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Sheena Sakai nude in Power: S04 E05....


Any video or pics?


Anything from Jennifer Morrison in Back Road or All Creatures Here Below?


Any upcoming festivals?


Thirsty for more movie news/rumors, recapped!


Thought it said Natalie Dormer. Damn you, French people


Okay, i'm gonna have to be the one to finally say it. Rec, your player doesn't work properly anywhere anymore. I've tried it in Chrome, Firefox & Edge. And it looks like this everywhere - and has been looking like this for at least a year now, possibly more. I have no idea why nobody mentions it. 🙁


I've never had a problem with it on my iPhone or on PC.


I'm on Chrome and it always work fine for me. Only on mobile version it's hard to watch.


Finally, I thought I'm the only one...


Thanks, it does look seem to look screwy in a few browsers. We temporarily switched to the default Wordpress video player for posts on the front page until we can find one that supports resolution switching.


Is Bianca Lopez nude in "I'm dying up here" episode 9?


First of all - thank you, this is much better. And yes, the issue is entirely with Flash. I have uninstalled this abomination a long time ago, thankfully, so i suppose that was the time when it all started. Since Google dropped the official support for it on Android devices this would also explain why it works in a similar way on those too. I suppose it was trying to use an alternative html5 player or something and it didn't work correctly.


That looks much better on mobile. Thank you!


Works fine for me (safari on ipad). Problem may be your end, bud.


Yes , clearly our end that it doesn't work on Windows PC's


Yeah on mobile it's pretty bad too. The whole screen gets covered up and I can't see the older post below when a video is posted. Yet alone, the video itself doesn't even work either.


Do you have the latest Flash plugin installed and enabled? Cause the player works fine for me in firefox. In chrome I saw this problem your having, but then I changed the flash settings to run automatically and that fixed it.
To check you flash version go to and click on "Check now".


Yep, hasn't been right for me since April time.


Works fine for me.


Thanks for video!


Damn, you got me all excited when I saw Emily's name - then I read the post.
Thanks for vid - still very nice.