December 6, 2018 Rumors

HBO is currently casting for a new show called Industry which is set on the trading floor of a London bank. There are two lead roles that require nudity. Both actresses should be in their early 20s but one is biracial and the other is of middle eastern descent. Apparently this show has already been greenlit for a full eight episode first season.

Also, we forgot to mention another role on season two of Warrior. They are looking for a caucasion actress in her 30s that must be comfortable with nudity and sex scenes with other women.

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Caitriona Balfe @ "Outlander" s04e06


Anything in Outlander ep. 6 or Counterpart ep. 1?


Skimmed Counterpart and didn't see anything.


Hey , lovely, lovely Recapped! Apparently Sarah Bolger has a more prominent role in season2 of Counterpart,can u give us the lovely news that her magnificent nudity will be prominent in this newly prominent role? I bloody hope so.


Any nudity in Netflix's french series The Hookup Plan?


Anything on Netflix's new french original series 'The Hookup Plan' or 'Plan Coeur'. It has a promising cast. It debuted today.


Any nudity from Britt Lower or anyone else in "A civilized life"?


Anything in Clara's Ghost?


was that a body double during minka kelly's strip in todays "titans" episode?


@minkak seemed legit to me, I'm hoping o get a better source vid to have a clearer look!


the shadows and the editing scream body double


nobody would shoot such a dead dark scene if they weren't trying to hide that it's a body double.


i think the reason why they might shoot it like that is because nobody expected nudity. at least this one is actually trying to show something unlike those dead marvel netflix shows.


Marvel has done essentially the same level of nudity as this on Netflix considering how obscured it is


You could look at it the other way too. If they were going to use a body double why make the scene so dark? Maybe the only way she would agree to do the scene was if is was really dark.


"If they were going to use a body double why make the scene so dark?"

To still allow the wider shots they want. No one would choose that amount of darkness willingly for a scene where darkness isn't crucial, and if it was Kelly's request due to nudity they would just say no and use a body double with better masked shots and the lighting they want. This way with a BD they get the shots they want and maintain their "gritty R-rated" vibe they market it with. It could be Kelly and just poor framing of the scene, I'd say it is more likely a body double and the darkness is to hide it. You can even brighten the shots in photoshop and so far seems the face is still absolutely covered in darkness (either physically or digitally).


I was just going to ask about this movie.


Damn, she got hot.


'got' hot? was she ever not?


Did you think she was hot, say, when she starred in The Last Airbender? Because I definitely didn’t.


solid point about airbender, though i was more thinking about transformers. Honestly i didnt even realize that was her in airbender lol.


Then you're blind. Seeing that a young person might grow up to be an attractive adult doesn't mean you want to screw the kid, it means you have eyes, and deductive reasoning. I didn't want to screw Kristen Stewart watching her in Panic Room, but it was pretty obvious she was going to be an attractive adult.


By the think modeling agencies or casting agents only see beauty when a girl turns 18? Gimme a break.


She's been acting since she was 11. Do we even need to explain this concept to you?

You damned well better believe there was a time when she was *NOT HOT*.


It wasn't supposed it'd be a lot of clothed sex scenes?


There is a couple. But they are quite dark, and mostly brief. One has dude's ass, but that's about it.


What a pity. From whom is that ass (no homo).


Alex Pettyfer iirc.


Oh yeah, the dreaded "clothed sex scene." lol wtf.


GREAT pair of acting!