Donnybrook Review

About 68 minutes into Donnybrook, Margaret Qualley is shown bobbing up and down in a river from about medium distance. Margaret then stands up fully nude and starts walking awkwardly toward the camera until her body almost fills the entire vertical frame. We then see a brief closeup of Margaret’s left breast as she is handed a blanket to cover up. Margaret has a slight bush and is not wearing a merkin. The scene is about half a minute long and is well lit. Margaret is wearing panties in an earlier sex scene and she also show some slight pokies in a white shirt about half an hour in.

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IMDB shows a release date of February 15, 2019 for Donnybrook.


Ive just seen one of the years best in Burning. The nude clips have been leaked for some time, but heres the thing no one talks about - did the main actress have a boobjob in the middle of the film for the purpouse of the film? It certainly seems so as they are much better and even though clearly fake in the second nude scene, they are amazing. This would be the second time an actress went so far, the first time was a south american movie, i dont remmeber the name.

Thoughts? Am i right? Is it sexy too you.

p.s.: the film is an amazing metaphor for the ones that play and the other who are the game. The rich and the poor. The burners and the abandoned greenhouses, so to speak.


Can u tell me the movie name?


I hate boob jobs. Natural breasts even if they are small are 1000x better.


lol. The way they do them now is just fantastic. If done right, theyre way hotter to me.


This looks like wrestling than masturbation


Am I having dena vu or is this the second mutual masturbation scene of the year?


This is the same scene as previously just shown from other angle.


Thanks. Thought I was going crazy


Anything in the the movie Knives Out (2019)? Anything from Katherine Langford and Ana de Armas? Director is Rian Johnson, who has a history of good nudity in his movies including Looper and Brothers Bloom.

Lot of big names attached!!

Chris Evans ,Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford, Lakeith Stanfield, Jaeden Lieberher, Riki Lindhome, Don Johnson, Raúl Castillo, Edi Patterson.


They just started filming last week, man. But if anyone's getting naked, it'd be Ana de Armas.


Yeah I know. I was wondering if there is any nudity/sex scene in the script.


I was hoping for something from Katherine Langford. Ana de Armas has been nude plenty of times. So has Riki Lindhome, Toni Collette and Jamie Lee Curtis (Shes too old anyways).


Who has seenhaley pullos 's new movie?


I scrubbed through it and found nothing, I will check again just to be sure soon.


Talk about a butterface.


appropriate titled movie


hey there was a couple vids on this site along time ago i think the actresses name was Ola and it was a french film and there was a scene where the guy went down on her in the shower if you can find and share these with me much appreciated.


are u talking about Ophélie Bau from Mektoub, My love: Canto Uno??


Synnove Karlsen in Clique S2E1?


Nothing in ep 1 from Synnove - she will have at least one sex scene later in the series. Imogen King was nude at the end of the episode.


Any way to watch this online if I’m not in the UK?


Thanks! Any caps? Do you think Karlsen could have a nude scene or only a sexy scene?


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The series preview at the end of the episode showed a glimpse of Synnove's sex scene - looks like she's topless again.

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Thank! I'm asking because she's starring now in Medici - The Magnificent and she has a sex scene, but they erased her nipples first and then covered them with pasties. So, quite strange: Italian TV (RAI) has shown some nude scenes in other series in the last months, in Medici there is a topless from a body double and Synnove has already been topless in Clique S1. So I'm wondering what was happened..


any camrip screencaps from SUSPIRIA(2018) ?


Who is nude in it?


Lots of sexy dancers in very little. Mia Goth is completely nude briefly. Dakota Johnson spends a significant amount of the movie in slightly seethrough dancer jumpsuits, lots of pokies, she strips completely naked from behind in one shot - so you get significant sideboob and a good look at her butt. She also has a major scene in a completely seethrough gown where you get nips and bush (doubt it was a merkin).

Chloe Grace Moretz does NOT get naked (big surprise), she's in the movie for like 5 minutes. And SPOILER ALERT her character is naked in a scene, but she's disfigured, so it's obviously a full-body prosthetic.


I'm looking forward to that gown scene. I love pokie/seethrough scenes. Alex in "Bereavement" started my huge-turn-on for that.


So, i've been browsing the Facebook page of the casting agency that has been casting extras/doubles for the first season of Sweetbitter, and needless to say that they have been doing the exact same thing for season 2. As of yet there have been two casting calls involving nudity (they will be filming until December 21). One is for various women extras, aged 40-60, for a nude scene at a Turkish bath, and the other one is for two nude body doubles for two principal female actresses. Going by their requirements, i would say that they mean Ella Purnell & Caitlin Fitzgerald. Not sure what that actually means, but since both scenes have already been filmed (if their dates are to be believed), perhaps recapped can shine a light on those.


I do not get why Spider's Web has a nudity warning. There is a quick shot of an out-of-focus extra but that's about it. Really feels like the movie underwent serious cuts. Vicky Kreips is barely in it even though there's a relationship subplot between her and the man dude.

