December 20, 2018 Rumors

We’ve received confirmation that Kelli Berglund has several nude scenes throughout Now Apocalypse. Kelli’s first nude scene is in the very first episode. Roxane Mesquida, Nicole LaLiberte, and some others are also nude in the series. Unfortunately there’s nothing from Grace Victoria Cox.

Now Apocalypse begins airing on Starz on March 10.

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Any male nudity in Now Apocalypse? Please tell me!!! 🙂


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays


Any good Korean erotic films in 2018?


One week more no nudity in Doggystyle...


paper empire on Netflix ! Denise Richards nudity ?


Does anyone know anything more about the movie "Neon Heart"? Release date, vod? Victoria Carmen Sonne plays there and reportedly it contains unsimulated sex scenes.


Sophie Skelton in Outlander S04E08


merry fap-mas


that ass is divine


A butt to die for! One of the best nude debutes / nude scenes of the year for me.


Hope that ass shot is of her and not a body double.


It would be super duper weird for her to show breasts multiple times and use bd for booty shot and inconvenient for crew to looking for girl with the same body shape / hair etc. Also, you can see her face from site and butt at the same time at 1:12.


The way they were hiding her face early on, I thought it may be a body double. Thank god it wasn't. Magnificent scene. You maybe missed some dark boobs as she's getting dressed.


She shows her boobs clearly multiple times in the clip I posted so I didn't bother adding that.


This is Lena Meckel


Are you sure? She's not listed on imdb. I wasn't certain that it was Mirela Burke though so it could be.


Yes, the guy calls her Lena and her agency lists her as Lena.


Sophie Skelton is nude on Outlander tonight.


And a great scene too!


Night Out is available VOD and download (, Itunes German, etc.) but US can't get it. Anyone up for helping out? Contains this scene with Mara Scherzinger:

Amazon direct stream rip would probably be highest quality. has a 6GB version (I don't know about the others). The Microsoft one has English audio (others may also)

other streams:


Yes please someone get a link to watch this movie!


It looks like Sky Ferreira is naked in "Lords of chaos". Review: "I’m more hesitant to criticize Sky Ferreira, who plays a photographer that inexplicably falls for Euronymous, because her role is so thinly written that it’s hard to get a read on her actual abilities as a thespian. The character — one of only two females to have anything resembling substantial dialogue — seems to exist mostly to get naked. There’s one scene in particular, in which Varg orders her to undress for himself..."


That is amazing news...ya know, other than a bad film with thinly written characters.


Is there going to be a season 2 of Stella Blómkvist?


Season 1 finished with a cliffhanger, so for that reason alone, a second season would be nice. But also, more Heida in that role would be a gift to humanity.


There is an indian actress named pallavi sharda who's in the cast of STRIKE BACK upcoming season..hoping for her nudity debut in STRIKE BACK....CINEMAX can make it happen....


I genuinely doubt that is going to happen


Who knows.may b we get lucky.. she's not getting any Bollywood movies now a days n if skin show can establish her career in Hollywood, who'll not need that...also she was actually born in let's see..


I emailed Signature Entertainment to confirm reports that they were distributing My Days off Mercy. Here's their response:

We are indeed releasing My Days of Mercy in the UK but this won’t be released until mid 2019.

I asked about VOD but they didn't specify.


so what's the BBFC rating about for the 29th of January?


I'd hazard a guess that the 29th January was just the earliest date Signature are allowed to released the film after passing the BBFC, but like any small distributor Signature want to maximise spread before doing so (that and as a US made film they probably have to do some arrangements with companies across the pond).


Are there any upcoming ENF or "comedic" naked scenes?


Asking the important questions


Finally some news about this show! Anything from the men in Now Apocalypse? Especially Jacob Artist.
Sorry for liking both girls and men haha


Don't apologize! Just curious though, what do people like to see from male actors when it comes to nudity and such? Abs? Ass? Full frontal? Gay kisses and stuff?


Definitely ass and full frontal yes, and sex scenes of course. Gay kisses can be hot too for a girl indeed


First 3 eps screen at Sundance on Jan 29 so we should hopefully get a full description of Kelli’s scene then.


A Private War is scheduled for DVD/Blu-ray release on February 5th, for those interested in (hopefully) a chance to see Rosamund Pike’s lips and pooper in HD based on what we saw in those low-res caps.


btw, has anyone actually seen this in the cinema? What did u see detail wise? Is there a bush in the mirror? Real, merkin?


do u think producers are reading this at the moment, editing the scene down? I hope not!!!


mmmm I love me a nice pooper...


Thanks for making it creepy and disgusting.


Thank him for calling it a "pooper" in the first place, I was obviously being sarcastic or do you need /s to tell?


Nothing creepy about liking a cute pooper


pooper trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun (poop-p-per troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun (poop-p-per troup-p-per)
Feeling like a number one



Anybody able to check out Rafaela Mandelli in Intimidade Entre Estranhos?


From Brazilian Rating Ministry(via Google Translate). Unfortunately, no specifics but maybe someone can help fill in the gaps.

Title in Brazil: Intimacy Among Strangers
Original Title: Intimacy Among Strangers
Intended Ranking: Not recommended for children under 14
Material Type: Internet Link
Category: Feature Films
Form of analysis: Common analysis
Duration: 111 minutes
Theme: Relationships
Indication Trends:
Moderate or attenuated use of licit drugs (Free);
Anxiety (10 years);
Verbal description of the consumption of licit drugs (10 years);
Sex appeal (12 years);
Violent act (12 years);
Consumption of licit drugs (12 years);
Description of violence (12 years);
Exhibition of corpse (12 years);
Sexual innuendo (12 years);
Language of sexual content (12 years);
Cool language (12 years);
Nudity (14 years);
Sexual relationship (14 years);
Vulgarity (14 years);
Illicit drug use (16 years);
Suicide (16 years).

Summary of ISCED Analysis 7369023 SEI 08017.001405 / 2018-25 / pg. 1

Attenuated frequency and
Mitigated illicit drug use
by frequency and relevance.

Licit drug use aggravated
by frequency and context.
Thematic, Contextual and Informative Aspects:
Suggested Rating: Not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

Sexual content;
Inappropriate language.


Keep an eye out for Sophie Skelton to make her nude deput on the next two episodes of Outlander. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS...In the books her character has a sex scene followed closely by a rape scene. Im not saying she will make her debut but this is the first opportunity for her character to do so. Fingers crossed for this sexy redhead!


Super great news! Sad about Grace as I was most interested in her, but still super great news. Thanks:)


I think my crotch just exploded.