Game of Thrones 702 Nudity Review

On next week’s Game of Thrones, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) finally have sex. In a dark room at Dragonstone, Nathalie unties her coat and then removes her skirt. Nathalie then removes Jacob’s clothes after a slight protest and leads him to a nearby bed. We then see Nathalie’s reaction as Jacob goes down on her. Despite no bottom frontal nudity, this is one of the better nude scenes ever on Game of Thrones as Nathalie looks even hotter here than she did in her season 4 nude scene.

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Recapped - Any confirmation on whether Rosabell Laurenti Sellers or any of the other Dorne lovelies has a nude scene in season 7 of "GOT"?


Recapped's nude calendar shows ep. 3 changed color from red to grey, not a good sign for those hoping to see Rosabell Laurenti Sellers naked again like it was rumored. Hopefully ep. 7 will not change color as well.


I guess they changed it. Grey now seems to mean Rumored and red means confirmed. So still hope for Rosabell. 😉


Not sure about it - Ballers ep 5 & GOT ep 7 have red and it still says rumored.


True. I guess then grey stays implied and red actually nude.


i'll take any Rosabelle even if we dont see all the goods but why do i have the feeling it won't be her for the episode 3 nudity? :(((((


I've seen posts elsewhere saying Rosabell's scene is in a later episode than what was reported here.


would it be episode 7? there's no other Game of thrones eps listed in the nude releases calendar after ep 3


Judging by the synopsis it should be episode 3.


Did it change? I remember it being grey the whole time.


Freya Tingley show anything in No way to live?


She does not.


So nothing on tomorrow's Casual, I assume?


Just some minor Judy Greer sideboob


Thanks for the great news.
Curious how Nathalie looks hotter here than she did 3 years ago.
It usually works the other way around when it comes to naked women.


Looks like Nathalie has bigger breasts and more curves.
Nothing surgical, probably just a little weight gain.
Or it could just be the lighting playing tricks.


Probably because the shots are more lingering and last longer and the scene's much more sexual in nature. Nathalie acting seductive rather than surprised.


What was the brief nudity in the GOT premiere? I didn't notice anything.


Dead body.


How they have sex? Isn't Grey Worm an eunuch? Does Mellisandre ressurect his willie or he only gives oral pleasure?


I'm surprised GoT doesn't go for the obvious shock value of showing Grey Worm's chopped up penis. They should go all out in the final season.


I think it's quite probable that Nathalie Emmanuel can resurrect penises. In fact my I only fear about her nude scene is that I might grow a second one after watching it.


Anything from Maggie Gyllenhaal or Emily Meade in The Deuce.


Recapped way back in January said they (plus lots of other girls) will be naked:


Wow! Looking back at this, surprised how much of it turned out to be true.


Hopefully Kim Director does too. Inside Man was playing on tv today and damn would I like to see what those things look like.


Good to hear. Patiently waiting to hear news of Sophie Turner.