Emmy Rossum in Shameless: Simple Pleasures

Thanks to T for letting us know Showtime has an early preview up of the Shameless season 4 premiere. Here is a low quality video of the Emmy Rossum topless sex scene near the end of the episode. Shameless returns on January 12 but you can watch this episode free on Showtime’s site (if you’re in the US). Beware though, the nudity is censored.

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Hey guys.


What about Girls?


Any casting news on Ryan Murphy "Open" HBO Series? I heard the character of Gina is supposed to be naked a lot.


Now that True Detective's nudity has been confirmed and partially seen via caps, any news on the Starz TV series about pirates called Black Sails? Their TV series usually have lots of nudity (see: Spartacus) so I have high hopes for this one.


I didn't mean see through in that way. Meant I can only look at episodes 1-6 on showtime calender, only seen ep 1 on demand. Highly doubt anything from Bell.


any news on House of Lies?


Brief nudity in ep 5 is all I see through ep 6. I'm not expecting anything from this show after last season.


"T" is it a chance that one of the see thru caps "belongs" to Kristen Bell?


Thanks! This day getting better and better. First Alex and Your great review about her nude scenes and now Emmy. Any word about Banshee (and/or Lili Simmons) would make my day:)


Detailed description about Trieste Kelly Dunn would make my week, barring anything this friday... finger crossed


Same here, same here:)