December 17, 2018 Rumors

Here’s an interesting tidbit about the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series. A month ago, they were looking for real twins to play sisters. Apparently something changed because a week later they changed their search to real triplets instead. Again, we know nothing of the plot so have no idea how large the role of these sisters will be. We do know that they had to be caucasian and in their twenties however.

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Recapped, January 1, 2018 :

And lastly Alexandra Daddario has lots of nude scenes in I Am Not a Bird. Unlike her scenes in True Detective, Alex actually has sex scenes in this movie. This is likely the frontrunner for best nude scenes of 2018 so we’ll sign off here. Happy New Year!

Still waiting.... :'(


So, this will be the frontrunner in 2019? 😀


My Days of Mercy is hitting VOD on January 21st so... no.

BTW -- Can people in America streak UK movies?


Has anyone actually seen second confirmation about My Days of Mercy? Seems someone on here just mentioned Jan 21st and everyone has just ran with it even though there's not even a trailer or any info on the release elsewhere...


“official social media” - is that the facebook page that, back in January, talked about an October release and hasn’t had any posts since?


I understand the BBFC was the first source posted here, my point is nowhere else is reporting that date as their independent source (i.e. recapped relaying it from BBFC not counting). Both the official social media and the distributor haven't mentioned that date elsewhere, and it would be very random of them to suddenly release a film with two big stars in just over month with absolutely no promotion even for VOD...


It's the UK release date as from the BBFC rating. Other than the rating there has been no word from the distributor.


Recapped added My Days of Mercy to their calendar, too, so it's most likely legit.


Never look away (Werk ohne Autor) review on MrSkin talks about multiple nude scenes and also nude sex scenes from Paula Beer. Any news about VOD/DVD release or about caps?


December 31 dvd and blu-ray release in amazon germany.


check again, it says 31.december 2019, which means its somewhere in 2019, but they dont know yet. Some sites say april. I will happily be conviced of the opposite though.


I've finally seen it. Its wonderful and gratitous and poetic. And there are no merkins in this film, real bushes from both Saskia Rosendahl and Paula Beer.

The Italian bluray(opera senza autore is the italian name) is listed as 24.1.2019 and the german as 31.12.2019, which makes no sense. Ive heard some news of a april release for the german bluray which is much more realistic and bad for us.

Please someone get this thing somewhere!!! Its nudity at its finest. And I havent even mentioned the sex scenes from Paula, which are quite hot aswell.


How are the bushes? Full on full bush??? ?


Its what u would like and imagine it is. Slightly trimmed, very asthetic and attractive.


If we are lucky, Italian VOD could be out some weeks before 24th January. But it's not sure.
So is 24th January the first release date worldwide?


Worldwide, u mean in cinemas? its barely present anywhere which is due to the extreme length.

I think the italian bluray/dvd release date is legit, have no idea about the VOD.

There is one other way - DVDSCR! The director is lobbying heavily for this film to get a nom for the Foreign language film category. He suceded at doing this for the globes.


FB8, for some reason im not able to reply to ur post so this is it. And the film is also out in Austria, where I saw it.

1. They are really hot, id say moderately detailed and not that long. Very good. erotic and sensual. She is on top a lot.
2. Well, The Lives of Others was such a masterpiece that this does not quite compare. BUT, its pretty great as a chronicle of German history and sense of guilt through the prism of art. It really glides across its 188 minutes. I think it will be a surprise nominee and could also be the winner, as the director is lobbying hard and the film has incredible Academy appeal. Roma and Shoplifter might have the edge though. Burning should win but wont even get nominated imo.


The movie is out in Germany, Italy and USA, isn't it?
However, two questions:
1. How are Beer's sex scenes? Nude? Detailed? Long?
2. (OT) Do you think this movie could win Academy Award in February?


Anyone know if there is somewhere I can watch Becoming Burlesque (2017) with Shiva Negar?


There were some screenings for the first two episodes of True Detective recently. Any info on nudity in them?


IIRC someone mentioned here recently that there is no nudity in the first three episodes.


