December 14, 2018 Rumors


Is there any info on season 2 of Altered Carbon?

Hearing Lela Loren and Simone Missick have offers for two of the leads. Not finalized yet though. Apparently there are some scheduling woes.

Can you tell more about The Witcher? What roles require nudity?

Well there’s this casting call for a minor role:
Physically demanding role with extensive nudity required but not full frontal. Charlotte is a young woman who has been transformed into a monster. She and Geralt fight, but he tries not to harm her.

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From an article about troubles on Smilf set in THR -

“Sources say Weaving is exiting the show after she claimed her contract was breached during the filming of a sex scene in the second season.”

“The conflict with Weaving followed an incident in season one when Weaving was asked with 40 minutes’ notice to perform a nude love scene despite a no-nudity clause in her contract.”

“In the second season, Weaving was set to do another intimate scene with Gomez, one in which he was nude and she was wearing only a T-shirt and underwear.”

so no nudity from Samara - my interest in the show just cratered.


The set troubles are bad enough that you won't be alone. That show will get cancelled, I believe.


Here's a bit of an interesting trivia. Alison McGirr goes topless for a very brief (and blurry) moment in Ladies in Black, a PG rated, 2018 film (rated PG for some suggestive material, mild language, and smoking).


I assume someone messed up. While it used to be common to see breast nudity in PG films in todays era it is rare in non R rated movies and will at least guarantee a PG13. There is also the fact that it is not mentioned in the rating. This is an obscure Australian film so I am not sure who or how many people they have ratings it but clearly there was some mistake.


definitely not worth an R but should have been PG13


She's trollin' us


Finally, some news!


And this news is a nice early Christmas present for me.
Don't want to bitch, but how the hell does it take a year to finish post production on a low budget drama? I could understand a movie like Avatar taking a longtime but not this kind of film. Anyway, great news it's finally getting ready to be seen.
PS. The goddess better get her bloody kit off after all this hype and waiting!!!!!!!


Isn't a year more or less the amount of time it takes from the beginning of principle photography to the end of post-production for a movie that's *not* big-budget? From there on it becomes about finding a distributor.


Yeah, unlike the big studio movies they don't have to hurry to make a set release date.


Hopefully it goes to SXSW or Tribeca since those are the next US festivals. Sundance put up their final line-up and it's not there.


Huh. Dark beyond belief, but still, didn't unexpect something like that in 'Bird Box' considering the trailer...neat.


Someone with more skills and patience than me will eventually brighten it up and slow it down enough to where you'll def see she flashes some nip. It's nice and unexpected.


Nothing in 7th ep of Doggystyle...


Gotta give this show credit. One of couple biggies that come to mind when even if they don't get some nudity in everytime they still keep it pretty hot.


Lulu Brud topless but maybe no nip on Ray Donovan.
Nothing on Counterpart or Outlander.


Fingers crossed for Simone.


Any info on Dark Season 2?
Really hoping for something from Antje Traue (faora in man of steel) in it, potential lesbian scenes.


Simone Missick nudity would be a big win...


Anne Hathaway's "Serenity"

Rated 14A for detailed sexual content, nudity, and coarse language

Infrequent portrayals of sexual activity – no nudity, detail
Infrequent buttock nudity in a non-sexual context


so a lot of arse shots only?


Well Matthew's character goes swimming in the nude a couple of times.


Any news about Lindsey Morgan from Summertime or Lasso movies?


That would be the Striga that Geralt fights in the first chapter of the first book I believe. When she transforms back to human shes feral so I wouldn't be surprised if they have hair blocking her tits


It's likely we get something like that because IIRC she's only like 13 years old


In the book yeah but so was Dani in GoT.

They'll age her up for the show, no reason not to.


Just to remember, All About Nina on VOD December 18. Just 3 days left!


Yeah, but we did already see the nude scene, so...


He wants the sex scene as well.


You're right. That's the most interesting scene to me. My soul is burning to see her ass and hips movements while she's riding the guy.


I'm all in for more Lela.


Missick? Well... damn...