Easy Living Nudity Review

Caroline Dhavernas has lots of sexy scenes in her underwear in Easy Living including a scene with her hand down her panties and masturbating around 14 minutes in. Right after the masturbation scene, Caroline shows her left nipple briefly as it slips out of her top when waking up. Then at 32 minutes in, Caroline shows a bit of sideboob as she gets out of bed to reach for the smoke alarm. Caroline falls to the floor and we get an overhead view of Caroline’s breasts briefly as she rolls around. There might be another peak at Caroline’s left breast as she gets back in bed.

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I'm still waiting for the next Daddario-esque nudity, An actress who is at least semi-famous with a great body who does a jaw-dropping nude scene.


Umm Lily James? She was actually the main star of a movie that made more than both Percy Jackson movies combined. And the scene is great, even if it is short.


Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs was pretty surprising considering she was already A-list and it was just some shitty rom-com movie


That wasn't the same as the Daddario scene. Anne Hathaway had already done a couple other nude scenes a year or two Love and Other Drugs (Brokeback Mountain and Havoc). So while she was a very well known actress she had already done enough nudity that it wasn't surprising.

Plus Daddario's body is much better than Hathaway's. Anne Hathaway is too skinny for my taste.


I would also say that Autumn Reeser's nude scene in The Big Bang would be a better comparison. She was probably on the same level of fame as Daddario and her sex scene also came out of no where. That was a great scene, and it had the added bonus of the extended sex scene being released after the movie came out.


Autumn was one of my most fave actress and to find out she did an extra long sex scene was glorious. Esp after the tease in Smokin Aces


That Daddario scene is an all-timer. You're just setting yourself up for constant disappointment if you think that's something we're going to get often.


Recapped, can you confirm anything on the Natalie Dormer thriller In Darkness? Plus any news on Alice Eve's upcoming movies?


Seen some footage of In Darkness and it seems Natalie Dormer has a sex scene and a shower scene. Not sure how much is shown.


Anything on the final episode of The Leftovers?


Quarry officially canceled 🙁


Lucy Hale in Dude


what was this of? says link doesnt exist now


is this it ? Or is there more nudity in any other scene also?


Thank you so much!


Awesome... Where did you get that?


Anything from Sophie Cookson in Gypsy?


Any hope for Jamie Chung in Casual?


thanks recapped


Not bad. Thanks for the update!