February 23, 2019 Rumors

Some quick casting tidbits:

The role of Anne on the upcoming CBS All Access show Interrogation requires nudity.

For season 2 of Condor, they are casting several new female regulars. The roles of Kat, Ava, and Robin may require at least partial nudity and simulated sex scenes.

Lastly, the role of Lenina Crowne on Brave New World also requires partial nudity. This show will be on USA Network though so that’s probably the most you’ll get.

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You are welcome gents! Also, check out Halloween at Aunt Ethel's on Amazon Prime! 3 fantastic nude scenes in it!


Anything in the upcoming FX show Fosse/Verdon? Hoping Margaret Qualley shows her butt


Have something new about Wij. Someone wrote that it is coming out in February.


So should we expect seeing clips this week or is it just theatrical release?


It's in Poland's movie theaters since last week Friday.


Fingers remain crossed for Zendaya in Euphoria.


Kathryn hann will have plenty of nudity in upcoming hbo series Mrs Fletcher




They saw 2 seconds of her in a bathtub smoking pot in the HBO ad below. It's not a huge extrapolation, Kathryn Hahn has been on a glorious nudity streak lately.


Check out Close Calls on Amazon Prime-- wowser! She is someone to watch moving forward!


Please provide video or snaps


Any nudity / clips, can't view it in my region


Jordan Phipps runs around most of the time in skimpy outfits or her bra


I forgot that Keira isn’t doing nude scenes anymore. The scenes in The Aftermath are a double.


She had a nude scene in Collette last year.


I know.


Either that was filmed before the kid or she has a selective memory.


Never was interested in her or her films. Very typically British ---> boring, unsexy, cold.


She had the child in 2015. And Colette was shot in 2017. But the nudity she did there was when she was on stage, it wasn't during the sex scenes. So maybe she won't do sexualised nudity? Or maybe (like with Eleanor Tomlinson) she felt the Colette movie was worth breaking her own rule?


Alright well, that’s recent so I guess it’s true now.


no nudity for Sophie Turner in the last season of GOT but Maisie Williams has a nude scene !


You could have said Emilia Clarke or Nathalie Emmanuel or Carice Van or hell even Gemma Whelan and people would have believed your non sense.
It's known that either of them won't go nude.
Anyway wait for GoT is really bringing bad out of people. HBO needs to release trailer ASAP


Look - about 2 seconds of brand new footage. You want more?


Interesting. I didn't know they were making a Watchmen series, apparently created by Damon Lindelof. Can't find a premiere date, but consider my interest somewhat piqued!


Man u better not be lying!! Maisie that's freaking great news!


Troll's are early this year ....


You know, her character can transforms... maybe she gets nude as another chick or as Walder Frey


i'm not trolling , it's true , Maisie first nude scene in the final !


Ok, but if it turns out to be trolling, I propose a ban.


Let me guess, you work for HBO?


Where did you hear this?


The voices in their head.


I'm expecting that TBH...


Source? Also cool if true, of the two — I’d much rather it be Maisie.


Cool! What about Emilia and Nathalie?


A couple of years ago (might be more), recapped said that some A-list actor had used a body double in a nude scene, but that actor on twitter said that it was in fact her and not a body double. Anyone remember who that was and which nude scene?


Maybe you are thinking of this

https://twitter.com/tessathompson_x/status/425697912195018752?lang=en ?


Mary Elizabeth Winstead also took credit for her nude scene in Fargo ("Please. I did not do those squats for nothing!"), but she deleted the tweet later.


Not only she deleted the tweet, poor girl deleted her whole twitter account


yes, she did. I was asking about this Tessa Thompson with context of recapped.


Anything on Audrey Tautou this year?


Recapped said Audrey has "several topless scenes" in Going Places.


The MPAA says it only has "brief nudity" so several topless scenes might be a little much to expect, unless we see her from the side or back.


I doubt it. It's been years since she's gone nude. It's a shame as she is in my all-time top 10 list of great asses.


Teresa Ruiz - Aqui En La Tierra S01E06



Will this show get any international distribution?


I can’t see shit


I can see to much of what i don't want to ...


So next week is the last time we see Emmy Rossini on Shameless?? Hopefully she delivers one last nude scene


No emmy wont be naked. There is a lesbian scene from emma mackey and jess gabor in the finale.


Emma Mackey is appearing on Shameless?


I am betting the most unlesbian lesbian scene


Episode's tv MA says nudity so hopefully not


Yea I thought 13 was the finale, though odd thing 14 doesn't say brief nudity either though


The episode before the finale says nudity. There’s nothing about the finale, though.


