and to complain if my expectations are disappointed.


Well, you complained about people saying that she DOESN'T owe you nudity, so that's an understandable interpretation of your words. You didn't complain about people saying that it's fine that there's no nudity, you complained about people talking about how she doesn't OWE you nudity. Might wanna choose your words better.

If you're simply experssing disappointment, that's fine. Ain't nuttin wrong with that. But... that's not what it seems like you're doing at first glance. Just as a heads up.

Though I think you mean "and to complain if what happens isn't what I was hoping" since you imply that you had a reason to *expect* nudity.


I just saw the first episode of High Maintenance second season. In terms of female nudity, only not so beautiful tits. As in previous HBO new series, there are many scenes with fully nude guys. Call me what you want but there are scenes with man legs spread, the scene when the guy is on his knees and you can see everything from the back, full nudity. So why no such scenes with females? I don't get it. It's clearly double standard. Overall HBO is no longer female nudity paradise.


Women may demand more male nudity but they also have the freedom to seek these images out on the internet yet they don't. The demands for male nudity coming from non-gay men are due to the perception that female nudity is a sexist thing and male nudity is necessary to cancel out that supposed degradation by making things "equal". If you analyze female filmmakers work you will see far more female nudity than male.
I don't really care about male nudity but the exact opposite is happening than what you claim. The increase in male nudity(especially the explicit type) is correlating with a decrease in female nudity. And no matter how much things shift in the opposite direction the perception in society will remain that female nudity is in abundance and male nudity is rare. British media is proof of this considering how much more common male nudity is on their television in recent years yet their media still promotes the view that naked women are more common and accepted. In fact even America is becoming proof of this because no matter how many dicks get shown they still pretend like it is a rare taboo.


Excellent comment!


My comment was actually meant to be in response to your previous comment not Dave1993.


It is a GOOD thing there is male nudity. A very good thing. We hetero men have to realize that the more MALE nudity there is going to be, the more justifiable female nudity also becomes! Again, this is why female writers and directors who want male sexuality is GOOD for female nudity as well. The scrutiny and criticism over the past 50 years against so much female nudity is because there was very little male nudity used in movies and TV. We can't become like fake feminists and start bitching about male nudes. Also, I can see with all of this, the words "female objectification" being used less and less.. in-fact, that term just might eventually go away.


"but feminism and political correctness isn’t logical" ... I agree! but I'm not taking that viewpoint away from you with my comments! I'm confused.


But the problem is there is very little female nudity nowadays. Male nudity to female nudity nowadays is like 2:1. Can't believe you're so blind.


If you guys can't understand my logic, I really don't know what to tell you. I don't get people complaining. Female nudity is NOT GOING AWAY!


Your logic is sound, but feminism and political correctness isn’t logical.


So? Not that many years ago (and for many, many years) it was the other way around. Now it changed. The world doesn't owe you female nudity.


What’s your point? No one owes anyone anything, but we still have personal preferences and opinions.


There was actually female full frontal nudity in that episode too, I guess either you need to resort to lying to make people think there's a double standard or you just notice the male nudity more :/


One of the many "female" full frontal scenes.


or you know, you could post the actual scene


Absolutely nothing to see other than her tits...

He is pointing out that we would never see a naked woman in the pose that the man is in because it would reveal an explicit image of female genitalia.


Looks like it doesn't matter how many proofs you provide here, they will be still ignored. But thrown in half barfed sentences about the opposite will be accepted, even if they make no sense.


"Female frontal nudity? Notice male nudity more?" OH sorry. I only noticed 3 or 4 scenes with male full nudity in that episode. "UNNOTICEABLE"


you sure do love looking for dick, Dave.


It's hard not looking for dick if episode is filled with them and nothing else.


Ruby Modine @ "Shameless" s08e11

Sammi Hanratty @ "Shameless" s08e11 (no nudity)


Perfect time for some boobs. Why are they clothed? Proof that we live in not so great times.


Because Sammi doesn't want to show you her tits? Emmy does, and Ruby does. But Sammi doesn't, and she doesn't have to.


Yeah, no one is saying that she HAS to show us her tits, dude. That’s stupid. Go white-knight somewhere else.


Does anyone have any info about Tully starring Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis? The MPAA rating indicates nudity.


Any details on Kristen Stewart in Lizzie?


I predict a merkin.


Are you done taking questions from the annual preview or are you just focusing on Sundance right now?


we must wait for Red Sparrow !


Hoping more nudity will be coming out of Sundance


There is a series available on Siminn Premium in Iceland called, Stella Blomkvist, with Heida Reed that has been confirmed that she has a lesbian sex scene in that she might be nude. Does anyone live in Iceland and Siminn Premium that could rip the scene for us. I believe it is supposed to be in episode 2 or 3.


Brief as the scene is, I hope it's not shot from a distance or with poor lighting.


I'll be honest I am a tad disappointed..We don't get a complete lovemaking scene between Keira and Eleanor..more like a tease. But I guess that will have to do for now. Have higher expectations from Disobedience, My days of Mercy and Lizzie.


I'm curious how long the scene(s) is/are. I'd use Professor Marston as the over/under. Anything longer is a "scene," anything shorter is a "tease." Don't get me wrong, I'd give your right nut to see those two do what's described in Disobedience between The Rachels or to do a re-enactment of BITWC. Obviously. Hell, I'd give MY right pinky toe. But... full frontal toplessness from a 25 year old Eleanor Tomlinson, even for a very brief moment? I'll consider that a victory.


This is definitely great news. Thanks.

Is there any info on nudity in the movie Funny Story? It is premiering this weekend at the Slamdance Festival. Emily Bett Rickards posted on her IG account a pic from the movie of her and another actress who is playing her girlfriend, in a bathtub together.


I'll take it! May it be an indicator of more and better things to come from Tomlinson in that department. Can't wait for the footage (and eventually the movie, though that'll be a longer wait).


any update on The Miseducation of Cameron Post?


screens Monday


Thanks, Recapped! I Think We're Alone premieres tomorrow at Sundance. Crossing my fingers for some Elle Fanning nudity!


screenplay doesn't indicate nudity.


Kathryn Newton In Blockers?


I don't think she will get nude in an dumb comedy like that.


I was thinking there was a little bit of a chance because two of the writers have female nudity in all of their movies, including Ali Cobrin's epicness in American Reunion.


Sadly, with the current social climate, things aren’t the same as they were when American Reunion came out. So predicting nudity based only on who’s writing the movie isn’t a good enough basis, IMO.


don't think so.


Can we expect something from Lily James in Mamma mia here we go again?


Based on the first Mamma Mia, I highly doubt it.


Thanks for the detailed review, recapped.

By the way, when will Mobile Homes be released?


Just getting this out of the way:
Lia Marie Johnson in Louisiana Caviar?
Emilia Clarke in Above Suspicion?


Thank you for this, recapped. The detail is appreciated.


Any info on Mia Wasikowska in Piercing?