It was me, just checked again and yep nothing in first 3 eps, also probably nothing in 4th as well.


Is there any information on Mektoub My Love Canto Due? Such as a release date or anything else noteworthy.


It is highly possible that the movie will not be made at all. Director Abdellatif Kechiche was recently accused of sexual assault.


he's accused of sexual assault all of his life.


Any info on "Virgin River"? Alexandra Breckenridge is in it


Ascharya Fuck it : Indian Movie has nudity from two women in it



One more scene which is in fact the longest


Full video clip link plz ?


“L’Empereur de Paris” is out now in French cinemas. The trailer suggested possible sex/nude scenes from Freya Mavor or maybe Olga Kurylenko.


I'm always interested in Freya Mavor. I'll have to keep a look out for this one.


any update on Alexandra Daddario in I am not a bird? Waiting forever on this one.


You're a little behind. I Am Not a Bird changed to the title of the book it's adapting, Lost Girls and Love Hotels.


Most overhyped scene ever. And I haven't even seen it yet.


Hope isn't hype


Who knows? It could be awesome, which is what I hope. Then again, it could also be weirdly lit and edited with lots of quick cuts. Even so, it would still be more nude Alexandra Daddario. IIRC, the nude preview said that there were multiple nude scenes and that they were sex scenes. There's got to be something good in there.


Meh. It ain't gonna beat True Detective. Great lighting, a little more meat = better boobs, full frontal.
So I'm more interested in some of the debuts coming up.


No, it probably won't beat that. Unbelievably hot.


you know her scene in the layover where shes being 'banged' doggy style with camera in front....if she did that scene topless, holy god would my balls explode.


I wonder if more specifics will be given in the yearly preview.

I'm just imagining my hopes of an Alex DD lesbian scene going out the window. lol


I'd die a happy man if I got to see her in a hot, nude lesbian scene. Her scenes in True Detective were alltime classic stuff but they did have Woody H in shot. Far better if its Alex and another hottie getting it on.


I don't know, I wouldn't rule it out. Lesbian sex scenes seem much more "politically correct" at the moment, and they are usually much more explicit (disappointments like "Disobedience" aside). It's not my personal preference (not just the lesbian thing, but the quasi-pornographic explicitness as well), but I'll take it, of course.


If the spitting is your fetish, then I guess so, but it was sort of confusing to me. Seemed a little too specific. Maybe there’s other stuff in the movie (didn’t watch, don’t care lol) that makes it make sense.


I think the tongue kissing and spitting in the mouth made up for the disappointing sex in "Disobedience."


I've already stated how it's totally possible for her to have a lesbian scene or two considering she's supposed to hook up with random strangers and can certainly do so with girls as well as guys. It's a matter of whether or not she does.


Check the previous thread and you'll see the latest info on the movie.


she shows her boobs.


anything on Joey King in The Act ?


No clue about nudity, but The Act does have a premiere date now. March 20 on Hulu.


Rosa Salazar briefly topless in Bird Box (2018)

View post on


I’ve had a mad crush on Rosa since the third Maze Runner movie (not so much the second with that short hair) & I was happy enough she’d done a topless scene before, but if she might continue doing more that’s even better!!


Anyone ever see the movie 'Discarded' with Michelle Lombardo?


Is Mia Wasikowska nude in Piercing? She plays a prostitute and it's rated R for nudity.


Unfortunately no, the breast piercing scene is clearly a body double.


(0:18) Mia Wasikowska lying in bed in her panties then going into the kitchen to make coffee .
(0:24) Mia Wasikowska has her hand between her legs masturbating.
(0:27) Mia Wasikowska is tiny on th edge of the bathtub in her bra and panties stabbing herself repeatedly in her right thigh.
(0:31) Nice shot of Mia Wasikowska lying on the bed in her bra and panties.
(0:44) Mia Wasikowska strips to her bra and panties changing half behind a closet door.
(0:57) Breasts and panties on Maria Dizzia in an open robe being killed
(1:01) Breasts and panties on Maria Dizzia again.
(1:13) Right breast on Mia Wasikowska who then pierces it.


