Girls 602 Nudity Review

Next Sunday’s episode of Girls opens with Allison Williams having rough sex with Ebon Moss-Bachrach. Allison’s breasts are in view but she’s clutching them with her arms like every other nude scene she’s ever had. You get brief glimpses of Allison’s breasts between the two pairs of arms but it appears she’s wearing pasties.

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Helena Salazar... (I think I'm in love)


Discovered her in the first episode of Morning Interim -
Plenty of raunchy sex, which includes explicit blowjob and brief 69.
Very worth checking out!


About N. Kidman in BBL : "The mother-of-two spoke candidly about filming sex scenes for Big Little Lies, revealing that a lot of her bruises are not fake.
Nicole, who said she 'felt that the nudity was a part of it,' had to do a shower scene and asked makeup to not cover up her real bruises.
The actress explained: 'It needed to be pretty raw and out there.'

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@loofish would you blow me for this news ? :p


Anything from Elizabeth Olsen in Wind River?


What about Kathryn Newton? Starring in a major, star-studded HBO show like Big Little Lies will give her career a boost. Especially if she does nudity.


You are right, but no one knows the extent of nudity in BLL. The only people confirmed to be nude is Alexander Skarsgard, whos butt is visible a couple of times (no penis this time) and Shailene Woodley, whos breasts are visible (no butt) in episode 3. Even though Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon have sex scenes, we do not know how nude they are in those scenes and whether their breasts, butt and other parts of body are visible. Plus earlier episodes are supposed to have minimal nudity. So GL.


Again, I hope it's not too early to ask about Gillian Jacobs in season 2 of Love.


Recapped, you mentioned before Game of Thrones news coming 'soon'. Anything you can share at this time?


Anything on Alison Brie on that Netflix wrestling show.


Without trying to sound like a broken record...if we can have nudity details for girls episode next sunday..Can we have details for Big Little Lies which also premiers next sunday?


You accomplished the broken record thing many posts of asking this question ago. Nobody is holding out. They'll post the details when they have them.


Any updates on Lauren Lapkus in 'Crashing'?


At this point, it almost seems like they're purposely messing with us in holding back info/confirmation about it.

"It's the news all of you have been asking for in regards to an upcoming HBO show...yes, Allison Williams covered her breasts with her arms again in the next Girls!"