December 28, 2018 Rumors

Rumor is Alice Englert has been cast as Nurse Dolly in Ryan Murphy’s Ratched on Netflix. Regardless of who gets cast, the role requires topless nudity as Dolly shows her breasts to some guy who has never seen a naked woman before. Apparently, none of the other female roles on this mini-series will have nudity.

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Now waiting yearly nudity report.Hope to see some new and surprising faces to go with favourite like Alex/Emilia etc


Did anyone capture the Nikki Shiels nude scene from Bloom?


Phoebe Tonkin @ "Bloom" s01e02

Sorry, the quality from Stan isn't the best.
Nothing else from Phoebe on this show.
Download full unedited video:


Outstanding SKN!


hot damn ... where's the 4k rip ? 😛


Is this one of the best nude scenes of 2018 or of 2019? I'm confused!?! Either way, her body is amazing!


Since everyone seems to like to put together their lists together before the end of the year and the fact that this is technically a 2019 show, 2019.


Bryan Brown goes from kneading Mimi Rogers' jumbo jacks to this. I want his life.


Hopefully we will see Emmy Rossum nude in Shameless for one last time as the season restarts


i wouldn't hold your breath


Phoebe Tonkin - Bloom S01E02


Very similar to her scene in The Affair. That's all of her in this serie?


Seems that way. Hope she does some more and shows some more in future stuff for 2019.


Fingers crossed. Once they take out their clothes, they can't stop.


Questionable. ScarJo and Margot both seem to have avoided it since they did it, while it took Alex DD a bit too long to do it again, or at least take on a role that requires it.


Very nice. She's one of my favorites.


Stupendous. Thanks, dude.


Still browsing the remaining episodes?


I don't even celebrate Christmas
But this is a gift coming straight from Santa


Would love to see Emilia Clarke give us one more classic scene before the curtain falls on GOT. Not gonna happe, but Kate Beckinsale, is imho, sexier now than she's ever been. Would be a dream to see her do a good, well lit nude scene.


I hope Kate Beckinsale will be nude in the Widow ,Kaya Scodelario in Spinning Out and Sarah Bolger nude soon too !!


Re The Widow - ITV1 dramas haven't had much in the way of nudity the last few years, other than the odd brief flash. Unless there is a separate cut for Amazon (and how often does that actually happen?) I wouldn't get my hopes up for Kate doing her first proper nudity in a quarter of a century.


Ready for Nude Emilia Clarke any time.Cannot rule out Dany Jon romance again but chances are less.But hopefully she goes nude in some other project next year


My calendar of most expected possible nude scenes for 2019. I hope that tomorrow Recapped can confirm some of them:

January, 1 - Phoebe Tonkin - Bloom (Confirmed)
January, 21 - Kate Mara - My Days of Mercy (Confirmed)
January, 26 - Liana Liberato - To the Stars (Unconfirmed)
January, 28 - Sydney Sweeney - Big Time Adolescence (Unconfirmed)
March, 20 - Joey King - The Act - Hulu (Unlikely)
March, 21 - Rose McIver - Dafoodils (Unlikely)
Early 2019 - Sophie Turner - Heavy (Unconfirmed)
2019 - Ella Purnell - Sweetbitter (Unlikely)
2019 - Katheryn Winnick - Wu Assassins - Netflix (Unlikely)
2019 - Nell Tiger Free - Too Old to Die Young - Amazon (Unconfirmed)
2019 - Alexandra Daddario - Love Girls and Lost Hotels (Confirmed)
2019 - Alexandra Daddario - We Summon the Darkness (Unconfirmed)
2019 - Alexandra Daddario - Can You Keep a Secret? (Unconfirmed)
2019 - Elizabeth Debicki - Vita and Virginia (Confirmed)
2019 - Elizabeth Debicki - The Burnt Orange Heresy (Confirmed)
2019 - Sydney Sweeney - Euphoria - HBO (Confirmed)
2019 - Kaya Scodelario - Spinning Out - Netflix (Unconfirmed)
2019 - Anya Taylor-Joy - Peaky Blinders - Netflix (Unlikely)
2019 - Bella Heathcote - Strange Angel - CBS All Access (Unconfirmed)


We Summon the Darkness is unlikely based on the script. Can You Keep a Secret is possible based on the book.


It’s already New Years Day in Australia. Hopefully someone puts it up before midnight here.


