Flower Nudity Review

Just over an hour into Flower, Zoey Deutch is shown in bed wearing a white top that is slightly see through.

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Is there a lesbian sex scene in "Lizzie" with Kristen Stewart?


Any news from korean movie the swindlers? I heard nana was nude..


No nudity in the movie, she barely shows cleavage in the beginning


Just for those who missed this:

La Daddario will star in I Am Not a Bird (2018)

What's the big deal?

The film is based on a novel, "Lost Girls & Love Hotels," by Catherine Hanrahan. Here's part of the plot summary, referring specifically to Daddario's character:

"Margaret is doing everything in her power to forget home. And Tokyo's exotic nightlife -- teeming with intoxicants, pornography, and three-hour love hotels -- enables her to keep her demons at bay. Working as an English specialist at Air-Pro Stewardess Training Institute by day, and losing herself in a sex- and drug-addled oblivion by night ..."


I read the book this past weekend. Based on that, there are two or three instances where Daddario should be getting nude and one instance for Carice van Houten.

However, in the movie, Kate Easton's character who's supposed to share a connection with Daddario's doesn't seem to be in the book unless I skipped something. So maybe there's some additional flourishes.


What are the nude scenes like in the book?


Here’s one:

“He turns and looks at me, sitting cross-legged on the bed. Naked. Suddenly I feel undressed. Feel the atmosphere against my skin.”

Sex in the book isn’t explicitly detailed, but we should see some nonetheless.


Yup, I know of that as well. Ines is naked in that scene while Margaret is not. In the book, Margaret is about to give in but ultimately pulls out and Ines is dejected. It would be great if the movie writer, who's the same as the book author, rewrites it in a way so that she gives in and we get both of them naked and having sex, considering today's movie/TV climate being more LGBTQ-friendly. Who's to say in these times Daddario's character isn't losing herself in sexual experimentation and exploration in addition to the regular sex and drug abuse?

And like I said up above, Kate Easton's character wasn't in the book, but for the movie, her character ends up sharing a connection with Daddario's, which remains to be seen if it's sexual in nature. I'm hoping Daddario pops the girl-on-girl cherry properly. Lady Gaga in AHS doesn't count.


Just from searching the name "Ines" (Carice's character) on Lost Girls and Love Hotels page on Google Books, it seems like there's a scene on page 178 where she makes a sexual advance on Daddario's character. Nudity or no nudity that scene should be hot as fuck if it makes the film.


It doesn't look like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has any nudity after the pilot. At least nothing that I noticed.


Pretty typical tactic of putting nudity in the pilot episode and nothing else.


What a letdown! The pilot was so promising.


Since this site was where I first heard about the scene, I figured it would be the best place to post the first cam recording of Margaret Qualley’s ‘Novitiate’ scene:



o wow those are wonderful, many thanks


cam has disappeared !


Still there. Try refreshing. It sometimes doesn't show. Alternatively, the direct link to download the clip is:


Any video of her Lesbian kiss?


Whoops, accidentally deleted the last comment. here it is:



Nice work Bro... is this Movie out yet ...
M waiting eagerly just to see Morgan Saylor, Dianna Agron in it (even though they are not Nude ), but they are Hot ..


Bush, shaved, patch. You guys all seem to be watching different clips 🙂


but I agree with ADFan - if you whack the brightness way up, it does look like there’s a patch there


I have the best vision of anyone I know. 😉


so hot...


Thank you very much. This is really nice can't wait to see this scene in blue-ray.


wow i didn't think she would show bush. NICCEEE


I'm not so sure she's showing bush. I feel like she could be wearing a modesty patch.


Bush? What bush? She is shaved!!! Sad it's so brief.


fair enough


The Tribes of Palos Verdes (2017) nudity?


The TV show A Discover of Witches with Teresa Palmer, Elarica Johnson, Sophia Myles, Aisling Loftus... could have a potential. A fantasy romance. Heard anything about this, Recapped? Will it be the next True Blood or something similar or a very tame Twilight/Vampire Diaries?


Good find.. don't know about nudity ,, But i'll take it and watch it for Teresa and sophia ...love them both //...


RACHEL BROSNAHAN was naked in the pilot of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. tomorrow all remaining episodes of the first season will air. I hope she will show again her perfect bb.


She has a better ass than she does tits.


Agreed ... Plus One... 🙂


0,5 second tit. My life is fulfilled


Any word on a release date for Mobile Homes?


HD clips from Detroit are out, with a brief look at Hannah Murray’s little titties.