FFM 2007 Day 5: Go Go Tales and Finn’s Girl

The first film I saw at the Festival des films du monde Montreal World Film Festival was Finn’s Girl. Brooke Johnson and Nathalie Toriel are shown topless in a love scene early on. Unfortunately, they don’t look like the lesbians you usually see in movies.

Taking place in one day at a high class strip club, Go Go Tales did not disappoint when it came to nudity. It was hard to keep track of all the dancers, but I believe all of them were shown at least topless and in g-strings at various times in the movie. The exception being Asia Argento, oddly enough, who wore tassels over her nipples. Supermodel Bianca Balti makes her acting debut as the dancer Adrian. The other dancers are María Jurado, Stefania Rocca, Lou Doillon, Yuliya Mayarchuk, Mara Adriani, Sebina Beganovic, Aurora Giuliani, Selena Khoo, Shanyn Leigh, Julie McNiven, Leila Virzì, Manuela Zero, Chiara Picchi, Gilda Lepardhaia and Justine Mattera.

Below is a scene from Go Go Tales. Bianca Balti is the dancer on the stage with the wig and blue scarf. The asian dancer is Selena Khoo. I have an idea who the other two dancers are but I don’t want to guess and be wrong.

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