Dianna Agron Bare Nudity Review

Dianna Agron plays a stripper in Bare who doesn’t get naked stripping. Thankfully, Dianna does get naked during other scenes. We’ll focus this review on Dianna’s scenes and ignore Paz de la Huerta and the other strippers.

Early on in Bare, Dianna Agron has a sex scene in a car with no nudity. About 10 minutes later, Dianna and Paz are swimming in a pool. Dianna may have been topless since Paz is but it looked like Dianna was wearing a strapless top instead. Either way, it’s hard to tell due to the water. Another 10 minutes later, Dianna is on stage at a strip club with a pink bikini top. Later we see Dianna in a see-through one-piece mesh stripper outfit with big heart pasties (or body paint) covering her nipples. About 53 minutes into the film, Dianna is lying in the sand while a snake is crawling over her body. We see very brief and mostly out of focus shots of Dianna’s left breast. The very next scene, Dianna’s breasts are visible briefly from the side as she and Paz are making out and fall to the sand. Dianna ends up on her back as Paz does things to her and we get some more views of Dianna’s breasts. The lesbian sex scene is shot very artfully in the dark with only a car’s headlights lighting the action. Right after the morning after scene, Dianna patrols the strip club in the same mesh stripper outfit. Dianna then gets up on stage and shows a bit of the top half of her thong as she dances. Eventually Dianna lowers the top half of her outfit but again there are hearts covering her boobs. Intercut while Dianna is dancing is more of her sex scene with Paz including one pretty well lit shot of her breasts. Dianna spends quite a bit of time in the same stripper outfit near the end of the film.

Bare is currently playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Dianna Agron ios NOT naked at all in this movie. The reviewer clearly doesn't even know who she is. A couple of cast are nude in a few scenes. Dianna Agron is not one of them. She does not play the stripper. The reviewer is an idiot.


Never mind...thought the review was for "Zipper". My bad.


any news about lucy lawless nude in near future???


"Penny Dreadful" premieres tomorrow. Any news on nudity - possibly from Eva Green?


I think that casting call for the Wiig body double is outdated. I doubt she'd be telling the story of walking through the casino naked in every interview if she didn't actually do it.


Agreed. Plus a small indie movie wouldn't budget an effect like that. They'd just hire a willing actress


look at the casting call... they already knew it was for Wiig in that movie, so clearly this "small budget indie movie" was willing to pay for a body double. Thats the price to get someone like Wiig to do the movie. And it wouldn't be the first time a celeb has lied about nudity for a movie


Sorry I don't buy the body double claim. Why would they hire a body double with that horrible of a body?


waiting for jennifer connelly's Shelter....

Can't wait ... Any Caps ??


When is it coming out?


Emma watson nude ?


Somebody ones wrote in here that Megan Fox will be getting topless in James Franco's upcoming movie "Zeroville". Can anyone confirm that?


Megan Fox will never get naked in a movie. Especially considering how prudish most big budget movies are now and considering the fact that she's had two kids. Unless there's some kind of photo leak, those pastie pics from Jennifer's Body are the best we'll ever get of her.


Her character in the books doesn't show skin, so I don't think so.


About Alexandra Daddario: I guess the labia was unintentional, but there was supposed to be some full frontal nudity. She decided on no merkin.


Kristen Wiig pics up on Egotastic 😉


I wish I had more hands so i could give those titties four thumbs down


Disappointing. Very small tits and very wide hips. Doesn't look like she shaves either.


I'm starting to think it's a merkin.


No its not a merkin.Trust me.


