Crashing 101 Nudity Review

Lauren Lapkus is partially topless in the pilot episode of Crashing, the upcoming Pete Holmes HBO show.

Lauren shows her left breast in the opening moments of the pilot while on the floor trying to have sex with Holmes’ character. Brief, but brightly lit and shot straight on.

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The Opening Credit of every Big Little Lie has slight nudity in it,I hope that is not the reason every episode is rated for nudity


Don't think so. There was some nudity, even a penis in the True Blood opening credits and they had episode with no nudity warning or brief nudity.
Look at Crashing. Had Adult Content and Language and had a full frontal in it.


The first episode was listed with «brief nudity» while «nudity» is announced for the next ones so I don't think so.


The first episode listed brief nudity but there was no nudity. No breasts or butt. So based on previous episode rating and content, next episodes may have brief flashes or distant quick views of someones breasts to qualify for nudity. Plus the Director seems to have a fondness for quick cuts and flashbacks, seems to be his style. It could be the same one sex scene of Reese and Kidman shown in cuts and flashes over the entire series. Like a sex scene with five thrusts with one thrust shown each episode..know what i So the show may end up without any real nudity or a real sex scene. Inspite of people talking about explicit sex scenes throughout the series, in reality it seems no one has a clue. Too bad.


No nudity on BLL maybe next week


Not even clothed sex scene?


I thought there was supposed to be nudity every episode?


there was a brief flashback/dreamlike scene of some unidentifiable shadows fucking. looks like kidman's character most likely and that the full context will be revealed in future episodes.


According to the ring, she could be Kidman... or Reese Witherspoon because they have the same ring.


Lauren Lapkus! 🙂


I may be in the minority, but that scene sucked. Do we know if there will be any more (even though I dont see it happening)?


I agree it was a little weak, but better than nothing, at least i got to see her boob. She looks mad sexy and a better angle would be better like standing, but yeah unfortunately doesn't seem like there will be much more but who knows, we can hope.


Nothing from Black Sails Episode 4. Possible sex scene from Hannah New next week with her characters husband returning from his trip. Nothing shown in previews. Just guesswork.


BELOW HER MOUTH released in SWEDEN.the good news is someone got the hand on the movie n made a clip..but apparently it's of 2 parts...1st one is of 66 mins and 2nd is of 15 to 20 mins..i found it on a blog..
njoy guys n's Natalie krill doing full frontal....


Thanks ABC ! you made my day ! 😀


It has gone unavailable since everybody is watching it
Anyone can upload it elsewhere?


its the 1st part..
then where is the second abc..
and thanks too... 😉


the blog from which i got the 1st part didn't have the 2nd one...
may be we'll get it soon.......


What was the blog?


here is the video
password abc12345


Thanks abc... <3


Is Zoe Kravitz nude in Big Little Lies? (premiers tomorrow on HBO). How much nudity in the show?


Yo someone tell me who is nude on the upcoming episode of The Path. I AM DYING TO KNO!


Mia Goth is topless in "Cure for Wellness"


I've been wondering... can I use the include image function here for reaction images? Because I have a few images denoting incredulity and derisive contempt that would come in handy every time I see someone asking if some prude nevernude actress is going to get naked in her next PG-13 movie.


Someone knows about scarlett johansson possible nudity in ghost of the shell?


I've seen the film. There is no nudity that is not CGI. The version of the film I saw still had unfinished VFX. In one of the first action sequences when she's turning herself invisible and then reappearing you can see the very nice body shape in brief moments of a CGI model. It was very clear during the screening that it was completely computer generated and not her body at all. The opening sequence of the film is very similar to the anime but much more tame and equally clear that it is CGI and not her.


In the scene with the mech/tank does she use the cloak skin & rip her arms like in the 1995 film?
Any butt shots?


thank you for your complete answer jinxy15! you are very lucky to see it ever!


Does she have a lesbian kiss in it?


yes. it's in the freaking trailer!


There's a scene where she goes to a prostitute who has these odd fake lips that Scarlett asks her to remove. To be completely honest, I can't remember if they kiss, but she definitely feels the prostitutes lips if its not a kiss. Its an intimate moment where she's trying remember what it feels like to be human. I think they might kiss because I remember her asking the prostitute what she feels like and the prostitute tells her she's cold. Sorry I can't be more definitive in the answer. Its definitely an intimate moment.


I miss the preview caps on the calendar.


Hell, I miss the actresses being identified on the calendar! We no longer even know what we're supposed to be looking forward to.


I kinda wish there was a name, but personally I never wanted pictures. I prefer the surprise. In fact these days I usually delay opening the pictures when they finally come out. There is a certain kind of thrill in the anticipation.


I do just about that too. Some small teasers are nice, though.


Yeah, like The Path, which has mostly been a bust nudity-wise, supposedly has nudity in the upcoming episode, but we don't know if it's Michelle Monaghan going nude again, Leven Rambin making her nude debut, or some dude.


Just about the only good thing in the film, actually.


well thats kind of an awkward scene, shes still sexy tho, looking forward to this sundays show debuts


The best new I've heard all day is that the Exception will be released on June 2! Finally time for that Lily James nudity!


Really hope that's the cinema release, so directv gets it in April/May. The wait is killing me.


Fucking finally.


Thanks for news.
Do you maybe know if there will be any female nudity in "The Good Fight"? Trailer already showed dude's butt and teased at Rose Leslie naked in shower.


It runs on CBS, i don't think we will get on screen nudity for a main actress, unfortunately.


It actually airs on their streaming service CBS All Access. Not sure if that makes any difference at all, but we can only hope!


Any info on Rihanna in Bates Motel that airs on the 20th of Feb?

The trailer seems to hint at a shower scene:


Why would anyone take a shower at the Bates Motel?


Lauren is awesome! Great news!


Damn. That is really disappointing. Is there going to be more from Lauren Lapkus during the rest of the season?


Any idea how soon we'll find out about potential Gillian Jacobs nudity in Love season 2? She was so sexy in the first season and I hope she takes it further.


the storyline of the new season would suggest she doesn't go nude. season 1 had so many opportunities and there was nothing, so with the reduced chances of sex scenes in general for season 2, i wouldn't be optimistic.

on top of that, she is clothed in both the 2 sex scenes in the trailer. don't keep your hopes up.


Good enough for me. It's better than nothing.


Thanks mk! Looking forward to this