FFM 2007 Day 9: Pusinky

PusinkyPusinky (Dolls) is about three teenage girls on a road trip to Holland the summer they graduate. They don’t have any money though so must use various methods to get there. All three girls (from right to left in the poster): Marie Dolezalova, Sandra Novakova and Petra Nesvacilova are shown naked throughout the movie.

Marie plays Iska, the sexually confused redhead, and is shown hitchhiking topless. Later Marie takes off her top again to try and seduce a guy. They both end up in the pool and make out for a bit. Lastly, Marie is naked but only her breasts are shown during a lesbian sex scene in the bathroom with Lenka Vlasakova.

Sandra plays Karolina, the slutty brunette and the object of Marie’s affection. Sandra is shown topless while trying to have sex with some guy. Later Sandra does a striptease for Marie’s younger brother and is shown full frontal nude. She ends up running outside while still topless.

Petra plays Vendula, the overweight self-concious girl. Petra is first shown nude while in the bath with some guy. We see more of Petra’s breasts and ass during a rape scene. Petra then strips off all her clothes and jumps in the water to wash herself after.

All three girls are shown naked when they do some skinny-dipping. The part where they first jump into the water was quick and dark but I believe they were all totally nude.

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