I doubt it is a body double. Those are some sad looking titties.


oh boy, if he says to trust him we better believe that. And AD was completely different, she wasnt supposed to even show what she showed. It wasnt until people lightened up the scene that we saw her pussy. So there was no reason for AD to have a merkin on... and i hate to burst all your bubbles but thats not even Wiig naked, they CGI'd her head onto a body doubles body... look at this casting call:



Alexandra Daddario also didn't have a merkin.


of course its a merkin. Any time you see a bush like that its a merkin. The only true full frontal nudity we've ever seen from a serious celeb in a movie was Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson actually said she normally has a bush, and they made her get a wax for the movie. http://www.vulture.com/2013/04/rosario-dawson-calls-her-vagina-the-general.html


Regardless of quality, what a let down. It looks like her character just got raped and left in a ditch. I can see why the guy above said her nudity was portrayed in a "non-sexual context". I suppose sex offenders will be pleased as pie by this scene, though.


A bit blurry. Do you think it'll be clear when it premieres On Demand or was it just shot from such a distance that that's about as good as we'll get?


According to a test screening review on IMDB, the upcoming Vacation reboot/sequel will have nudity. I wonder if anyone can confirm and who is doing the nudity?


Queen Latifah is allegedly nude in "Bessie"


does any one know when the movie (bare) is releasing ?


Rated for nudity

1.Carol - Rated R for a scene of sexuality/nudity and brief

language. (U.K/USA film)


Set in 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.

Director: Todd Haynes

Starring: Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Carrie Brownstein, Giedre Bond, Misty M. Jump

2.The New Girlfriend - Rated R for some strong sexual

content and graphic nudity. AKA Une nouvelle amie (France film)


A young woman makes a surprising discovery about the husband of her late best friend.

Nudity Per Mr Skin: Anaïs Demoustier, breasts, Isild Le Besco, breasts

Rated for sexuality/sexual content

1.Results - Rated R for language, some sexual content and

drug use. USA film


Two mismatched personal trainers' lives are upended by the actions of a new, wealthy client.

Starring: Cobie Smulders, Brooklyn Decker, Zoe Graham, Elizabeth Berridge, Brandi Jamille Brown

2.Ted 2 - Rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive

language, and some drug use. USA film


Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.

Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Barth, Nana Visitor

Also rated this week

1.In The Courtyard - Rated R for drug use and language.

2.Last Shift - Rated R for bloody horror violence, disturbing

images, and language.

3.Samba - Rated R for language.

4.Unexpected - Rated R for language.

5.Wild Horses - Rated R for some violent images and language.

6.The Yes Men Are Revolting - Rated R for some strong language.


any thong or full nude scene from dianna in bare ?


Kristen Wiig nude scene?


ffs where is Ex Machina?????


Does anyone know if Lyndsy Fonseca gets nude in one of her upcoming movies, "the escort" or "moments of clarity"?


Does anyone have release info or screen caps of "Knock Knock" with Lorenza Izzo nude?

The same question with Penelope Mitchell from the movie Zipper?


No to your Lyndsy question.


Yes, Penelope has a topless sex scene in a car.


Yup thank you I know both Lorenza and Penelope has nude scenes in the mentioned movies, but my question was rather if anyone could provide screen caps or release info..


Yes, because random nudity caps of unreleased films commonly pop up.


Lyndsy is somewhat of a dodger. Fingers crossed.


any ass nudity from dianna ?


Ashley Williams in bad hurt topless or rather not?


Damn I hope so. I've been into her for years. Been a fan since "Good Morning, Miami" - which was on 13 years ago!


I don't know what this is but I can guarantee she isn't nude in it. She's said multiple times that she won't go naked.


Oops. I read that as Allison Williams... disregard.


Bad hurt is in tribeca, and if not Ashley Williams I will never hear about this


sasha alexander nude ??


Karren Hassan is nude in latest Vikings ep


Melissa McCarthy full frontal in Michelle Darnell?


Yes, twice.


Mary Magdalene nude?


Bea Arthur nude?


Audrey Hepburn Nude?


Betty White Nude?


Jewel staite nude ?


Any news on Kristen Wiig in "Welcome to Me?" Screencaps maybe?


Screencaps are out. Albeit only three. And of the quality you expect. But damn.


