Driven Review

Erin Moriarty has her first ever nude scene in Driven.

About half way through the movie, Erin enters a bedroom with two other guys wearing only a top and panties. As Erin leans over the bed slightly, we see a bit of right sideboob. A little later, Erin undoes her top and throws it away, showing her breasts. Erin then holds up a dress in each hand so her breasts are still visible. There is then an out of focus shot of Erin’s naked reflection in the mirror as she begins to put on one of the dresses. The camera changes to a further back shot and now we can see both of Erin’s breasts clearly in the mirror now although it is a bit distant. Erin’s right breast is also visible from the side and we get a decent shot of her panties from behind. And lastly, we get a closer shot of Erin from the front bent foward slightly as she struggles to put on the dress.

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Aimee Garcia just told on her insta story that she will have butt-nudity scene in upcoming season of Lucifer!


As fan of Aimee and her butt this is good news. Thanks.


since it probably won't be better then the Dexter scenes we are going back to hopping :-s


insecure had a good nudity montage last night


at what time, because I dont see it.


nudity Montage?


We see Claire Foy's butt in the international trailer for The Girl In The Spider's Web.


Are you sure that's her?


Any good nudity on The Deuce?


Bunch of extras and a handjob on a fake dick.


Nothing in episode 2 of shameless


Anyone found any caps of A Simple Favor? I know it may be a BD but that skinny dipping scene has me curious


I saw it yesterday. It's really clearly a body double. But there is a scene with Blake Lively wearing a blazer with no shirt underneath though, and when the Bluray comes out there may be a frame of nip poking out. But that's really the only hope in there.


kiernanshipka?or haley pullos?
And how about Lizzie?


Any news on Jessie Buckley in Wild Rose?


I have no idea about Wild Rose, but it's an opportunity to say that Buckley did some PETAesque nudity for a charity campaign against over-fishing. For some reason, she didn't pose with a red herring.


She was also technically topless whilst skinnydipping in “Beast” - but even on the bluray it’s extremely brief and mostly out-of-focus


Melissa George, The First S1E5 on Hulu


An old fav of mine!
I well remember Melissa's surprising nude shoot not long after leaving Home and Away showing what a perfect body she had. Great topless scenes in The Slap as well.


if you're talking about her nude scene in Dark City, it wasn't that much of a surprise - she'd already been nude in Playboy and Black & White mag, so DC was just a natural evolution - a pretty great evolution though! 🙂


He's talking about those mag shoots.


Would like to know anything about Jennifer Garners new show Camping


i would love to know the nudity report on
ingobernable season 2..


Only 1 scene in episode 2, Kate del Castillo is nude while she's getting bathed with a hose. She shows ass and is covering her boobs and pubes.


nothing from Eréndira Ibarra ???


Not even close 🙁 I was hoping that too. I had hope because of the only nude scene in episode 2, but it look like this season had less opportunities of nudity, it was only another short sex scene with Kate del Castillo, but 10 second long and without showing anything.
The only sexy scenes of Erendira were flashbacks of Season 1.


Any word on the nudity potential for an upcoming Starz series named P-Town? It was announced today that Monica Raymund (of Chicago Fire fame) is playing the lead character, a "hard-partying lesbian."


So glad she got cast on a Starz show.


Given that the series was announced today you are going to have to wait a bit to find out.


The series was announced way back in November of last year, actually. It was just Monica's casting announced today. Besides, I'm only asking about potential, which Recapped might have an idea about if they've seen a casting breakdown or a script.


Every show has potential. The show was in development so they probably didn’t have the scripts done. Now it has a full season order so we will see. Hoping for Monica.


FC Films has acquired North American distribution rights to the drama “Donnybrook” out of the Toronto Film Festival, Variety has learned. IFC will release “Donnybrook” in theaters in 2019.


But will IFC demand the nudity be censored? Stay tuned. Hopefully not and this is news is just as great as the news of Margaret getting naked.


IFC Films distributes theatrically. It’s not just the IFC Channel.


No. They won’t.


Is Colette coming to VOD, or is it theater only?


Looks like theaters only and US only. The UK doesn't get it until Jan 25.


Leaked Oscar screener perhaps?


