FFM 2007 Day 8: Opium and Bestiar

In Opium: Diary of a Madwoman, Kirsti Stubo plays the role of a madwoman in a mental institute. We first see Kirsti topless as she masturbates with a writing instrument. Later we see Kirsti fully nude as she strips in order to be examined by a doctor. And near the end we see Kirsti naked again during a sex scene. There are some other minor scenes where Kirsti is nude or partially nude since she is not wearing very much to begin with. Another patient is shown fully nude while doctors are examining her. And there’s a group shower scene where many more women are fully nude but none of them are really attractive.

In Bestiar (Bitch’s Diary), Danica Jurcova is a total tease. Lots of implied nudity with her hands covering her boobs, seethrough shirts and cameltoe shots. Finally, around the 50 minute mark, Danica shows breasts and ass during the big sex scene. After that though, Danica goes back to her teasing ways for the rest of the movie.

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