Game of Thrones 703 Nudity Review

On next week’s Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister shows her breasts and ass briefly as she gets out of bed. Of course, this is a body double or special effects of some sort and not Lena Headey. Hopefully tonight’s nude scene with Nathalie Emmanuel will make you less disappointed.

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Why am I getting thumbs down? I'm not bullshitting. I can post a link to the leaked spoilers of the show. EACH one of them has come true so far. Actually fuck it, I'll post it in this. Be warned of spoilers:


Least some of it is true,,...

like :-

Jon meets Dany at E03

Dany is going to Dragonstone first. This will happen at the end of E01.

Euron's fleet destroys Yara's, kills 2 of the Sand Snakes and captures Ellaria. Theon abandons Yara. The ironborn finally lose all respect for him. He has a small reunion scene with Jon. Jon tells him that he won't kill him because he saved Sansa.

so may be .. fingers crossed


Alright, well a lot of people thumbed up my post, so here it is.

And once again, BE WARNED:

Jon and Dany bang. And they bang while the wall falls and is destroyed


I know what the sex scene in the last episode is. It's completely fucked though and I don't wanna ruin the show for anyone. If enough people want me to tell them I'll post it


I'd like to know. I don't watch the show so you wouldn't be spoiling anything for me.


If you don't watch the show, then it wont be shocking to you. It won't even make sense to you. I'll wait for a couple more days and see if i get more thumbs up. If I do, I'll post it


Why is it "of course it's a body double"?

It's not like Lena Headey is afraid to do nudity. Sure, she hasn't done it on Game of Thrones, but she has in the past in other media.


Probably because you haven't seen the scene yet and recapped has.


Elisabeth Moss is topless in a sex scene in eps 5&6 of Top Of The Lake: China Girl


Charlize Theron seduces Sofia Boutella in Atomic Blonde


It's too blurry to be sure, but basically a far away shot of what is probably body doubles?


I don't think so, to far away so probably the "originals"


Any news about The Last Tycoon ? The show starts this friday on Amazon.


Is there a release date for Mobile Homes yet?


Any news about Stana Katic in Absentia?


Finally a scene that rivals Lily James' from The Exception. Recapped was right, Nathalie's body looks even better now than three years ago, and it was a pretty long scene too. The only downside was the lighting.


What's so special in Lily James scene? Boring


I agree. Plus, at least this one, no one claims it's CGI.


MrSkin review says nudity from Hannah Murray in Detroit


"Hannah Murray has her dress torn off by a cop by accident giving us a quick view of her breasts and panties. She covers up with her arms for the new few minutes. "

We'll find out how accurate this is soon enough. Detroit is coming out August 4th.


I googled the real incident, and It's supposed to be a forced to strip scenario. But according to review- Dress torn off by "accident"!


I hope this review is accurate, since Mr Skin tends to exaggerate. It would be nice to see Hannah finally show her boobs after not showing anything on GoT.


yeah hopefully this isnt like the Aubrey Plaza thing where you didnt really see anything


Second half of this year is looking great so dam


wow this might be the best weekend of nudity in 2017. Despite that amazing nude scene from Nathalie Emmanuel, Sheena Sakai had a great nude scene in Power, Dominique Perry barred boobs and ass in Insecure and there is also new nudity in Im Dying Up Here, which i am waiting to watch


oh and Joanna Going shows her breasts in Kingdom, but Ginger Gonzaga only shows her butt and that merging again in I'm Dying Up Here


How about Rihanna in that new Valerian movie? She has such a great ass, hopefully she gives us a look


The best nude scene of the year! Not many other women would stand a chance of taking the title from a woman as lusciously beautiful as Nathalie.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers would be the only possible beauty who could get close but it seems today's post by Recapped almost makes it official. No nude scene from Rosabell this season. Correct, Recapped?


Sure seems that way. The calendar just has 703 and 707 as nudity episodes. Next week is shit and I don't think Bad Poosey makes it to the end.


There's a photo of Rosabell in Kingslanding, captured with her mother and Yara. Hopefully she will have a scene with Euron's men or Cersei. Or even with the mountain. One things for sure, its not gonna be pleasant for these three women.


I know this is a site for nudity news and we all around here are hopeful to see our favorites naked on screen, but still, I find really disturbing that somebody would write "Hopefully she will have a scene with Euron's men or Cersei. Or even the Mountain". Sexual violence is never desirable, nor arousing.


Anything in Twin Peaks?


Any idea who gets naked on tonights Insecure?


Urgh, this proves that the show just needs to show tits, still. I mean, if Lena is against nudity on this show, why still show ''her'' naked?


As I've said before, body doubles are worse than nothing.



she used a double before because 1) she was PREGNANT at the time 2) the church they filmed near wasn't cool with this shit and she didn't want to piss them off 3) she was (understandably) uncomfortable being that naked in front of that many people

they need to use a double again because they already have, and they need to be consistent


She was *not* pregnant at the time. At least not noticeably pregnant. The scene was shot in early October 2014 as per paparazzi pics. She gave birth in early July 2015. That's nine months.


Her being pregnant is the only reason you gave that actually holds up. Church or not, if the body double could do it, she could have done it. And regarding the crowds, if she was uncomfortable that means she was against it.


She showed her tits in Zipper the same year season 5 of GoT came out. She's been nude throughout her career. I imagine getting naked on a closed set for an independent movie is more within her comfort zone than getting naked in front of hundreds of extras outdoors with people snapping photos all over the place.

And now that a woman with a very different body's been her double, she can't really get naked in GoT anymore. The lady nude during the Walk of Shame looks very far from Lena. So for the sake of continuity we get what we get.


The Nathalie Emmanuel nude scene is already out there, ahead of the release... And, holy shit, it is as good as advertised. She looks amazing!


Just for curiosity, out where?


I'd ask whereabouts but I guess I can wait twenty minutes.


What happened to Ivana Baquero in DEMONIOS TUS OJOS?


Great question! I've been waiting for this for months, but can't seem to find anything.

That's the one scene, except there's a moment where the camera pans a little bit lower and you see down to the top half of her butt.


The movie's in film-festival hell, no word on any general release.

I'm also looking forward to Laia Costa and others in "Newness."


Damn, I was hoping for Rosabell and her perfect breasts so much.


This is why you should never believe the rumors and only listen to what recapped says.


wow that sucks, but is it the same body double from her walk of atonement and, also, does Nathalie show ass or bush in her scene tonight


Recapped said "no bottom frontal nudity" so no bush.


I'm pretty sure Rosabell's scene is in 704 but it's not of the list as of now. Curious.


Synopsis highly suggest it will be in episode 3. But who knows.


After sorting through conflicting spoiler reports it now seems most likely the scene will occur in 703 but not as originally described and there will be no nudity. 🙁


If the rumors are true, that may not be possible


The rumors said nothing of Cersei. The rumors were probably bullshit and probably all hope of seeing Sophie Turner is gone.


Well after what happened to Rosa bell's character still a possibility.

And the way little finger looks at Sansa. never know. But u don't expect Sophie to have signed a nude clause contract.


Well Sophie doesn't look as prude like Ms Watson, who knows. Was hoping for littlefinger/Sansa scene... too bad