According to the Alberta ratings board as posted on Batty's blog

"portrayals of sexual activity - no nudity, some detail Brief portrayal of female frontal nudity in a non-sexual context"


I can't wait to see her turd cutter


Any news about season 2 of power


Shiri appleby nude unreal ?


It is a lifetime show, there is zero possibility of Shiri Appleby being nude.


No, Witches of East End was a Lifetime show and Madchen Amick showed her fine ass numerous times on that show.


You must really enjoy your job at HBO then.

Suddenly it appears just about every one has seen these episodes while they shouldnt be even fully finalized with CGI and stuff. Those screeners 1-4 are different.

You realize literally anyone can come here and write something like this down. I cant help but notice original poster didnt mention it being dark once. Quite an important detail i'd say.

* where i said rate i meant hand obviously.

We have to have a little more info on how you got to see these scenes for anyone to believe you.

So... Sam and gilly have more love making scenes together?! A favorite one? What do they do??


Also, I'm different from OP. I'm 'Anon', he's 'Anonymous'. Just saying just in case you didn't catch that.


I work for Pixomondo. We do some of the visual effects for the series. To be honest, I can't really tell you what will be in the episodes. The final cut is always different from what I get to work on. I can only tell you what I saw on the uncut versions.


Heard some promising news about GOT. Without giving away any spoilers, Sophie Turner has a scene in Ep-08.

The scene itself is very awkward mostly shots of her face however a nipple comes into shot twice initially and then a whole portion of side boob as she gets up which looks like it contains nipple however it's difficult to tell as her nipples are very pale.

As she's putting on her robe though shot from from waist up you see her full left boob for about 2 seconds before she pulls it shut.

Source: Read it on a closed forum discussing S05E05-08 being prepared for release in the next week or so. She's the only cast regular to show anything of note in these episodes.


But episode 8 according to HBO's TVMA have no nudity, so...


LOL....guy just got busted.


If you are LOLing about the HBO rating I believe the poster above is being sarcastic since the ratings have been wrong occasionally


Nope. Wasn't being sarcastic. Sometimes they have a place-holder rating saying only "adult content, adult language" like the ones on eps. 506 and 509 now, but if they specify further than that, as they do for ep. 508 they are dead-on.


That's true. It's only rated for "TVMA: Adult Content, Adult Language, Graphic Violence" here http://www.hbo.com/#/schedule and in the past these ratings on their website have been entirely accurate about nudity, violence etc.


Great news, been dissapointing so far with the nudity. Wonder if they are classifying Hannah Murray as main cast?


At this point i am not going to believe you. This is all second and third rate. Who got to see these episodes? If its in... i can only imagine they are going to cut those shots out.

Can you provide a screenshot or direct quotes where you got information from?

anything else? Surely Hannah Murray should be at least topless. Would be really disappointing if she didnt. Is she main cast? She is in the credits i see her as such.

Also what more? Rosabel Laurenti Sellers? Charlotte Hope?


I haven't seen any scenes, that should be clear from my post. I'm also not going to reveal what forum it was as its hosted by a satellite company of a huge media corp, it's not a "forum" as such anyway, it's just that its powered by a particular forum software for its convenient indexing capabilities.

I won't reveal exactly what it's function is either as there's a good chance someone else that has access could twig and search it out and the people sharing this information don't do so anonymously, their account name is literally their real life name and ID number.

They don't say anything about Hannah Murray though so I help with that, they only mention Sophie and say there's nothing else worth seeing, just the usual case of extras having sex/nude scenes with regulars.

I'll try and get exact quotes tomorrow, I don't have access to the network from home.


Meanwhile in episode 8 Meereen is invaded by pink elephants who shoot purple balloons from Volantis lead by the great general Varys. Drogon can't hold them off by his own since Viserion and Rhaegal are chained in the catabombs. Meereen falls and Dany flees into the wildernis where she spends the next couple episodes getting diarrhea...

