Dianna Agron Nude in Bare

Been a while since a video was posted so here’s Dianna Agron‘s first ever nude scene in Bare. This is actually the 2nd nude scene in the film, but it is the best scene and includes some lesbian sex with Paz de la Huerta. If you want to see the other nude scenes, Bare is available on demand and in select theaters tomorrow.

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I still have hopes from Yvonne. Not a never-nude imo.



Looks like Manhattan Nocturne was officially "finished" (whatever that means) a few days ago, despite being supposedly completed back in July.

They still have no distributors (as far as we know), so I doubt we're that much closer to finding out about Yvonne in the film.


Yvonne Strahovski will never go nude. If she does, it will be CGI'd.


Move along if you don't have any productive info, it's that simple


You mean she's a never-nude?


There are dozens of us!


This is a real affliction! I’m sorry it’s not recognized here in the States, but I know for a fact that there’re two members of German parliament. They’re called nein wohlstandig nude. But they’re German, so... They speak German, so they have a different...


If you don't have any info regarding Yvonne Strahovski then move along, it's that simple.


Not even a question mark?


People like him wants to get information with least effort


how come Jessica De Gouw video from Cut Snake is not yet online, DVD was released at least yesterday


I have a link but i won't give it to you. Why because the glory of stan od course


Looks like it's available on German iTunes, and a German VOD service called Videoload. If anyone in Germany would be so kind?


Im the happiest girl of the world ,our queer Dianna ladies ,for all of us.


ASH VS EVIL DEAD season 1 started..any nudity news of that ?


The Evil Dead franchise has always been about cartoon violence, one-liners and tongue-in-cheek horror. It's not exactly brimming with nudity. Hell, the first episode started with a sex scene with some nameless extra and there was nothing to see.

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.


It on Starz, so there is hope, but most likely it will be gory violence without any titties, perhaps an occasional butt from a glorified extra. Nothing solid yet, though. We'll know more in a couple of months. I'll let you know.


Lucy lawless nude ?


No. Never happening. So, you can just keep this one in your pocket and not bother inquiring again.


I wish the nude scene of Dianna Agron was frontal breast exposure


With the release of the Mulholland Drive blu-Ray with the uncensored Laura Harring scene, does anyone have a link to the clip?


I was wondering if the nudity would be unblurred on the Blu Ray. I couldn't imagine Criterion putting out a censored version. Somebody must have begged Laura Harring pretty hard for permission.


Apparently the censoring on the original dvd version was actually David Lynch's doing. But I guess we'll find out soon about the blu-ray edition!


The reason Lynch censored it is because he disapproved of clips being distributed on the internet (so in other words, he censored it because of us). He doesn't even allow chapter breaks on the discs of his films because he wants people to view the entire film.


It's already been confirmed on the blu-ray.com forums that it contains the censored version.


Please, any info about Ashley Williams? (In Bad Hurt)?



Como que respira mesmo?