February 9, 2019 Rumors

We will continue with our Sundance reviews over the next couple of updates.

In the meantime, rumor is The Great with Elle Fanning has been ordered to series. Hulu will probably announce the pickup at their TCA press conference on Monday.

Also, in case you didn’t see our calendar, Warrior will start airing on Cinemax on April 5 and HBO is tentatively set to start airing Euphoria on June 9.

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Any news on the Now Apocalypse screenings at Sundance and TCA?


Does u guys have any update on Amanda Cerny...I would really like to watch her getting screwed..her recent movie airplane mode has been screened on a festival this 8th of feb..it is about losing verginity in a plane


Can My Days of Mercy be added to the calendar? I think it was May 14th but it would be handy to have a reminder of when it's (finally!) dropping.


where did you hear that date?


User cooldude emailed Signature Entertainment and they told him May 17th. When I emailed them back in December I was told mid 2019 so that certainly lines up with May 17th.


Even if that is true, considering they haven't officially announced that release date it would be too early to add to the calender.


I was kinda hoping Recapped would be able to verify the May 17th date.



“The Great” pickup confirmed. Shooting this year, to air next.


What's new with The Witcher? Anything from Anna Shaffer (Triss)?


Any upcoming ana de armas nudity?


Yeah, I'm waiting for "The Night Clerk", it has an 'interesting' plot: A voyeuristic hotel clerk becomes the subject of a murder investigation, then he makes a personal connection with a beautiful guest named Andrea (Ana), but soon realizes he must stop the real killer before Andrea becomes the next victim.


From the director of Gia, Body Shots, and Original Sin, all of which featured plentiful female nudity.


Freya Mavor’s series for Arte is screening on Tuesday and Thursday at Berlinale - might get some news of potential nudity.


Berlinale lists Netflix as a broadcaster along with Arte, so we might get a more concrete release date soon.


Any updates on The Witcher? Hearing that there might be a foursome between Geralt and some other characters (Tea and Vea from the books) around episode 6.


In the book they only share a hot tub (the fourth character is a dude...kinda), they don't have sex.


They do have sex. One with each. No foursome though.


Cinemax also announced that “Jett” with Carla Gugino/Gaite Jansen will start airing in June.


The show have nudity?


Any news on future nudity in the current season of Strike Back??


There is still no tv-ma for all upcoming episodes.


Any news from "Love me not" and Ingrid Garcia Jonsson, movie was seen recently in the International Film Festival Rotterdam, movie is also available in festivalscope.


Crypto (2019) with Alexis bledel is Rated R for language throughout, some violence, sexuality and drug use. Still no news on release date.


how many Superman Origins can they make?


way tomany .... apparently


Any info on Caylee Cowan in sunrise in heaven it will be available on netflix in April