February 16, 2019 Rumors

A while back we wrote that they were casting for season two of Warrior and the roles would likely have nudity. Hearing that they have now cast Celine Buckens as Joanna Vanderham’s younger sister, Maria Elena Laas as the fight club owner, and Miranda Raison as the socialite that may have some lesbian scenes.

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Just an FYI, you're spelling February "Februay" in the post titles.


Fixed. Thanks.


A bit more info on Now Apocalypse, via the BBFC:

Of the 10 episodes, eps 2, 3, 5, & 8 rated for nudity. 2,3,4,5,6 & 8 rated for strong sex as well.


Any other info on Now Apocalypse?


trailer for the new Motley Crue biopic just dropped. obv it will probably have nudity, but will it have nudity specifically from Kabby Borders?


Eliana Jones in Northern Rescue ??


They've already started promotion for "We Summon the Darkness." I hope it gets released this year.


Hasn't it already been confirmed there's no nudity in the film? Anyway, its Alex in a "darker movie" and they're the ones I like her most in.
Another scene of her, like the one in Bereavement wearing a tight vest, would be fine by me. That was an awesome non nude scene!


Most likely no nudity, but I'm hoping for possible lesbian kissing during the party scene. Plus, I can't wait to see Alex play a hardcore villain.


This has been out since Christmas and no one seems to care...costs $3.99 to rent.

Not the biggest names, but tons of full frontal nudity in the first scene, including from the lead, Catherine Corcoran. Yes, she may be having a green slime period and then birthing a duck baby, but, she's still pretty cute. More nudity throughout the movie, though sadly they reused the same lesbian sex scene from the first one.


“Yes, she may be having a green slime period and then birthing a duck baby”
If that doesn’t make you want to spend $4 then I don’t know what will.


o i was very aware of this. Catherine Corceran is a big crush of mine. Very unknown but i saw her in a few lower budget things and shes very attractive. This movie was like heaven for me because of her lengthy nude scenes. The movie itself was very strange though.


OK i couldn't even watch the 2 min trailer to the end ... just saying ...


My Days of Mercy trailer. On demand and on digital April 5.


Lionsgate deleted the trailer...


God damn Kate Mara is hot and pretty in this movie. We have a few months to work out to prepare lol. Nevertheless, it will be like seeing your crush naked for the first time!


We've been waiting for this moment since September 8, 2017. We should remember what we've waiting for: https://www.recapped.com/my-days-of-mercy-nudity-review/


At the end of the clip it says rated R for strong sexuality/NUDITY!!!!!!!


Looks like Christmas is coming early this year.


Not much to see


Finally confirmation! Should've guessed sometime soon after the vague certification. Can't watch the trailer, but then again don't really need to for all we're hoping for lol.


Not available in your country :'(


Use a youtube downloader if you can't watch the second posted trailer ...
just google for one


Not available in my country? What are you talking about?


He is saying that this trailer is not available to watch in his country (just like in mine).


The trailer works fine for me here in the United States. Maybe try using a VPN for outside your country to get it to work.


This is awesome, and it's on the on the same day as Shazam! and Pet Sematary!!


I actually had no clue what the movie was about even reading the descriptions. Actually makes sense and looks watchable. I can see why they did this movie not, not just some sexy lesbian movie. But yeah I'm still gonna watch it for the wrong reasons a few minutes at a time lol


That’s the best god damm news I’ve had from this site in a long time.


Unexpected good news!


Released same day as ep 1 of Warrior. Very nice.


There’s a tease of Leven Rambin in the trailer for The Dirt.

Sucks it’ll be a tease in the movie as well.



“Temple, who also starred in films such as Antonement and Killer Joe, is fronting Little Birds, an adaptation of Anais Nin’s infamous collection of erotic short stories.”


Thought Little Birds came out years ago


'Little Birds' the movie did come out years ago, starring Juno Temple.

This 'Little Birds' is a TV show by Sky based on something else entirely, also starring Juno Temple. Weird career decision.


Thankfully they cast someone who will actually get naked


I don’t remember this being mentioned, so forgive me if it is old news.

Keira Knightley has one or two sex scenes in The Aftermath, according to reviews.

From the BBFC Insight: “There are a couple of sex scenes in which a man thrusts between a woman's legs, with her bare breasts visible.”

Film is out at the beginning of March.


Can someone please post Virginie Efira's scenes from the movie 'An Impossible Love' ?


