Game of Thrones 707 Nudity Review

On tomorrow’s Game of Thrones season finale, Emilia Clarke shows her breasts very briefly from the side during some not so epic boatsex.

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Anything in tomorrow's Narcos?


I've been reading the early reviews for The Layover. It sounds like it lives up to its unPC trailer. Here's a quote from one reviewer: "Practically a pro-cheating propaganda piece."


I found a link to Alexandra Daddario's sex scene but have no idea how to post a link or clip here


You have the clip with sound or the gif only?


Clip with sound


I think you could upload to zippyshare and post the link here.

PS: There is a retard votting negative us.


Her clothed sex scene where she looks awful? Pass!


Awful? She looks great.


Where have you been? We're done with that movie now.


Mary-louise Parker should have a sex scene on tomorrow's Mr Mercedes. I don't think Audience Network shows nudity though.


Audience Network aired Rogue which featured frequent nudity from Thandie Newton as well as Ashley Greene's nude debut.


Oh, sweet. I thought it was more like an FX or TNT type of thing. Still wouldn't get my hopes up though.


So is there any full frontal or bush in the deuce? I can't believe they make an hbo show about 70s Porn and there's no bush at all! That's like saving private ryan but nobody dies.


Nope. Only male. HBO sucks. Seriously i prefer that one Comrade Detective female frontal scene than all this HBO topless scenes.


Where, Dave? All I see is tits, tits, tits. There seems to be no male nudity at all in this after episode 1!!!!


Dave is right. TK2012 asked about female full frontal. Dave answered, theres none, only male. Which is true, cause there was male full frontal already, while zero female. Don't twist the questions, or read them better.


So no Kim Director titties? A shame, if so.


Thank you so much Poop! This is beyond amazing. Quick question - are there any good butt shots from any of girls?


This is amazing!
Any chance of dropping/previewing the rest of the Kayla Foster nudity you've got?
One list has her topless in episodes 4, 6, and 7 -
she looks so hot in the one clip you posted so far...
Incredible tits!
(also would love a sneak at the Jamie Neumann scene, supposedly also from episode 7 -
or anything else in those eps that you haven't posted yet 🙂
Thanks for all of these in any case!


Are there any more lesbian scenes?


Thanks! Can we have Margarita from ep. 7 too?


I like how we're just watching, in effect, softcore porn on HBO now.


Hi! Could anyone in the know please tell me if Margarita Levieva gets nude again in episodes 2 or 3 of The Deuce? We now know about episodes 1 and 4. Please just say yes or no, without details, so the wait is easier! I like her so much...


she shows left boob from the side in episode 7


Thank you very much for a quick reply! That are great news that there is more nudity from her! I suppose you know this from leaked episodes. Does anyone know more about episodes 2 or 3? They are my biggest hope for something better, in line with ep. 1. Thanks in advance!


Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones" s07e07


Emilia's Butt > Kit's Butt > Emilia's Boobs.


it's my imagination or we can see a bit of her pussy?


Thanks, but yeah what everyone already said - that "epic" boatsex was pure joke. And I fool dreamed about seeing Emilia's butt again. Oh well maybe Above Suspicion will bring something more - any word about it Recapped?


Verrryyy briefly, indeed 🙁


What if it's with Jorah :-P?


Sounds fine to me. We'll always have Aquaman nailing her doggy-style while her boobs flop around from Season 1.

Any info on a release date for Mobile Homes with Imogen Poots?


I saw pilot of the deuce. My question is, if they can show erect dicks nowadays, prosthetic or not
and blowjobs so why no female genitalia? Not every man in the world prefer boobs over pussy. The joke is HBO even stopped showing female frontals with merkin. What the hell happened with this cable? Look on GOT, nudity in this season is a f**king joke, only one good scene with Missandei.


I recommend movie "The double lover". Great nudity and that vagina scene... wow.


That movie is still in theaters. Comes out on Blu-Ray on September 26th in France!


i know, but maybe someone recorded it xD


Does Kit Harington show his butt?


I was never expecting much Emilia nudity from this scene anyway and don't know why others were.


Of course that counts for nudity in an HBO episode or they're gonna show some cock and balls


LOL. Thanks for info Recapped.


They might be feeling a little stupid after all this hype.


No nipple shown?


Think there is. Otherwise they woulda mentioned no nipple or sideboob only.


Hahaha, f**k HBO.