No question yet this post about “I am not a bird?” Shocking. I’m not convinced that film even exists, seems like a conspiracy to keep us all distracted - but if it does and is destined for a festival, the next obvious one would be Tokyo at the end of October. They announce their full lineup on Sep 25th.


Rowinda. I don't want to see a woman sucking on Alex's tits because i don't think my heart could take that.


My fear is that the nudity will be overly artsy.


But "arty" can also be more explicit than a "regular' shot scene. Either way, i'll be happy with well lit and good views of her awesome body.


I was thinking very slight nudity and/or overly atmospheric lighting - I hope not.


And hopefully one with another woman. 😉


I just wanna see those beautiful Alex DD titties get squeezed and sucked.


A hot, nude lesbian scene would even top True Detective !
We can dream!!!!!!!!!


Didn’t know Tokyo had a festival. Can’t make *that* one if it premieres there, though.


Yeah. A Tokyo festival premiere for a Tokyo-set film makes sense.


Ahhh, but good things come to those that wait!


...for 20 years and a dvd release.


I've got a 4K TV now and I'm getting a blu-ray next week.


Movin’ on up!


Gonna rig the VHS up to that bad boy?


skimmed through Ingobernable season 2 n there is absolutely no nudity except in ep 2 there is a scene where Kate del Castillo showed her ass but it's bit dark light...So apart from that nothing...Don't know if i miss any scene...


I just watched Korean movie Burning and Jeon Jong-seo has two great topless scenes (i believe there are screencaps of first one on internet). She was really cute and has wonderful breasts.


WOW!!! New to me but she is hot hot hot!!!
Love Korean women and have it bad for Korean golfer Shin As Ahn.


Oops. Its Shin Ae Ahn, not Shin As Ahn.


Great stuff mate, totally missed those haha


I love watching Korean girls..
Specially when a famous actress get naked..


Vita and Virginia

(0:51) Gemma Arterton kisses Elizabeth Debicki

(1:06) Elizabeth Debicki kisses Gemma Arterton and they begin making out. Gemma then fingering Elizabeth under the blanket. Both have their nightgowns on.

(1:11) Gemma Arterton in bed has her hand over the right breast of Elizabeth Debicki. She then removes it exposing her right breast. Then we may get a quick flash of Arterton’s left breast which then becomes pressed against Debicki.


Anything in American Horror Story?


Yes, I have something. I predict that it will have a very interesting premise at first and then devolve into an incomprehensible clusterfuck forcing you to abandon it half-way through the season.


Since that's an FX show, the only nudity they ever show is naked asses, so don't expect anything more than that.


Emma Stone in Maniac?


Maggie Gyllenhaal has a couple of nude scenes in movie The Kindergarten Teacher, does anyone have any context on the scenes or how much is shown?


(0:09) A little peekdown cleavage on Maggie Gyllenhaal.
(0:19) Rosa Salazar in little shorts picking up kid from school.
(0:23) Legs on Daisy Tahan sitting on the bed.
(0:39) Maggie Gyllenhaal in her bra and her breasts can be seen through it.
(0:52) Maggie Gyllenhaal strips to her bra lying on the floor about to make love.
(1:09) Right breast on Maggie Gyllenhaal as she gets into bed and then both breasts.
(1:16) Maggie Gyllenhaal in her bra in the mirror. Her nipples can be seen through it.
(1:21) Maggie Gyllenhaal in a bathing suit.
(1:25) Maggie Gyllenhaal right breast then left breast in the shower.
(1:30) Maggie Gyllenhaal brief panties as she puts them on above her towel.


I’m looking forward to the threesome (Angie Q, Francesca Eastwood, and some dude) in “MDMA,” which should be available digitally tomorrow.


When do y’all think we will get to see Driven? Is it slated to go on VOD or any streaming service soonish?


This is old news but was surprised that it's not as widely known. I was looking at the trivia section for the movie Troll (1986) and came across this:
Although she remained covered in the film for her transformation into the Faery, an on-set photo of Julia Louis-Dreyfus was published in the March 1986 issue of Cinefantastique Magazine in which her bare breasts were visible.

Makes you wonder what was in the cutting room floor.


