December 11, 2018 Rumors

A while back we mentioned Starz casting for a regular on their new show Hightown who is a stripper. Rumor is Riley Voelkel has been cast in the role.

We can now confirm that Kaya Scodelario has been cast in Spinning Out. Also cast are Willow Shields and Sarah Wright.

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Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan were cast together in new lesbian romance movie. Something to keep an eye out for.


So many lesbian films coming out recently. Not that I'm complaining.


That’s quite an age difference. Reminds me of a certain adult film series


so far away, want it now


Strike Back season 6 (series 7) - Jan 25.
Usually nudity-filled, even on the oddly-edited Sky version.
No Roxanne McKee this series though.


roxanne was like the only reason i watched this new one.


Almost a month till Kate Mara ?!?!?
I feel like it’s been years coming!!!


A month isn't so bad, at least we know it's coming.


Elsa Pataki Tideland


I skimmed through the show and this surprisingly this seems to be her only nude scene. Sad!


You guys aren't gonna start writting like Trump now, are you?


Do check this out guys! It released today on Vimeo and Aiysha Sagar app.


Free on Vimeo?


Riley Keough in The House That Jack Built (2018)


Is this how you do the foreplay?


Man, nothings better than a pair of great natural tits. Those are stellar.


I gotta disagree with the latter. Terribly lopsided.


What a really beautiful pair of tits she has! Not that far off Alex DD's.
She was always a fine looking lass, just her pretty face spoilt by those moles, most of which have been removed now.
Hope we get a good ass scene in future eps.


Just heard about this show a couple hours ago! Damn great caps, thank you.


Anything from Tidelands? Caps?


Charlotte Best nude in ep. 2 aroun 15 minute in but i don't think it's the only nudity from her...well lit out of the bathtub.


Charlotte also nude in eps 4 and 5.
Someone else topless in ep 3.


The movie Intimidade Entre Estranhos(Intimacy Among Strangers) opened in Brazil today. Can anyone give a report on Rafaela Mandelli?


I would love to know about this too. Rafaela was good in O negocio.


We overlooked a serious Australian contender on Netflix.

"Tidelands is cut from the supernatural-soap-opera mold that has become a CW signature, but because it’s Netflix, it can include nudity. So there’s a lot of it. There are shots of Tidelanders picking up barrels of drugs from the ocean floor, while wearing only bikini bottoms. There’s Cal, wondering if she might be a Tidelander, stripping down to test her water-breathing in the tub. "

Cast includes Charlotte Best (Cal) and, for the parts of the Tidelanders (hybrids between mermaids and women), you have Elsa Pataky (not reported to be nude there), Madeleine Madden, and a few others. There are a few mentions of gratuitous sex scenes. And it's released tomorrow.


Been waiting for more info about this. Kept seeing Mrs. Thor Pataky post at the premier of the show. Looks promising.


Did we ever get Mae Whitman nudes from that play she was in?


Video of Mae exists, but was too expensive on the trade market for me


How would one go about getting into contact with these traders?


tubwheat, what’s your email?


No and i doubt they'll ever appear.... like the Molly Quinn underwear shots from Newly Single...


Newly Single is available on itunes and amazon. If you really want the Molly caps, then just rent it and make them yourself.


And just to clarify, do you mean underwear scenes were shot and then cut?


She's apparently got a scene where she's in a pair of panties and a T-shirt only...


I’d give my left nut just to get the tiniest bit of skin from Molly. Probably my number 1 want right now.


Luckily you don't gave to give your left nut, spend three bucks and rent it.


Spinning Out is set in the world of competitive figure skating. Created by Samantha Stratton (Mr. Mercedes), a former competitive figure skater herself, the series centers on Kat Baker (Scodelario), an up-and-coming, high-level single skater who’s about to turn in her skates after a disastrous fall took her off the competition track. When Kat seizes an opportunity to continue her career as a pair skater with a talented bad-boy partner, she risks exposing a fiercely kept secret that could unravel her entire life. On and off the ice, Kat and her new partner will face daunting odds, injury to body and soul, financial sacrifice, and even potential mental breakdown on their way to realizing their Olympic dream.


Some blog claims that Sheila Atim, Denise Gough, and Georgie Henley are the newest addition to the cast of GOT prequel. It doesn't look like a particularly reliable source to me, but Denise has been mentioned here before in connection with it. So i'm wondering if there is some truth to that.


What is the nudity rating for in The Mule?


"Infrequent portrayals of sexually suggestive scenes - breast nudity"


Any info about Paradice City on Showtime? They have signed Bella Thorne as Natalie Eva Maire's character girlfriend.


Yeah, I want to know more.


Lauren Jauregui is going to be "showing her nipples" in an upcoming music video for anyone who follows her


what music video?


Any new on Exposed Season 2 with Kabby Borders?


Was there any info on S2 of Altered Carbon ? Who , when etc 😀


Oh right, Altered Carbon, we need another season of that. In fact given the premise of the show they should just keep it going with different actors. Like an adult version of Doctor Who.


Altered Carbon was renewed a few months ago with Anthony Mackie as lead instead of Joel Kinnaman.


Same with She’s Gotta Have It.


I’d love if Sarah Wright gets nude, been a fan of hers for years. Then if she does, maybe her sister-in-Law Daniela Ruah might?


When I watched ORIGINALS, One thing i noticed that Riley Voelkel has small boobs...but she has some nice ass...starz can deliver both T&A.But I'll be looking forward for her ass nudity...


Asked about this before, but really curious if you have info on the upcoming Showtime series, Paradise City? Former WWE diva Eva Marie was already cast in it but she just posted on IG a pic of her and Bella Thorne and in the caption stated Bella was her TV girlfriend on the series.