Femme Fatales: One Man’s Death

Tonight’s episode of Femme Fatales is rather lackluster even though it’s filled with nudity including a closeup shaved vag shot and a lesbian scene. Instead, we’re gonna skip ahead to next week and episode 2.10, One Man’s Death, which features much better looking actresses.

Sadie Alexandru, probably best known for being in a few episodes of “Mad Men”, has two nude scenes and even shows bush. Jes Macallan, probably best known for dating Jeremy Renner, also has two nude scenes — a shower scene and a sex scene. The third girl is not credited but we’re pretty sure it’s Jennifer Thompson who was also in episode 2.08. It’s interesting that in both episodes, Jennifer has absolutely no lines of dialogue — unless you count gasping and moaning. Well, as long as she keeps getting naked, we won’t mind.

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Download HD Video Sadie Alexandru & Jes Macallan | Sadie Alexandru | Jes Macallan | Jennifer Thompson

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That was the worst acting in a sex scene ever. She should pack it in.


Thanks for posting these Femme Fatales clips. It's great to get each episode a week early,


There is a typo in the last Download-Link (Jennifer Thompson).


Sorry, don't have Bully.
Kate Luyben was nude in 2.09. Not planning to post it but you can find videos on various forums.
And thanks, typo fixed.


Was Kate Luyben nude in last night's episode? She was the only reason I wanted to see it. Sorry to hear you thought it was lackluster. But thanks for posting next's week's ep.


Can you still post the episode before this one?



Do u mind putting up all the nude scenes from the movie bully?

Thanx for all the femme fatales (there's one scene where u c them 'fake' grinding and u can actually c the guys limp penis during the simulated sex-Fail ;D. I like the way they're showing more frontal female nudity including labia now)


Which of these three clips do you see the "guy's limp penis" ??