Euphoria 102 and 103 Review

Alexa Demie shows her butt briefly while having sex in both of the next two episodes of Euphoria. Zendaya shows some pokies in a white tank top in episode 102. Sydney Sweeney maybe shows part of her butt from the side in episode 103. The scene is not well lit though so probably not.

PS. All comments about nudity from male extras on this show will be deleted. Any other political discussion is considered off-topic and will also be deleted. Please read the rules.

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Any availability of the short film Pink Lemonade? Sounded pretty good in the description a year ago but nothing since


Is there anything from the movie Saving Zoë? It has an R rating for "disturbing violence/rape, nudity, language, drug use, drinking, and brief sexuality - all involving teens." Laura and Vanessa Marano are co-stars.


Judging from the book, the most likely source of nudity is from Vanessa plot-wise. In fact if you've read the book it's interesting how much of the plot the trailer gives away... [SPOILERS] so if there's anything from Vanessa it'll probably be Laura's character watching a video of Vanessa's character being sexually assaulted on a laptop. A topless shot would fit nicely with the ratings. If not her then it could be Giorgia Whigham instead.

Laura's character does have a shower scene in the book which was definitely filmed as it is important to the plot and there's a shot of it in the trailer. There's only an outside chance of nudity from Laura though - it's not essential to the scene and I'm not sure if having her mother as a producer increases or reduces her chances of showing something (thoughts?). For what it's worth, there was a Daily Mail article where she said she wants to 'remove her child star stigma' and "it's a really different side of me that I want to show people as an actress", although she could just be talking about 'dark themes' of the movie. Then again, her character doesn't really get involved with the 'dark' stuff if they're staying faithful to the book. So I'd imagine the best we'll get is a shower scene shot from the shoulders up like in the trailer. Stranger things have happened though.

TL;DR: Most likely Vanessa Marano and/or Giorgia Whigham topless and Laura Marano non-nude shower scene.



There was some questions about nudity in Netflix's the Witcher on Reddit. I know it's in post-production now, but is there a cast list of nudity expectations for S1?


Anything from Katee Sackhoff or Selma Blair in Another Life?


Katee Sackhoff is a woman who I want to do really bad things with, preferably naked.

If she's not up for that, I would be happy to do really bad things just for a laugh. She's not just hot, she's cool AF.


Paula Beer shows briefly her tits in a sex scene in the movie The Wolf's Call.


Regarding I Am Not Bird aka Lost Girls and Love Hotels: In a recent thread on Daddario's subreddit, a poster said it's her best yet and that the movie is stuck in legal limbo (but not forever), He also posted an interesting pic - I don't know If it's really from the movie, though.


What the hell does "legal limbo" mean?


This is the image shared.


That could be from any number of movies. I think this one day old account (doesn’t claim they made a throwaway specifically to post this image on reddit) is out for some fun.


I brightened the image and I'm even more confused now.

1. First, it looks like 2 guys going at it.
2. Then you notice a leg and foot that belongs to a 3rd person in there. Alex in a threesome?
3. The 'fireplace' is not a real one, but merely a video being played on a screen. It is evident from the interlacing.


What if the black “paint” is covering Alex?
Could she be naked under them?
Maybe that’s her arm.




1. It's definitely just two Japanese dudes banging.
2. The third leg is actually just guy 2 awkwardly positioned.
3. Given the fireplace is fake as you detailed, my guess is the blacked out part isn't any chimney but a TV watermark and this is just some random Japanese show's sex scene and not from the movie. Maybe I'm wrong, but weird frame to share if real.


Why is she sucking on his belly button


If this is indeed shot from movie,from where did this come?! And why is butt blacked out??


We just found an AD fapper that actually works in her movie.Hillarious.


Shame that he blacked out her butt. Why?


It s a face i suppose




And even more important, what is above the chimney and why has been blacked out as well?


After this last episode of Jett... Damn, Cinemax still rocks.

An article discussing Jett nudity. It seems Carla has a scene where she will be naked but it will be teased, maybe only seeing her butt. " Gugino’s naked body to subtly tease the viewer in the style of a burlesque strip, revealing enough of Gugino's skin to give us an idea of what's happening.", "giving a full view of her backside ", "But between Charlie’s eyes and ours are the dishes, the coffee, and table itself. Like Charlie, the viewer gets the suggestion of an eyeful without Gugino giving anything away."


Come on Carla, you are beautiful and has AMAZING BODY...


Does anyone know where I can watch The Glass Room?


Movies with limited release Assuming this is one take a hell lot of time to get released.I mean The Wedding Guest movie released in March with Nude scen from Radhika Apte hasn't made it anywhere.Its running on film festival circuit from Toronto to Sydney to somewhere else now.Ifc films other releases have come out on VOD in same time


I've been trying to get info on that movie since March without avail. It's been out in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia since then but I've still not been able to get a confirmation about whether there's nudity in it or not. Hopefully someone has more luck than I've had in finding that out. But you'd think if there was that MrSkin or Recapped himself would've caught wind of it by now.


breasts, butt and Bush from Gaite Jansen, Jodie Turner-Smith and someone else in latest Jett episode.


The other one is Elena Anaya
The shower fight scene is in the preview, most likely going to feature Gaite and Elena again


Elena Anaya deserves to win an Honorable Oscar for all her history in nude and sex scenes in her career... !!! 😀 😀 😀


Haha ikr, it's like she's been actively searching for nude roles to be in


She is a Beautiful Spanish Woman...
i hope to see Elena Anaya with Penélope Cruz in one R movie... !!!


great nudity in this episode


Agree! I don't remember when was the last time I saw that excellent nudity in one episode from three different actresses (that are not extras of course) who shows all B's.