Kate Beckinsale
Sarah Bolger
Taylor Swift(It's a wish, not a predictions list)
Emma Watson
Karen Gillan
Georgia KIng
Bella Heathcote
Lily Collins
Caitlin Stasey
Mavournee Hazel
Chloe Grace Moretz
Emma Roberts
Dakota Blue Richards
Michelle Monaghan
Keri Russell
Gwyneth Paltrow
Hailee Steinfield
Adelaide Kane
Naomi Battrick
Eliza Bennet
Freya Mavor
Kaya Scodelario
Ashleigh Brewer
Emmanuel Chiriqui
A few lesser known-
Hanna Stanbridge
Phoebe Torrance
Chelsea Gilligan
Also Analeigh Tipton again , but she delivered in such style this year that if she takes a year off nudity ,it would be rude to complain about it!

Some of this list has delivered nudity before but like Depeche Mode, I just cant get enough!


That's really good list. Emma Roberts should be nude this year. I am also waiting Hailee's nude scene but I don't think she will make it this year. Plus, Analeigh is really amazing woman.


Good list. I'd add:

Zendaya (she's the lead in an upcoming HBO show, so finger's crossed there).
Elle Fanning.
Ariel Winter (once MF ends).
Sophie Turner.
Maisie Williams.
Chloe Bennet (a wish, not an expectation).


Some of my favourites this year -
Ophelie Bau - Mektoub My Love
Analeigh Tipton - Compulsion
Jennifer Lawrence - Red Sparrow
Addison Timlin - Submission
Matilda Lutz - Revenge
Kristen stewart - Lizzie

For TV
Sophie Skelton - Outlander
Melissa Barrera & Mishel Prada - Vida
Phoebe Tonkin - The Affair
Paulina Gaitan - Diablo Guardian
Betty gilpin - Glow S02
Martha Higareda & Dichen Lachman - Altered Carbon


My top 10 nude debut wish list:
Emma Watson
Gal Gadot
Nina Dobrev
Odeya Rush
Madison Beer
Aly Michalka
Anya Taylor-Joy
Evageline Lily
Jessica Lucas
Andi Matichak
What do you think?


Nina is going to be old and she still hasn't any nude scene. It's so sad. I mean she was really cute and hot 3 years ago -now she looks a bit old-. But to be honest, I still want to see her nude body. Plus seeing Anya's nude body is a dream.


Good list. I'd add:

Elle Fanning.
Sophie Turner.
Ariel Winter.
Sophie Turner.
Saoirse Ronan.
Maisie Williams.
Emma Roberts.
Chloe Grace Moretz.
Chloe Bennet.


As long as we're doing lists, here's my most anticipated for 2019:
Alexandra Daddario - Lost Girls and Love Hotels
Kate Mara - we all know the movie, heh
Kaya Scodelario - Spinning Out - although we don't know for sure yet
Sydney Sweeney - Euphoria

My Ultimate wish list:
Alanna Masterson
Annalise Basso
Anya Taylor-Joy
Ariel Winter
Caity Lotz
Carrie Keagan
Christina Hendricks
Dakota Blue Richards
Debby Ryan
Eliza Taylor
Felicity Jones - I'll settle for getting Servants in good quality.
Hayley Atwell
Hunter King
Milana Vayntrub
Natalie Alyn Lind
Olivia Taylor Dudley

I know, a lot of long shots.


My wishlist:
Sarah Bolger
Nazanin Bonadi
Lily Collins
Isabelle Cornish
Grace Victoria Cox
Olivia DeJonge
Zoey Deutch
Mackenzie Foy
Alanna de la Garza
Genevieve Gaunt
Maggie Geha
Jessica Henwick
Olivia Holt
Amy Jackson
Felicity Jones
Joey King
Christine Ko
Mila Kunis
Maggie Lawson
Claudia Lee
Natalie Alyn Lind
Jessica Lucas
Tristin Mays
Leighton Meester
Allison Miller
Erin Moriarity
Melissa O'Neil
Danielle Panabaker
Kay Panabaker
Italia Ricci
Naomi Scott
Hailee Steinfeld
Alona Tal
Milana Vayntrub
Ana Villafane
Brooke Williams
Kathryn Winnick
Constance Wu
Danika Yarosh


Quite a Few good names in that wish list. Some I'd add.
Holland Roden
Shelley Hennig
Adelaide Kane
Rhiannon Fish
Kira Kosarin
Katherine McNamara
Sarah Ellen
Lilly van der Meer
Halston Sage


Good list. I'd add:

Elle Fanning.
Sophie Turner.
Kiernan Shipka (a proper one).
Zendaya (Euphoria).
Sophie Turner.
Saoirse Ronan.
Maisie Williams.
Emma Roberts.
Chloe Grace Moretz.
Chloe Bennet.


