February 26, 2019 Rumors

Last week we wrote about Amazon casting Stormfront for season 2 of The Boys. Hearing they may have chosen Aya Cash for the role.

Netflix is also beginning to cast for series 2 of Sex Education. Looks like there’s one new female regular: Viv, 16ish, black, super smart. No mention of any nudity for this role.

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Anyone remember the beautiful Rachel Leigh Cook? I'd forgotten all about her, but doing a bit of channel hopping i saw her in some show called Perception. I checked her age and shes 40 this year and imho she's looking stunning for her age. Pity she never showed anything on screen and almost certainly never will.


Are there any casting or script rumors for Pop. 1280? It's the next movie by The Favourite director Yorgos Lanthimos and (I'm reading the book now) it has a lot of sex. Seems like it would be hard to film it without at least some nudity.


'We Are Boats' with Angela Sarafyan & Gaia Weiss coming out on VOD on March 26. They also released the trailer. Obvious "any news?" question.



I absolutely love Gaia. Let's see what comes!


Both have great tits, thanks for putting this on my radar!


Has anyone seen "To the stars" and can tell us anything more about it??


The wedding guest has March 1 release in US maybe someone will post clips


Watched a few eps of "Legacies" last night and Danielle Rose Russell 100% needs to do a nude scene. Shit tv show btw, wouldn't recommend


Unfortunately she'll be stuck in this show for a few years before we get anything interesting from her


Anything known about the next episode of Shameless? Someone had said the lesbian scene was in the season finale but it was shown in the preview for the next episode which says it has nudity and is not the finale.


Does anyone know if Wills Fitzgerald has a chance to do a nude scene?


Any news on that 'College' pilot with Jessica Sula on Amazon? There has been no news since the announcement, and the shows creator is now set as a showrunner for the upcoming L Word sequel series. iMDB also lists it as a TV movie.


From what I've been able to gather, there have been some showings of the Glass Room in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Is it too premature to confirm nudity from Carice van Houten and/or Hanna Alstrom? And while I'm at it, what about Carice in Domino, Instinct and the Skye show Temple? She has a great track record of nude scenes but I always worry about actresses swearing off nudity after becoming mothers and hope it's not the case with her.


Apparently no nudity from Emma Rigby in her latest passionflix movie The Protector. Based on passionflix’s rating system it did seem unlikely, however she does have 4 sex scenes. Hopefully they’re not as disappointing as her brief one in The Festival.


Such a great opportunity missed! The book it's based on is pretty filthy! lol


Can only hope she does another with them at their ‘5’ level like their show Driven.


The sex scenes are rather disappointing, unless you are a fan of multiple shots of her bare back. There is a slight nipslip in the scene where she is doing some handbra modelling.

It seems, based on a post on IG from the director, that Emma has already filmed a third project with them, so hopefully better luck with that one.


as close as this one got to Emma nude

View post on imgur.com



The Protector is the third project. In 2016 they did a non-Passionflix film together called A Cindarella Christmas.


I really don't understand Passionflix hesitancy towards nudity. Putting our perverted needs aside the director/Passionflix seem to talk lot on their content being empowering romantic films for women but they won't ever embrace a woman's sexuality beyond awkward dry humping, back shots, or pawning over already hunky men. Not saying bad movies, just saying awkward game plan.


Do you know the title?


I agree.. they made sooo much effort to not show anything! It's strange as I think Emma is ready to show more (she even showed slightly more in the 1st film with Passionflix - Hollywood Dirt)..


Any news on casting for female roles on Hightown? Last few updates have been for male cast members. So far just Monica Raymund and Riley Voekel have been the only actresses attached to it.

Any info on casting for the new L-Word series?


On The OA, there likely isn’t anything from Brit Marling although she does have a scene in the bath. The actress that plays Jason Isaacs’ love interest is nude though. We didn’t catch her name but we believe she was an older French actress.

Pretty sure it'll be Irène Jacob


Anything on Joey King in The Act? I know in the real-life story, her character had an active online-sexlife and would run away and go to anime conventions to get fucked.


Happy Birthday to the beautiful Kate Mara! Just over a month everyone 😉


I find it hilarious that no one seems to give a fuck about Ellen Page in this film. xD Sure she has showed her tits before in Tallulah and Into the forest, but that was either a very brief boob shot or her laying down on her back not giving us a proper look at her tits from an up front angle. The nudity from her in Mercy is supposedly her best to date and yet everyone only cares about Kate haha. But then again, I don’t think there is much for here to compete against when she faces Kate’s nude debut! XD


My hype is largely for Ellen Page because I've never seen a movie or television with Kate Mara. I'm only vaguely aware of who she is. If it was Ellen Page and Rooney Mara, I would have to enter a self-induced coma until April.


I must be the only one on here who doesn't think Kate is hot.


I’m with you. I don’t find her hot at all. Her sister is much hotter. I have low expectations for this movie. She would probably have to do a full frontal with no merkin to get me to consider it for one of the nude scenes of the year.


Ellen Page >>> Kate Mara. 😛
(Don't hit me too hard ok)


When was the last time you had a vision test?


Nah I'm gonna punch you hard.


Totally agree!