Did anyone get caps from last night's Strange Angel? Yoga and orgy always pique my interest


Wasn’t really much to see. 1 pair of boobs a few butts


Can someone please rent Perfect from to see if Courtney Eaton has any nude scenes?


There is nudity but I'm unfamiliar with Courtney so no idea if it is her.

View post on

The desktop app is very annoying and makes it hard to scan through the film, so there's a good chance I missed something.


They seem to have the same body type.Can you upload a gif?The quality is pretty bad.


Not letting me download in my country, guess its USA only for now. Twitter says its free with code 'perfect' for a short time


same here
i can downwload the app, but the movie doesn't appear for my country


in a navigator, yeah, easy, with an app, meaning the vpn is for the whole pc, not so easy (for me)


Any word on nudity in Dark on Netflix?


Keep scrolling.


I heard that Zazie Beets is supposed to be nude in Joker (2019) for a sex scene...When can we expect more details on that...?


Hello men, i just want to ask Can we talk about the old sex scenes and nudity here or it must be new one?


Only new ones. There are plenty of other places where you can do that. This is for new and possible future scenes


Like what?


German actress Lisa Vicari (finally) makes her nude debut in Dark S02E06 (Netflix) <3


Excellent pair on Gina, just like S1.


I saw episode 5 and I didn't see anything from Lisa. I did see Gina’s nude scene


Hmm, was expecting something from that lesbian subplot, but this is a nice surprise!


Sorry for the typo; Lisa's episode is S02E05.


...and Gina Alice Stiebitz is topless while skinny dipping as well.


Gina is fantastic. Cute, beautiful and awesome boobs.


Gina's episode is S02E06. Sorry again for the typos, I guess I was too excited in that moment ^^


thanks for the info. anything from antje traue?


I posted a few weeks back about the upcoming Netflix film DESPERADOS starring Nasim Pedrad, based on a script that includes a lengthy comedic nude scene. (Here's a link to the original script, the scene starts on page 38:

Slight update on this, a few days ago the director posted a set pic that includes Nasim Pedrad in a towel in public. Admittedly not a lot to go on, but gives me hope that the scene was preserved in some way:


Is that the only possible nudity in it?


There's a scene later on where she's taking off a scuba suit and her bikini top she's wearing underneath comes off as well.

But again, this is from a version of the script from 2010, so who knows if it's still in there. It'd be great if a current version of the script made it online.


Oh, saw Jessica Lowe filmed scenes in it so was sort of hoping lol


Sounds fun but i can imagine them cutting around all the nudity with ‘clever’ camera angles and props in the way.


Can we get some info who 's getting naked in The Art of Self-Defense releasing 12th of July...?


From the March 11, 2019 update:
"SXSW is pretty much a dud so far. There is no nudity in the following films: The Art of Self-Defense – Imogen Poots"


My guess is nobody but fingers crossed for Imogen Poots


Recapped adding GLOW season 3 to the calendar make me very happy.


it still says rumored though


Legion news? Anyone? Please?


I'm lost. which one is Alexa Demie?


The one that showed boobs who wasn't Sydney in episode one


In everyone's opinion, what is the best show on TV (past or present) with great nudity. I don't mean the best show for nudity, but a great show that happens to include lots of nudity. I've fallen behind on many shows, so any advice would be appreciated.


Banshee first season


I mean, Game of Thrones...


From Season 1 to 6, great show with nudity... and that's it.


I am so unbelievably sick of hearing people whine about GoT. How long until it can be mentioned without people whining about it?


Yeah, some of the criticisms are legit, but it still stands as a great(if flawed) show. With GREAT nudity.


Underbelly (Australian TV show) had absolutely legendary nudity.


The Deuce is really solid with a ton of great performances.


Spartacus: Blood and Sand, minus the merkins.


Not just Blood and Sand, all 4 seasons of Spartacus (3rd season, not so much). If you have the box set, some scenes are longer than the aired version.


Where I can get the longer version of Spartacus there any website?


Penny Dreadful. Boardwalk Empire. The first three seasons of Masters of Sex. I also really like Easy and The Girlfriend Experience, though they might not be to everyone's taste.


Altered Carbon


Tell Me You Love Me is an excellent HBO show. And it's only 1 season so there's not much commitment.


The Sopranos.


True Detective S01 besides legendary AD scene and Lili Simmons contribution, it’s some of the best things I’ve ever watched.


This just in - Elle Fanning is still not nude.


I blame you.


Is the white tank top see through?


The only reason I come here is to discuss foreign policy. How disappointing!


The foreign policy of Sydney Sweeney in the first episode of Euphoria was AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT... !!! 😀 😀 😀


And I had just finished typing up a long post about the the macroeconomic policies of Finland


I've literally never seen a rules page in the 2? years I've been coming here. And searching 'rules' literally only bring up this entry.


HA. Those weren't just like Wordpress rules? WHOOPS K Lmao


Thanks for double review! Can't wait for Alexa's butt:)


No Sydney nudity? No way...


Sydney needs rest after that EPIC scene... !!! 😀 😀 😀


If it were up to me, she appears nude in every episode, she's the only reason I watched the show, and I would not trade her nudes for anything, not for the rest of the cast.