Mackenzie Foy turned 18 a month ago.


Bit creepy to focus on the day a girl turns legal for you to jerk over her, dude.


Happy belated birthday to whoever that is.


She was the lead in that Nutcracker movie and she played the younger Jessica Chastain in Interstellar.


"She shows her breasts to some guy who has never seen a naked woman before, cause he was only subscribed to Netflix"


Other scenes to look forward to that I forgot:

Zendaya in Euphoria
Kaya Scodelario in Spinning Out

This is also probably highly unlikely, but I hope he was wrong about Leven Rambin in The Dirt like he was about Emma Stone in The Favourite.


Would be awesome if either one did show next year... But I'm not going to hold my breath


Kaya just shared some topless teasing


Outside! Where the hell is the paparazzi?


not in the Maldives, clearly


Let's hope this portends things to come.


My wishlist (hoping nude scenes from this beautiful actresses): Amy Adams (I haven't any hope actually), Lily Collins, Emma Watson, Mia Wasikowska, Jennifer Lawrence (my fav actress), Margot Robbie, Sarah Gadon, Michelle Williams (I hope she has nude scenes in FX series), Elle Fanning, Amandla Stenberg (will be great to see her big tits), Carey Mulligan. And the last one is Selena Gomez (it's too good to be true I think).


Since Emma’s loveliness this year taught me dreams can come true - my wishlist is much dreamier this year:
Alexis Bledel, Rashida Jones, Laura Spencer, Ashley Clements, Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper, Natalia Dyer/Winona Ryder/Cara Buono, Lana del Rey/lorde/delta goodrem/Taylor swift, Amy Adams (well lit), More Elisabeth Moss and Lena Dunham (shut up I’m serious)
And Z- well I guess that’s obvious...


Also Emmas Watson and Roberts (of course - time to complete holy trinity)
Maybe leak gods will be kind of film gods won’t.


Mine is...

- Hayley Atwell

- Antje Traue (she has done so before but I need clearer better lit shots, and there is potential lesbian material from her Dark s2 role)

- Deborah Ann Woll


AnnaSophia Robb! Has anyone seen that ass?! I would love a proper shot of it without clothes


Selena always gave me the vibe that she would do it under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, I don't think those circumstances will ever be met. Biggest problem being that she just doesn't really seem to care enough about her acting to make that kind of commitment. I just don't see her getting the kind of role it would take for her to bother even thinking getting naked for without doing more to prove she can actually handle it first. At this point, she'd be more of a stunt casting than anything else, and she's not getting naked for that kind of role. I would love to be proven wrong though.


I really hope she can get more into acting again in the next year, I really hope she can get a part that can show off her talents.


Top 10 in alphabetical order:

Selena Gomez
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Bailee Madison
Katy Perry
Emma Roberts
Stefanie Scott
Taylor Spreitler
Hailee Steinfeld
Taylor Swift
Ariel Winter


Anything in tonight's Episodes of
Outlander, counterpart, ray donovan..


There is no nudity in the rest of this Ray Donovan's season.


Only side boob on Outlander


Don't think it's anything in outlander.


For me
1- Teressa ruiz in here on earth.. (She was is narcos mexico)
If u haven't seen it check it out.. You will definitely thank me..

2- Paulina Gaitan - Diablo Guardian
3- Ophelie Bau in Mektoub My Love
4- Martha Higareda - Altered Carbon
5- Sophie Skelton in outlander


can u give the link to watch here on earth


What do you guys think was the best nude scene of 2018?
Here is my top 3: Ophelie Bau in Mektoub My Love, Phoebe Tonkin in The Affair and Eleanor Tomlinson in Colette.


There was many great nude scenes throughout the year, but I think Tonkin's and Tipton's were the best for me. I actually found Timlin's scene in Submission somewhat disappointing, considering the hype it had (plus there was zero chance it would have topped her Californication scenes, which are among my favorite nude scenes of all time)


Kristin Lehman - Altered Carbon


Definitely Paulina Gaitan for Tv. No one else is even close! For movies I’ll say Jennifer Lawrence.