Oh, and the trailer shot of Foy kissing a dude while her pants fall off revealing her butt isn't in the movie. Lots of cuts here. The movie is really choppy with underdeveloped characters because it was edited so severely. Not sure what they were thinking.


Sony wants a more mainstream direction with the series. It's such a shame, they should've stick with David Fincher


The Emma Roberts lesbian kiss from "In a Relationship" is out. It would actually be a pretty hot scene if the camera were in closer.


Anna Paquin has joined The Affair - will have a major role in s5


So is she playing the lesbian character that was mentioned in a previous update?


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop masturbating.


can we get some kind of sort by new for comments?


Cynthia Alesco nude in 6th episode of The Romanoffs...


Appreciate her taking her top off but man, that's a horrible boob job.


FYI, if you encode your videos in VP9 webms, gfycat will not butcher the quality like that, and instead will produce a much higher quality result that can be almost indistinguishable from the original video. You can actually experiment with CRF setting number to achieve better compression without sacrificing much of that quality too.
(Just as a comparison example)(And perhaps not the best one, since the original video is very noisy)


Little darker than what I saw on the big screen, but I'm pretty sure that's just cause of screen spec differences (i.e. probably wont lose much detail if someone brightens this up at home for a better view) and so far the rest of the scene looks just like what I remember.


Any news when emma stones movie will be out.
The one in which she is topless?


florence pugh in OUTLAW KING..


Still has never been confirmed whether or not she was full frontal in the original edit. It would be a shame if she was and it was cut.


It wouldn't surprise me if it was cut. Even the Chris Pine penis scene has been changed from what was shown at film festivals: "Well just checked it out and they changed the shot.. and blured it out a little. When I saw it at the london film festival, you could actually see everything because it was MUCH closer. You can’t see shit now"


@GaryG - I saw it at the London Film Festival, just checked the released version, I can confirm it has sprt of changed BUT it was always that blurry. All that's happened is they've zoomed-out the shot in the final edit (it's a wider aspect ratio than what was shown) which is likely more so a fault of LFF than the film changing itself as that festival did have complaints there weren't projecting the films correctly. Doubt anything was cut or changed in that instance...


Pretty sure the full frontal thing was just people getting over-excited at the idea of her going nude and getting it confused with Pine going full frontal in a different scene...


Someone somewhere said she was full frontal. A lot of people don't really know what this means though. It was never confirmed by anyone that knows what they're talking about.

I like the scene. It's not anything special, but she is. It's a decent scene done by a beautiful actress. Best part is that Florence will almost certainly get naked again.


No, a commenter on another site claimed to have seen the original screening and said she shows full frontal. A commenter on this site also claimed she went full frontal, I'm not sure what their source was though. This was all weeks before Chris Pine's comment.


That full frontal rumor started because Chris Pine said she also bared all. Prior to that people here were speculating whether she's even even gotten nude in the first place. All that was confirmed was that Chris Pine shot.


@jamesO this sex scene is quite dark. n if someone can brighten up the scene may be we can see something more....


Full frontal or not, I'd say it's a pretty hot (aka wank-worthy) scene for us pervs lol...


WOW! When the BluRay comes out I think we may see more if we zoom into the gap.


even though i don't care, it's a thong with cgi


I'm fairly certain the same was true with Aubrey Plaza in Legion but that didn't stop people from zooming in regardless ?


Danielle Campbell in episode 2 of TELL ME A STORY...


Danielle Campbell always a tease for us..hope CBS made her to show the naked ass...really waiting..Don't want to disappoint at the end...hope she delivers in TELL ME A STORY...


Not gonna hold my breath for this show. I just wish that threesome scene went somewhere this episode.


that threesome did happened in the 2nd episode..but her ass in that tiny bikini needs to be naked..


According to HBO tv-ma the only nudity (together with strong sexual content) in season 2 of Room 104 is in episode 7.


That episode appears to feature Josephine Decker, who has done full frontal before.


Full frontal and more. She's done unsimulated stuff before too. Some good videos y'all could find of her. Not that she'll do that much on that show but she's certainly a name to look up.


Any idea when it’s coming out? Also, slight bush, is that a landing strip, or more like say Michelle williams?


Any idea of when it's coming out?


Do you see her ass at all?


Lets all pray it doesn't get cut or edited down.


Anything from Katherine Langford in the Netflix Series Cursed (2019) or in the movie Spontaneous (2019)?


Despite Frank Miller's name involved, the book Cursed by Tom Wheeler is aimed at the YA market. So if there is anything in the show, I'd guess it'd be similar to the Sabrina show -- implied or shadowy glimpses.


This is the best news/review I've ever read on this site.


Hopefully the Lost Girls and Love Hotels review knocks it out of the park.


What is going on with this movie anyway.Wasnt it supposed to be released in 2018?


My fear is the movie is struggling to find a distributor because the movie is pants and doesn't have any naughty stuff from the Goddess to save it.


Recapped will probably reveal more in his 2019 preview at the end of the year.