Worst camera operator ever....


Mmmmm.... Queen Anne.


Is there any nudity in this movie? MPAA says no nudity but people on twitter say that there is full frontal nudity. Strange.


The only nudity is Matthew McConaughey's butt.


ummm that video shows Hathaway's butt as well.


That was also McConaughey's butt. He was the nudity double for Hathaway.


@Parzival - video source ?!?


I hope that's her


guessing a body double?


That wouldn't make sense, she's gone nude before


This was shot in 2017. I'm sure Hathaway could have decided in the 7-8 years since her last nude scene (does One Day count? If not, then Love and Other Drugs), that she didn't want to do them anymore. Or perhaps she just didn't want to do this one. People change. Just because they've done nude scenes in the past doesn't mean they'll do it for every single role. Maybe she's self conscious about her butt? Or perhaps as the nudity is implied from the front, she didn't want to stand around like that on set when someone else could stand in? The original screenplay does mention nudity for her character (and Diane Lane's). Clearly when Hathaway and Lane signed on, the nudity written into the script went away.


Forgot to copy and paste the best moment lost. After Zacharias examines the mark above her buttock, we get this:

He pours some liquor from the hip flask onto the scratch then onto her back so that it trickles between her buttocks. She reacts with a shiver...

Forty year old single malt. Tastes good in your ass huh. OK, let me take a look around here....


Here's how the scene was written:

"She is afraid of him and resigned to obeying. She unties the belt of the robe and lets it slip off. Seagulls scream outside. Zacharias twirls his finger at Karen and she turns around on instruction. Zacharias reaches into his pocket and takes out a silver hip flask. He unscrews the top.

Zacharias comes close to her. He begins to study her back and her ass.

He examines a mark just above her buttock....

He turns her around and puts on a pair of spectacles. He begins to inspect her body. She is frozen. After a long, intimate search he is satisfied."

And the sex scene she has with Clarke:

"Zacharias is fucking Karen as best he can with a broken hand and rib. He is coming and yelling in agony at the same time. He clutches his broken rib with his broken hand as he pumps into Karen. We come close to Karen’s face.

He withdraws with a grunt of pain. After a moment Karen glances at her watch."


What happened to Season 2 of Exposed with Kabby Borders?


Perhaps Kabby will be nude in The Dirt.


It seems like Blackpills may have gone under, as they have had no new series or episodes in a few months now, and their social media appears to be dead. Additionally, Bonding, an upcoming show of theirs, seems to have been sold off to Netflix. I assume, if season 2 of Exposed has been filmed, they are looking for a new distributor.


Skinford season 2, mentioned in the 2019 preview, was also set to release on Blackpills. It premiered in cinemas in November but there has been no word since.

The app is still up and running so they can't be totally dead. They could be looking for an investor to bail them out.


Diablo Guardian got renewed for a 2nd season. Hopefully more tits and ass from the most perfect specimen in hollywood.


Yes. Paulina is always at the top of the list for me!


Can't wait for tata to show them how it's done.


Anything on Scarlett Johansson this year?


Anyone of you who caught Vita and Virginia recently?


so i watched Mektoub My Love: Canto Uno last night, great movie by the way and i was reading reviews and it turns there might be a sequel as the title Canto Uno indicates. i don't know about you but i am very excited by the possibility of seeing this characters again. it felt like the director was holding out so much plot for future movies.


The director has already enough footage for a two-parter and edited the first part. The second is currently being assembled under the title Mektoub My Love: Intermezzo, which suggests that he may shoot more entries with the same cast. But nothing looks set in stone, particularly with this director.


Thankfully he didn't hold out on focusing on an amazing ass.


Possible lesbian scenes in series 2 of Warrior - Joanna Vanderham in them would be incredible!!!!!!!!!


Holly freaking hell! Celine Buckens? Are you kidding me? This is super galactic news! She is so beautiful. One of the best news of the year for me. Many thanks!


Unexpected and exciting - just wish the potential payoff wasn’t so far away.


She's decent looking but I suspect her tits might be weird looking, like Emily Kinney. Take a look at this photo to see what I mean:


By weird you mean small and natural?


Yep, like Kristen Stewart and Ellen Page, who both have small but beautiful tits.


yeah what? emily kinney has great tits.


Any new information on Now Apocalypse?


Any chance of lesbian scenes in The Witcher? Or anything else about that show?