Driven Review

Erin Moriarty has her first ever nude scene in Driven.

About half way through the movie, Erin enters a bedroom with two other guys wearing only a top and panties. As Erin leans over the bed slightly, we see a bit of right sideboob. A little later, Erin undoes her top and throws it away, showing her breasts. Erin then holds up a dress in each hand so her breasts are still visible. There is then an out of focus shot of Erin’s naked reflection in the mirror as she begins to put on one of the dresses. The camera changes to a further back shot and now we can see both of Erin’s breasts clearly in the mirror now although it is a bit distant. Erin’s right breast is also visible from the side and we get a decent shot of her panties from behind. And lastly, we get a closer shot of Erin from the front bent foward slightly as she struggles to put on the dress.

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Aimee Garcia just told on her insta story that she will have butt-nudity scene in upcoming season of Lucifer!


As fan of Aimee and her butt this is good news. Thanks.


since it probably won't be better then the Dexter scenes we are going back to hopping :-s


insecure had a good nudity montage last night


at what time, because I dont see it.


nudity Montage?


We see Claire Foy's butt in the international trailer for The Girl In The Spider's Web.


Are you sure that's her?


Any good nudity on The Deuce?


Bunch of extras and a handjob on a fake dick.


Nothing in episode 2 of shameless


Anyone found any caps of A Simple Favor? I know it may be a BD but that skinny dipping scene has me curious


I saw it yesterday. It's really clearly a body double. But there is a scene with Blake Lively wearing a blazer with no shirt underneath though, and when the Bluray comes out there may be a frame of nip poking out. But that's really the only hope in there.


kiernanshipka?or haley pullos?
And how about Lizzie?


Any news on Jessie Buckley in Wild Rose?


I have no idea about Wild Rose, but it's an opportunity to say that Buckley did some PETAesque nudity for a charity campaign against over-fishing. For some reason, she didn't pose with a red herring.


She was also technically topless whilst skinnydipping in “Beast” - but even on the bluray it’s extremely brief and mostly out-of-focus


Melissa George, The First S1E5 on Hulu


An old fav of mine!
I well remember Melissa's surprising nude shoot not long after leaving Home and Away showing what a perfect body she had. Great topless scenes in The Slap as well.


if you're talking about her nude scene in Dark City, it wasn't that much of a surprise - she'd already been nude in Playboy and Black & White mag, so DC was just a natural evolution - a pretty great evolution though! 🙂


He's talking about those mag shoots.


Would like to know anything about Jennifer Garners new show Camping