So strike back should have nudity because they trailer already show a short scene:

I'm interesting if Yasemin Allen do a nude scene she is a big number in Turkey but was born in UK maybe they use a body double or something because we all know the turkish tradiations and nudity so yeah.

I'am pretty sure Alin Sumarwata will do nudity because she has no problem with it (and looks fit) there is also an indish actress it looks like she is the communication chief or something maybe she will do nudity too atleast she get captured in the trailer 😀

As for the series its good that it first airs on Cinemax because we will get the uncut version, so somebody will capture it directly or 1-2 days later Amazon Rips will appear.

Good for us because i have enough of the stupid Sky UK bullshit version, last year was a disaster the 6 weeks christmas break was ridiclious.


there is an indian actress named pallavi sharda who's in the cast..hoping for her nudity debut in STRIKE BACK....CINEMAX can make it happen....


roxanne mckee is what made me watch his new version (and scott/stonebridge showing up). nudity aside, this show took a huge step backward from what it was.


Really excited for the new season. But last season, apart for one or two scenes, disappointed me (sexuality wise). I am really hoping this season will give me what I am expecting.


Actually up until 10 years ago we were more like EU in terms of nudity and even had prime time boobs on TV.
So, not much of a tradition.


Alin was topless in the first season


I know i posted the clip about it last year =)


A few Sundance premiere dates:

To The Stars - Liana Liberato, Kara Hayward - Jan 25

Native Son - Margaret Qualley - Jan 24

Big Time Adolescence - Sydney Sweeney - Jan 28

Animals - Holliday Grainger, Alia Shawkat - Jan 28

Extremely Wicked etc - Lily Collins, Kaya Scodelario - Jan 26

Adam - Margaret Qualley, India Menuez - Jan 25

Now Apocalypse eps 1-3 - Kelli Berglund, Roxane Mesquida - Jan 29


these are the ones expected to have nudity?


Some had nudity in the scripts.
Some “just” have undies scenes, like Margaret Qualley in “Native Son”.
Some may have nothing of any interest at all.
I just like to speculate.


Any nudity information on the upcoming season of Strike Back??


it's Strikeback.... almost certainly got at least one bit of nudity in the season


Kinda disappointed with All About Nina - since Winstead is my one my top celeb crushes.
But still, it's better than Emma Stone in The Favourite (unless there are more scenes from that that we haven't seen).


Is that all of it?


Pretty much unless you want the scene where she pukes all over him after she finishes riding him? 🙂


Spoiler alert.


Lucky guy enjoyed her ass


He finds it Common.


This is kind of... weird. Identical triplets are extremely rare. So, to find a trio in their twenties, knowing how to act and supposedly attractive (it's in the GoT universe, so you need sexposition) would be much more difficult than finding real twins fitting that description, with the third triplet being a combination of body doubles and CGI copy and paste.

Also, why couldn't they hire Tatiana Maslany instead?


They managed to find three dragons for GOT and they're pretty rare.


I’m sure they will figure it out.


They might want all three in the same shot. Also it doesn't specify identical.


You've never watched "Orphan Black", have you? Tatiana played 9 clones, and several episodes had her sitting beside and even hugging her other clones. IIRC, one scene had 5 of them partying.
So having her as triplets "all on the screen at once" is no problem.


Perhaps the scene requires them touching or interacting in a way that would be too expensive to do CGI. If they were kissing for instance, that could be too expensive to superimpose a face on another actress.


This will for sure have a bigger budget than Orphan Black. But of course real triplets, if they can find some, are to be preferred.


ON Orphan Black they had a stand-in for Tatiana so the interaction was more natural than Computer Image Alteration. Far cheaper than using a computer, and the people were more real (because they were real). Yes, they had to film the same scene many times to accommodate however many versions of her were in it, but it was edited in a way (pure genius) that gave smooth fluidity to them.


"Real triplets" suggests identical.


"real triplets" suggests...actually related not three idiots who shop together and happen to look alike.


But if your triplets are non-identical, you don't need to find actual non-identical triplets.