There's a of great on-set pictures from magazines in the 80's where photographers inexplicably got to take photos on sets of movies where actresses were in the middle of shooting nude scenes. I highly recommend going on the vintageerotica forums and searching whatever classic celeb of that era you can think of and you'll probably see some old magazine scans of stuff you never knew existed.


Wow...that's interesting. I could have sworn I had seen a picture of her nude from that movie, not this one, one where she's bending over. Was surprised by that.


I wonder how many clips are in the Editors private collections? I mean, you know they save a lot of the strips that are removed.


oh snap, always wished that scene showed a little more of Julia, great find!


That is an incredible find. Is this the only one?


This is relevant to my interests.


Anyone have any idea about nudity in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?


Possible but unlikely. Targeting same audience as Riverdale. Same showrunner, working from his own source material.


Question. Have shows on Epix had nudity before? Because Ilfenesh Hadera was just cast as the female lead in Godfather of Harlem, based on Bumpy Johnson.


Get Shorty has plenty


Alright then. I’m sure someone like Ilfenesh Hadera would relish the opportunity to be naked with someone like Forest Whitaker.


There's also an epic camel toe right before that


mmmm ... pointy ...


I just saw A Simple Favour and Blake Lively’s character shows her butt although it’s most likely a body double since her face isnt shown in the same frame


I believe there was also originally breasts in the scene that got cut because 2 Canadian film review sites listed breasts and butt nudity in a nonsexual context.


They were talking about the painting


There wasn’t. The scene that was cut had no nudity.


Sorry, I thought you were talking about Predator. Nothing was cut out of A Simple Favour. They were referring to the painting.


Is there just the one kiss scene between Anna and Blake?


Does Blake Lovely show any breast?


Anything from Anna Kendrick?


Only a quick bra scene


Kathryn Hahn nude on Netflix's "Private Life"?


Here's the rest of the solo pics that have dropped from 'Angels' (Taylor Hill, Romee Strijd, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, etc)



The last link didn't include the full upload, here's the whole set

Angels complete


no Taylor Hill in these.


check the second link


anything on Joey King in The Lie (2018)?


Just a heads-up regarding Olivia Munn in Predator: As everyone expected no visible nudity.
There are 2 scenes where she technically is naked, but you can't see anything.
Standing behind a shower wall thingy ( basically neck up visible) and hiding/cowering ( upper body pressed against legs)


Katherine Langford is cast as main lead in Frank Miller's ( Sin City) new Netflix show 'Cursed'. Any chance we get to see any nudity?


It’s based on a YA comic written by Tom Wheeler (he did that awful superhero show The Cape). Miller only illustrated it. So I’m gonna guess no.


Oh and btw, I saw today Under the Silver Lake and I will not double R's review, just want to say that Riki Lindhome's sex and next topless scenes are pretty great - long and in a day light. Also film is pretty great as well.


Glad to see the new rules. Especially #5.


Huh? What rules?


1. Stay on topic.

2. Be respectful of others.

3. Do not spam. This includes links to super slow file hosts.

4. Do not post links to anything illegal including full movies. Short clips are fine.

5. No trolling. This includes posting the same arguments repeatedly like there being too much male nudity.


All About Nina release on 9/28 is only on theaters or on VOD also?



Thanks so much!


Never Look Away nudity review?


This is from the same director that brought us the first of many Keira Knightley nude scenes. Hopefully the same for Erin.


Hopefully this means she gets nude on the boys tv show on cinemax


She is a cutie pie


She was awful in Blood Father - puts a damper on my interest.


You don't want to see her naked because you don't think she is a good actress?


I kind of half agree with U-haul.
I remember Victoria Justice trying to do a more adiult role in Eye Candy. She was so wooden and out of her depth it became off putting. However, she is beautiful and i'd certainly like to see her get her kit off in a movie.


attractiveness is about more than looks -
it's also about personality, charm, intelligence and she exhibited none of that in Blood Father.


Don't worry, Meryl Streep will be naked again someday.


plus I've seen cuter-looking actresses...


So you don’t want to see her naked because you don’t like her personality based on some movie you saw and because there are human being in existence that are cuter?


Freaking Fantastic news about Erin! Thanks! And thanks for update on calendar too:)


Thanks for updating the calendar! There's a lot to look forward to.