December 9, 2018 Rumors

Brenda Song is rumored to have been cast as one of the leads of the new Kat Dennings show Dollface. Stay tuned as there are two more leads to cast apparently. The show has been ordered to series by Hulu.

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Kristen Stewart from Lizzie (in non-terrible quality)


i still get a perverse pleasure of seeing her with her tits out after horribad Twilight 😀


It seems there'll be nudity in Tidelands, premieres next Friday:
"Also fun for both of them to tackle was their characters’ lack of sexual inhibitions which becomes apparent in Tidelands’ racier scenes.
Best said she found her nudity scenes less scary and “more natural” than past acting projects.
“It was great to discover those things and it would be great if people were that free! I actually love it,” Pataky said."


Next Friday? I thought it premieres this Friday.


Technically speaking, the "next friday" coming is this friday 😉


Gaia Girace naked in My Brilliant Friend ep. 8 but it's probably the work of a body double given the age of the actress and the scene.


Yep, definitely a body double. With a merkin & fake tits, no less.


Riley Keough @ "The House That Jack Built "


What amazing legs on this beautiful woman.


Ms. Gillan needs to do a proper nude scene, ASAP. Easily one of the hottest actresses out there.


Karen's ass is first class, freaking lovely.


Interesting loop


Thanks for getting these - early, it seems! Better lighting than Newness, though even quicker shots.


Now Apocalypse will premiere March 10 on Starz


According to hbo tv-ma there is no nudity in first 3 episodes of True Detective S3. Will there be any in the remaining five episodes?


Actually, the female cast isn't very promissing.


hopefully alex comes back and gives us another good one lol


Kat Dennings' nudity would be one of the most epic events in recent cinematic history.


Agree - the same would apply for Hayley Atwell, Christina Hendricks and (even though we've seen the leaked photos!) Kate Upton.


What is about Kate Upton dude???


When is nina (polish movie) release date?


First of all, do you have any inside information on the eighth season of Game of Thrones? (No, I'm not talking about Maisie Williams or Sophie Turner.) Second of all, is there still a chance that "Lost Girls and Love Hotels" could appear at Sundance? (If not, then when/where?). Last of all, Amber Rose Revah had some pretty hot sex scenes in the last season of The Punisher. I think she's hot, at least. Do you know what she's doing, if anything, in the second season? Or anything in anything else? Thanks, Recapped. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


I wouldn’t count on Lost Girls making it to Sundance, but Sundance hasn’t put up its official program yet if you still want to maintain some hope in that regard.


I have no information to hold my belief to, but I think the final season of Game of Thrones will have atleast one final surprise in it for us. May have to be a new character, but I think the show isn’t going to go out without one more nude scene worth talking about.


I am talking about Maisie Williams or Sophie Turner!


No and no. You’re welcome.


Anybody have anything on any Allison Scaglioti projects?


First proper trailer for Cinemax’s “Warrior” should show up very soon. It was played at an event last night and there is a screening of, I think, the whole first episode tonight in LA.


If Kat Dennings and Brenda Song are both naked in the same hour of television I might need to take a week off work.


Brenda ain't getting naked. Her career has been over for 10 years. If she was going to get naked in an attempt to revive her career, she would have done it by now.


Pages for the first two episodes of SMILF season 2 are up, no nudity on episode 1 but episode 2 says nudity.


is it meant to have nudity?


Last season had quite a bit and in the trailer for the season they do show a scene of a female in a bathtub with a girl and it looks/sounds like she's giving him a blowie. I think the big question is who is doing nude scenes this season. I'm assuming Frankie Shaw is doing more but hoping we get something from the other cast members. Samara Weaving is back, Connie Britton is back (though doubtful on any nudity), and they Claudia O'Doherty is supposed to be in it this season as well. As long as it isn't Rosie....


Tell me more about the nudity from "last season" of a show that hasn't even been cast yet...


If you live in a world where people always click Reply instead of Commenting below what they're replying to... I truly envy you.


It's pretty obvious he thought he was asking about SMILF


with a guy in the tub not girl, rip


Asking about Dollface, not SMILF.


Let’s hope!


What he said. You know why we're here, recapped, get to they point.