Any updates on Now Apocalypse?


Any info on GLOW S3?


Alison Brie said lots of sex and nudity at the Lego Movie 2 premiere


Any upcoming nudity from Rachel brosnahan?


Sorry if this has been asked before (and I guess the answer is "no nudity") but do you know anything about Daddario or the other girls in "We Summon the Darkness" ...now, if there's a sex scene with Johnny Knoxville, don't say anything, that would be frustrating.


Unless the script was radically changed, no sex scenes.


Yeah. You're better off asking about Can You Keep a Secret. Can't speak of the script, but I know the book has a nude sex scene from her.


Teresa Ruiz - Aqui En La Tierra S01E03



Hopefully she gets naked in the next season of Narcos.


Finally some good nudity and sex scenes. Thank you.


i downloaded the whole series for her every ep is 900mb.
and there are 2 more scenes in this drama one is thereesome but scene is very short.
another is she sleeping naked on the couch you can see her ass and boobs.


episode no will do


Anyone watched or heard about karen hassan in cellar door? Nudity? Sex?


There is no sign of it from the trailer but hope just wont quit- Recapped, any rumour or knowledge of nudity/sex scenes from Kate Beckinsale in The Widow?


I hope so too...feeling the same about Absentia Season 2 and Stana Katic.


any upcoming enf scenes?


Any info if there's going to be nudity on The Devil All the Time (even though they started to shoot this week)?


Any Korean erotic films released in 2019?


how about Japanese movies?


I will mainly focus on the movie that will featured an actress(not an AV actress), and the movie that I personally like.
1. lovehotel???????plan??? (On showing) ?Moe miura(???) showed her tits. The movie is being filmed from the view of a hidden camera in the love hotel, so it is not that good angle.
2. Still life of memories(DVD and Blu-ray: 2 April): Both Matsuda Rima(????) and Natsuko Haru(???) are fully naked(both tits and ass), you can also see theirs bush from a long angle.
3. Haman(???)(Theatrically release in 2019)?Nonoko Baba(?????) is naked in this movie, but the scene is quite dark(you can see some shot of the sex scene, just search the movie name!)
4. Naked director(????)?This is a Netflix original series, and it will be released in 2019. There is a rumors that Ruri Shinato(????) is naked in this show(She also naked in a movie called "Shounen: ??").
5. ???????(Theatrically release: April 12): Asuka Rin(???) who is previously nude in White lily(???????) is said to be naked again in this movie. Others actress is also rumored to have a lesbian scene in this movie.


Naked Director was renamed The Emperor of Porn.

The Netflix series follows the tumultuous life of director Toru Muranishi, who revolutionized the porn industry during the economic boom of 1980s Japan.

This show could have a lot of nudity.


sorry for the "?" mark, I didn't know that this site doesn't allowed Japanese. BTW the first movie name is "Love hotel ni okeru jijyou to puran no hate" and the 5th movie name is "Satsujinki wo kau onna"


There is usually a few low budget erotic films each month like "sexy sister-in-law 4" or stuff like that.

Actual real movies with nudity has become more rare in South Korea after #metoo and some directors accused and convicted of coercing actresses or showing more than agreed.

The mainstream movie last year with the most nudity was High Society, but the bulk was from a Japanese porn actress and top actress Soo Ae spent months leading to release talking up her "exposure" for the first time in her career and she showed nothing. You used to get a few movies each year with good nudity from main actresses, but it has been pretty dry.

The movie this year to look out for is the next installmentin the Tazza card game series. The actress as the female lead (Kim Min Jung) dropped out after disagreements on nudity with the director. Haven't seen any release date and may not be till late this year tho.


Damn! Love Kim Min Jung, it'd really good to see her nude in Tazza 3. But her replacement Choi looks hot, I hope she'll shoot the nude scene. By the way, it's really sad that they don't shoot too much nude scenes. I'm watching Korean dramas (TV shows) ve movies and I can't find any nude scenes. They even can't kiss too much in K-dramas. That's really bad because Korean actresses are really hot.


Any chance of nudity in the CBS All Access Twilight Zone reboot?


Apparently Amazon are pushing for more sex/nudity and violence in the Expanse now that they're producing s4, with nudity required for Dominique Tipper and Cara Gee's characters. Any confirmation of the rumors?


Cara Gee nude would be awesome.


That seems like an awfully odd and specific requirement of Amazon, who unlike services like HBO aren't known for excessive nudity...


Didn't Dominique already have a nude scene in S3?


That depends if you count "nude" as nude.


Well, she showed her butt, that counts as nude


That would be a nice alteration