Girls 601 Nudity Review

The final season of Girls starts strong as Sunday’s season premiere has several nude scenes. The most notable being a lengthy nude scene near the beginning of the episode from Jemima Kirke. We see Jemima’s breasts as she is casually sitting naked on a couch eating ice cream. Later. Jemima gets up and walks across the room completely nude with bush.

Allison Williams also has a sex scene early on but her arms cover everything as usual.

And of course Lena Dunham spends a big portion of this episode naked or having sex. Lena also has a full frontal nude scene towards the middle of the episode as someone comments on her pubic hair.

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If someone is willing to pay $10 to stream this movie Clare Kramer is supposedly topless in it.


I've been looking for this for years now. Thanks.


Brief Nudity (butt) from an extra in Black Sails Season 4 Episode 3. No face is shown. Nothing else of note in the rest of the episode or previews for next week.


Bokeh (2017) trailer is out. There's a shot of Maika Monroe swimming 'nude'. Does anyone know if she shows anything?


Nice! Looking at that trailer I'm saying there's a distinct possibility for some butt, hopefully more.


Ugh @ more gross Lena Dunham nudity. It annoys me that she defends showing her tits in every episode with the "sometimes people are naked deal with it" routine but then they go to such ridiculous lengths to keep Allison Williams and to a lesser extent Zosia Mamet covered up. It's not like it's my right to see those two naked but it's definitely my right to not have to look at Lena Dunham's naked body.


>it's definitely my right to not have to look at Lena Dunham's naked body.

I am sorry that Lena Dunham came over to your house, physically overpowered you, strapped you to a chair, propped open your eyelids, forced you to watch her HBO show, and all just to violate your constitutional right not to see her naked.

I will never understand people who get so upset at things that simply aren't meant for them. If you don't like that show, don't watch that show. It really is as easy as that.


Here's my thing. I'm ok with heavy women showing it and getting some. Nothing against giving some bigger women some self esteem and there are truly some beautiful women out there that are of ample size. The problem with Lena is that she has the opposite of self esteem issues. My problem is that she is the only one of the main cast that is always naked. Thank God for Jemima Kirke, shes a dimepiece. She didn't present any other large women to show off, its. just. her. And she feels that damn near every guy would lay up with her. Ok, I could see Adam being with her, but Patrick Wilson? Come on. And even in real life, she was pushing up on Odell Beckham Jr. as though a New York Giant couldn't land a better woman. Lets be real, the whole show is all about showing her trust fund baby, flabby, unkempt, unattractive, having NO boundaries (talking about molesting her baby sister as a fucking baby.) self looking for someone to question it, then act indignant when called out on it. Just one more season of this self indulgent tripe, and its done.


50 Shades is just a bunch of scenes with Dakota Johnson's tits n butt. She does nothing for me so pretty sucky movie to have to sit through. and no Xander NO MALE NUDITY except the guy's ass briefly once.


Sex scene from Marion cotillard


Marion cotillard


how can I post more than 1 pic in only one post ?


You only have to copy the URL of the pics in the box. Like this:

* I've put a dot between 'p' and 'g' because if not, the URL is taken like and image and I couldn't show you how to do it.

And this is the result:


French Actress Marion COTILLARD (inception, batman the dark night rises) is nude in the movie "From the Land of the Moon" (French: "Mal de pierres").
She has a nude scene in shower, a full frontal but without lot of lights, and a sex scene.
DVD release of the movie is planned Feb 21, in 10 days.