FFM 2007 Day 6: Puffball and Toi

There are some pretty explicit “nude” shots in Puffball, but those were all done with special effects. Kelly Reilly does have two real nude scenes however. In the first, you get several clear looks at Kelly’s breasts during a drunken romp she has in the stable. Lastly, Kelly shows off her right breast only as her lover plays with it while they lie in bed. You also see Leona Igoe (or her body double) naked from behind as she waits in the woods.

In Toi (You), Anne-Marie Cadieux is naked a lot. In fact, the first shot of the movie is Anne naked having sex. You only see her breats. Then Anne-Marie goes home, undresses so you see her full frontal briefly, and then jumps in the shower where you see more of her breasts. There’s another sex scene and there’s one with her lover eating her out. You can’t see anything explicit. Anne-Marie also likes to talk while naked. There’s a scene with her lying in bed and another one with her talking on the phone but you only see her breasts. Then there’s a long scene with Anne-Marie lying in bed full frontal nude talking to her lover. There may have been more scenes too but I didn’t take notes. There is a bit of nudity in the trailer for Toi which is available on the official website www.toi-you.com.

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