To whoever posts the video of Mercy for the first time, please make sure it’s not a shitty quality. Not being an ass here, but it’s been such a built-up super waiting scene that we should have the first viewing with a perfect quality! April 5th...


What VOD platform(s) is MDOM actually hitting? I'm honestly tempted to watch the whole movie from the beginning, just for the buildup.


so if the person who posted the teaser a couple of months back (or someone else with a cam copy on their hard drive...) was inclined to upload, they should hold off? Is that the majority opinion?


FYI, that's reason you've not yet seen it.
There has been so much hype that it would be just wrong for it to be spoiled by the shittiest low quality cam version ever made by someone.
But just so you folk know where to fast forward to, Kate will be in a RV with Ellen and she tells Ellen to turn the radio up cause her jam is playing. It is "Mercy" by Amy Winehouse, it's her jam because Kate's name in the movie is Mercy. She starts singing it "karaoke style", Ellen eventually rises up from the front seat of the RV and starts kissing her.


The fact the gif jflobo posted further down has only 3 likes is mind-boggling. Thread should be blown up.


Jflobo you sly devil lol, release the RV and bedroom scenes!


I’m an impatient person, I’d take low quality.


Thanks jflobo. Appreciate the reason. It's just 1 month away. Unless you're terminally ill and scheduled to die before April 5th, let's just wait and enjoy whatever shows up in between.


Yeah, why not?


When do VOD movies get uploaded? Midnight EST? Midnight local time zone?


Gorgeous collage! I think she looks best with darker hair though I think she's blond in the upcoming nude scene.


"Strike Back" was renewed for the last and final season (Season 7 in the US and Season 8 in UK)
I'am a little sad because after the bad last season the current season is pretty good the new cast is getting better ofcourse its not like the old seasons with Scott and Stonebridge but yeah maybe they coming back for a guest apparence who knows. I know that Philip Winchester loves Strike Back in his Character Stonebridge also Sullivan Stapleton seems like doing it for the fun and not for the money (iam sure both get now better paid because they are on major networks and not on a small one like cinemax) lets wait and see 🙂


Fuck, Never Look Away/Werk Ohne Autor was, for me, the best nudity of the film year and there is NO release on the horizon. I'm actually thinking of going to a neibghouring country, where it's still playing to see it again and having an erection throughout its 190 min runtime.

Someone, please post pics or clips! 🙂


German BluRay Date is in 4 Weeks 😉


I'll believe it when I see it. There have been multiple release dates(the italian version on 22. january and german at the end of the year), but all have manifestated in to nothing. There is no cover for the german bluray so far, no solid release date on amazon.de, mediamarkt and saturn. They have a weird release strategy, so dont count on the bluray soon. I hope its at least working out for them if not for us 🙁


anything in the upcoming netflix series "cursed" starring katherine langford????


From the latest MPAA ratings

Red Joan - Rated R for brief sexuality/nudity.

I don’t remember seeing a review here or on MrSkin after it screened at TIFF, but that rating ties in with the Aussie one, so looks like there is something in it from Sophie Cookson.


Maybe Tereza Srbova has a nude scene, she is not shy (see Strike Back etc).


Any news on French celebs?


Anything from Virginia Gardner in Starfish?


A lot of teasing but no nudity from Virginia Gardner in Starfish.


dang it


Just read the comic book if you want to know more about The Boys.


Any word on when we will get season 1 of The Boys?


More info about The Boys please! Would be awesome to know if the show has female nudity, especially from Aya. Dominque McElligott is in an episode too


Does anyone know when Driven with Erin Moriarty will be released on vod?


I can’t find anything on this film since September last year.


No nudity from Antje Traue (faora in man of steel) in Dead End.
A quick lesbian sex scene with Victoria Schulz but nothing from either.


Goddamn it


Sorry man, some good news, we will definitely get more lesbian stuff from her in Dark Season 2 and there was nudity from other characters in the 1st season so there is some very real potential there.


Can anyone post that lesbian scene? Or can tell around when (minutes) that scene comes?


Series can be watched free here (no subtitles) https://www.zdf.de/serien/dead-end

Episode 4 - 38:20 to 39:59


Thank you so much..


I've been wondering what I'd be obsessively tracking after My Days of Mercy comes out and I might have my answer: Aya Cash. Does the role require nudity?


Aw man Aya Cash would be great.
Whats the point of the second update though? If theres no nudity, it seems kinda pointless to this website...
Thanks, though.


I hope some news on the Now Apocalypse previews come out soon.


Fingers crossed for Aya, but dear God I hope Emma Mackey takes it off for Sex Ed this time!


I hope Aimee Lou Wood's character suddenly becomes a nymphomaniac this season. Need to see more of those tits. A lot more.


I’m with you. By far the hottest girl on that show.


Agreed but i really wanna see Emma Mackey


Yep, if we get one scene from her that's half as good as Aimee Lou's...


I would kill for an Aya Cash nude scene. She is so sexy on You're the Worst. Also really happy to hear about Sex Education getting renewed. Great show with great nudity.


Same here, very sexy. Hopeful that she’ll show something since she showed a good amount of side boob on You’re the Worst.


I hope she has some too