Dianna Agron Bare Nudity Review

Dianna Agron plays a stripper in Bare who doesn’t get naked stripping. Thankfully, Dianna does get naked during other scenes. We’ll focus this review on Dianna’s scenes and ignore Paz de la Huerta and the other strippers.

Early on in Bare, Dianna Agron has a sex scene in a car with no nudity. About 10 minutes later, Dianna and Paz are swimming in a pool. Dianna may have been topless since Paz is but it looked like Dianna was wearing a strapless top instead. Either way, it’s hard to tell due to the water. Another 10 minutes later, Dianna is on stage at a strip club with a pink bikini top. Later we see Dianna in a see-through one-piece mesh stripper outfit with big heart pasties (or body paint) covering her nipples. About 53 minutes into the film, Dianna is lying in the sand while a snake is crawling over her body. We see very brief and mostly out of focus shots of Dianna’s left breast. The very next scene, Dianna’s breasts are visible briefly from the side as she and Paz are making out and fall to the sand. Dianna ends up on her back as Paz does things to her and we get some more views of Dianna’s breasts. The lesbian sex scene is shot very artfully in the dark with only a car’s headlights lighting the action. Right after the morning after scene, Dianna patrols the strip club in the same mesh stripper outfit. Dianna then gets up on stage and shows a bit of the top half of her thong as she dances. Eventually Dianna lowers the top half of her outfit but again there are hearts covering her boobs. Intercut while Dianna is dancing is more of her sex scene with Paz including one pretty well lit shot of her breasts. Dianna spends quite a bit of time in the same stripper outfit near the end of the film.

Bare is currently playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Dianna Agron ios NOT naked at all in this movie. The reviewer clearly doesn't even know who she is. A couple of cast are nude in a few scenes. Dianna Agron is not one of them. She does not play the stripper. The reviewer is an idiot.


Never mind...thought the review was for "Zipper". My bad.


any news about lucy lawless nude in near future???


"Penny Dreadful" premieres tomorrow. Any news on nudity - possibly from Eva Green?


I think that casting call for the Wiig body double is outdated. I doubt she'd be telling the story of walking through the casino naked in every interview if she didn't actually do it.


Agreed. Plus a small indie movie wouldn't budget an effect like that. They'd just hire a willing actress


look at the casting call... they already knew it was for Wiig in that movie, so clearly this "small budget indie movie" was willing to pay for a body double. Thats the price to get someone like Wiig to do the movie. And it wouldn't be the first time a celeb has lied about nudity for a movie


Sorry I don't buy the body double claim. Why would they hire a body double with that horrible of a body?


waiting for jennifer connelly's Shelter....

Can't wait ... Any Caps ??


When is it coming out?


Emma watson nude ?


Somebody ones wrote in here that Megan Fox will be getting topless in James Franco's upcoming movie "Zeroville". Can anyone confirm that?


Megan Fox will never get naked in a movie. Especially considering how prudish most big budget movies are now and considering the fact that she's had two kids. Unless there's some kind of photo leak, those pastie pics from Jennifer's Body are the best we'll ever get of her.


Her character in the books doesn't show skin, so I don't think so.


About Alexandra Daddario: I guess the labia was unintentional, but there was supposed to be some full frontal nudity. She decided on no merkin.


Kristen Wiig pics up on Egotastic 😉


I wish I had more hands so i could give those titties four thumbs down


Disappointing. Very small tits and very wide hips. Doesn't look like she shaves either.


I'm starting to think it's a merkin.


No its not a merkin.Trust me.


I doubt it is a body double. Those are some sad looking titties.


oh boy, if he says to trust him we better believe that. And AD was completely different, she wasnt supposed to even show what she showed. It wasnt until people lightened up the scene that we saw her pussy. So there was no reason for AD to have a merkin on... and i hate to burst all your bubbles but thats not even Wiig naked, they CGI'd her head onto a body doubles body... look at this casting call:



Alexandra Daddario also didn't have a merkin.


of course its a merkin. Any time you see a bush like that its a merkin. The only true full frontal nudity we've ever seen from a serious celeb in a movie was Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson actually said she normally has a bush, and they made her get a wax for the movie. http://www.vulture.com/2013/04/rosario-dawson-calls-her-vagina-the-general.html


Regardless of quality, what a let down. It looks like her character just got raped and left in a ditch. I can see why the guy above said her nudity was portrayed in a "non-sexual context". I suppose sex offenders will be pleased as pie by this scene, though.


A bit blurry. Do you think it'll be clear when it premieres On Demand or was it just shot from such a distance that that's about as good as we'll get?


According to a test screening review on IMDB, the upcoming Vacation reboot/sequel will have nudity. I wonder if anyone can confirm and who is doing the nudity?