Unfortunately everyone can just write everything they want here so the actual value of these (3 different) 'theories' is rather low. The entire world wants her naked (save osme moralists over at watchers on the wall apparently) but i doubt it will happen with the interviews she has given...

Also... you 'forgot' a rather iconic nude scene from episode 9 though that will be done by a dreaded BD apparently.


Somehow I doubt that.


omg. finally sophie turner. cant wait


Charlotte Hope & Sophie Turner appear fully naked in episode 9.

Full frontal nudity.

Hannah Murray is naked in ep 7. Tyene is topless.

Thats all the nudity in GoT S5. Enjoy.


I've seen the episodes too. Hannah Murray does gets topless but the scenes are all done where it's too dark to see anything. The same goes for Sophie Turner. To be honest, her breasts (nipples) are barely visible that it's not worth noting compared to other nudity shown in the show.


I'm assuming it's not who we'd like it to be.


Any news of the possibility of nudity by Eva Green on "Penny Dreadful"?


Any release date on Strangerland? It seems we will see Kidman full frontal nude.


I wonder who is doing the partial nudity in Burying the Ex?


Emmanuelle chriqui nude ?


Thanks for all Dianna infos.

One question: less than 2 months to Entourage premiere, any nudity news about it?


It will probably be the worst movie ever made.


Bridget regan nude ?


Just saw a commercial for some show called "Deadbeat" on Hulu. Lots of cute ladies in the commercial and it seems like a lowbrow/raunchy type of comedy. Anyone know if there's any nudity in it?


Nope, no nudity in the series, just cursing. That being said, its a really funny show, regardless.


Any vids or caps from ex machina?



1.Burying The Ex - Rated R for sexual content, partial nudity, some horror violence, and language. (USA film)


A guy's regrets over moving in with his girlfriend are compounded when she dies and comes back as a zombie. (I HATE it when that happens.)

Starring: Alexandra Daddario, Ashley Greene, Erica Bowie, Gabrielle Christian, Tomoko Karina, Stephanie Koenig, Wyndoline Landry, Julia Marchese

2.Strangerland - Rated R for language, some sexuality and brief graphic nudity. (Australia film)


A family finds their dull life in a rural outback town rocked after their two teenage children disappear into the desert, sparking disturbing rumors of their past.

Nudity per Mr Skin: Nicole Kidman and Lisa Flanagan, also Maddison Brown: "Sexy"

Rated for Sexual Content/Sexuality

1.Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant - Rated R

for sexual content including references. (USA film)


A self-anointed 'renegade' male flight attendant must save the day when the airline he works for tries to eliminate flight attendants as a cost-cutting measure.

Starring: Rebecca Romijn, Jayma Mays, Jessica Lowndes, Marcia Gay Hardin, Molly Shannon

2.A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence (En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron) (Scandinavian film) -

Rated PG-13 for brief sexuality and some disturbing images.


Starring: Lotti Törnros

Also rated this week

1.Cop Car - Rated R for language, violence and brief drug use.

2.Deadly Sanctuary - Rated PG-13 for some violence, sexual references and thematic material.

3.Faith Of Our Fathers - Rated PG-13 for brief war violence.

4.Infini - Rated R for bloody sci-fi violence and language


5.Mr. Holmes - Rated PG for thematic elements, some

disturbing images and incidental smoking.

6.Robot Overlords - Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and

violence, sexual references and a crude gesture.

7.The Second Mother - Rated R for some language and brief drug use.

8.The White Storm - Rated R for strong bloody violence, and drug content.

9.The Wolfpack - Rated R for language.


any news about her nude pics ? 🙂



Wow, crazy she did this film. Wanted to see her nude since the start of glee


This doesnt deserve a solo posting at all.


Good enough for me!


Any ass shots from Dianna?

Now time for Naya Rivera to show off her goods!


Paz de la Huerta? That's gross!


Any vids available from the scenes?


Lol, dude film just had premiere on festival last Sunday, the only chance is that maybe some huge Dianna fans will take some shots on another screenings of film.