December 2, 2018 Rumors


Do you know anything about The Society? (Previously titled “Hamelins”; upcoming Netflix series created by Chris Keyser and Marc Webb.) It’s got the dreaded YA tag, so I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up, but my goodness does the cast read like a nudity wish list. Kathryn Newton, Olivia DeJonge, Grace Victoria Cox, Gideon Adlon, and Rachel Keller, among others. It’s being described as a “modern take on Lord of the Flies.”

Doesn’t seem like there’s anything in the script for the pilot episode of The Society. But there’s an interesting disclaimer they had when they were casting: “The series will include possible nudity and sexual situations in future episodes/seasons.” Also, don’t expect Rachel Keller to be a regular on the show.

Speaking of Netflix, apparently Kaya Scodelario has now been cast in Spinning Out in the role that Emma Roberts was previously attached to.

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Great butt show!


Anyone know when Back Roads is available online?


december the 7th on VOD. will there be anything interesting in the movie? jennifer morrison?


Bad news is there is no nudity in Back Roads from Nicola Peltz or Jennifer Morrison. Both have several sex scenes and Nicola can be seen in her bra a couple times though.


not for nothing when you have a sex scene in a bra or play a stripper that does not strip you should never be allowed to work on a movie ever again


Actors don't decide whether a role requires nudity or not, they just take the jobs available to them that doesn't cross whatever boundaries they have. If the studio really wanted nudity on that film, they would have gotten it, either by these actresses or by other ones if need be.


Netflix has Sex Education which might have nudity from the younger cast including the female lead. The older mother role probably won’t have any nudity though.

On Netflix from Jan 11th. Gillian Anderson is the mother. Emma Mackey is the young female lead.


Nice. Looking forward to better versions. Where did these come from?


Alba August in Becoming Astrid:


I present to you the full HD unveiling of Eleanor Tomlinson

Long version:

Shorter version:


I've seen countless pairs of tits over the years {even got to touch one once) and Eleanor's are right up there with the most beautifu! What a gorgeous, sexy woman


you guys are too much, calm down with this ridiculous over-hyping, i know the girl is hot but everybody on here was acting like it was gonna be daddario level scene, again you guys went crazy for nonexistence nude scene with Addison Timlin which was the most stupidest scenes ever.


Nice. Thanks, dude.


In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle, "Now that's a titty!"


Ain't it amazing?!


Well, I do wish the camera had lingered more but, hey, she's got a long career ahead of her. Plenty more time to show those things off. God bless her.


Riki Lindhome - Under The Silver Lake (2018)


is the movie out yet, i wanna see it.


Okay this scene turned out much hotter than I expected. Riki Lindhome is looking good!


Oh wow just wow! The ass on that woman!


Fantastic ass!


Fant-ass-tic more like!


I'm looking for news about Virginie Efira in the Next Paul Verhoeven film 'Benedetta'. She plays a religious lesbian. I think it's promising. She's even topless on the poster that was released.

She's also naked in "Un amour Impossible" (in theatre now), with a cunnilingus scene that I seen mentioned as almost pornographic. If anyone saw the movie, I'm highly interested.


I saw that Daphne Patakia will play in this. She isn't shy woman.


Looked up Kaya, and wooow... fingers and toes are now crossed.


Season 2 or Maisel on Amazon comes out this week. Any hope for more from Rachel?


Based on how season 1 went. Highly unlikely we'll see anything.


Jennifer Connelly in upcoming Snowpiercer TV Series? It's based on the French graphic novel 'Le Transperceneige' which apparently has nudity in it.


Can you spill some more info on The Witcher? Will Anna Shaffer have any nude scenes?


Thanks for that intel about The Society! "Possible nudity and sexual situations in future episodes/seasons" doesn't sound very definitive or binding, but it's enough to hang some hope on. If even half of the projects you've been giving us scoops about (College, Euphoria, To the Stars, Now Apocalypse, etc.) deliver the goods, 2019 could be a banner year for up-and-comers making nudity debuts.


Now Apocalypse is confirmed to show some episodes at Sundance as previously stated, so hopefully some confirmation of Kelli Berglund’s scenes.


"Also, don’t expect Rachel Keller to be a regular on the show."

Ah nuts. I guess she is still on Legion.


Thanks for these news. If Kaya will show anything in Spinning Out it will wet wild dream come true for me and very likely a nude debut of 2019! Fingers crossed so hard, so so hard!


Oh my god that's like my nudity list (insert emma watson, nina dobrev and chloe moretz). I could only imagine if they bless us and all of them go nude including Kaya. I hope this is not far off reality.


Any info on Katee Sackhoff for the netflix show Another life?


Dear god let there be nudity from Kaya she has been hinting at a secret project lately.


I thought she was hinting at a part in the Helen Mirren version of Catherine The Great, for HBO/Sky.


is Spinning out expected to have nudity?


When ever my ear heared Emma My winner starting Feel Weird.


Kaya? You're playing with my feelings there. *sits in the corner & patiently waits for the show*