Martha Higerada in Altered Carbon was amazing as well.
Kristen Stewart in Lizzie.
Sophie Skelton in Outlander.


I'll take Analeigh Tipton with Marta Gastini in Compulsion, Addison Timlin in Submission, and Phoebe Tonkin in The Affair

2019 hopefuls are Alexandra Daddario in Lost Girls and Love Hotels (with hopefully a scene with Elisabeth Larena), Ellen Page and Kate Mara in My Days of Mercy, and some more bits from Phoebe Tonkin in Bloom.

And hopefully some project announcements with nudity potential from any one of these ladies:
Hayley Atwell, Shelley Hennig, Leven Rambin, Nina Dobrev, Halston Sage, Hannah John-Kamen


Hope you don't mind, but figured the community might prefer I show my favs rather than tell...


Florence Pugh - I knew I was forgetting one! That was a great sex scene. Thanks, dude.


No problem le_sigh, glad to be of help! 😉 Totally agree it was a great scene. Could've had better lighting but for what it is Pugh certainly delivered.

Additionally, not intending to spam this site or anything but seeing as people enjoyed the last list here a few more that came to mind just to celebrate as we get closer to the new year lol...


My favorite is still the unearthed nude pictures of Kerry Bishe. I never thought I'd see her naked. Yay for photographer husbands!


Exactly! It came out of nowhere and won my heart


Movies (no order)
1. Ophelie Bau - Mektoub My Love
2. Jennifer Lawrence - Red Sparrow
3. Andrea Londo - Superfly
4. Rikki Lindhome - Under the Silver Lake
5. Emma Stone - The Favourite

TV (no order)
1. Sophie Skelton - Outlander
2. Paulina Gaitan - Diablo Guardian
3. Martha Higareda - Altered Carbon
4. Tessa Ia - Narcos
5. Phoebe Tonkin - The Affair

Really looking forward to Kate Mara/Ellen Page and Alexandra Daddario.


1. Ophelie Bau-Mektoub My Love
2. Analeigh Tipton/Marta Gastini-Compulsion
3. Eleanor Tomlinson-Colette

For TV
1. Sophie Skelton-Outlander
2. Phoebe Tonkin-The Affair
3. Tessa-Narcos


Paulina Gaitan in "Diablo Guardian" and Charlotte Best in "Tidelands" win the title for sure. Lots of great runner-ups but those two ladies took my breath away like no one else.


Im still masturbating to RedbSparrow from time to time. In erotic terms its just exquisite.


Charlotte Best in Tidelands...Ester Exposito in Elite...Tessa Ia in Narcos.


Addison Timlin in Submission -maybe tied with Red Sparrow.


Analeigh Tipton/Marta Gastini in Compulsion


Analeigh wins by some distance for me.


Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow.


Obviously there's been better/more shown, but for who it was in the scene then defo Eleanor Tomlinson.
For me, 2019 is all about Alex DD Lost Girls and Vanderham in her TV series. If they deliver then it'll be a great year! Anything else will be a bonus.


1. Pheobe Tonkin in The Affair


Any rumors/news about the 2nd season of Vida? Either about more nudity from Mishel Prada or Melissa Barrera, or something from Chelsea Rendon?


Steven DeKnight answered a question on twitter stating that his new series Jupiter's Legacy was going to be for adults as opposed to family friendly. The show is based on a comic so it could be adult like the Marvel series on Netflix but then again DeKnight did Spartacus as an almost live action graphic novel. Have really been hoping to see him do another series with nudity after Spartacus. Are there reports about there being nudity in the series? Any casting info?


Jupiter's Legacy is based off of a Mark Millar comic book, like Kick-Ass and Kingsman. Just as an avid fan I'd say it's definitely going to be adult in the way those were (violent, swearing, with occasional nude references and blood), or at least similar to how the Marvel Netflix shows were adult, but unless Netflix want to deliberately push boundaries with it I doubt they'd put in nudity.


I’m waiting for the yearly preview.


Flat as a board....blah.


Can you reveal more from The Witcher? Any news about Anna Shaffer or Mimi Ndiweni's characters? Can you confrim who Felicia was and what kind of nude scenes she will be in?


Wow, that's fantastic news! Thanks:)


What about the male cast?


Expect a lot of man ass.