Girls 608 Nudity Review

On the next Girls, Jemima Kirke is topless briefly. And of course Lena Dunham is naked quite a bit.

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Thanks for the warning about Dunham nudity. I will make sure to give this episode a miss.


When is Una coming out?


Does anyone know when Personal Shopper will be available for home release?


Rooney Mara in Una, unfortunately it's censored...


I forgot how great it felt to see a scene so well lit and unobstructed. Such a clear look at her body. Really good.


censored in the movie or just this pic?


Uncensored in the movie. See my review from last year:


Every time Lena Dunham gets naked, somewhere another nude scene dies.


Every time Lena Dunham gets naked, somewhere a guy loses his boner.


Real talk, during sex if I don't want to cum I start thinking of disgusting shit, one of the most successful memories being Lena Dunham playing table tennis in season 2.


Ok, if its early in the session, maybe, but if its been 30 minutes, even Lena Dunham cannot stop the tidal wave for me.


I don't get it. Why would you not want to cum?


Spotted the virgin.


Spotted wrong. To me sex without an orgasm is frustrating and kinda pointless. Not wanting to cum seems really stupid.

However, if Kast actually meant delaying the orgasm (i.e. not wanting to ejaculate prematurely due to genetics or inexperience) then I kinda get it. Then again, thinking about Dunham seems like an overkill that would kill the boner for most men. Hence the confusion.


I meant didn't want to cum that moment as in too soon. Btw you need to watch that scene, it's Dunham naked playing table tennis with a guy that would NEVER fuck her in real life. One of the strangest and most disgusting things I've seen in my life.


Oh yeah, that was some surreal shit. I mean, I get Adam Driver might give her some dick, but fucking Patrick Wilson? Come on bitch, be real. You saw Little Children, and got hot when he and Kate was in the laundry room. And thats what gets me about Dunham, I mean I know people are naked in real life, but playing table tennis nekkid? While he's clothed? Yeah, she just wants to be naked for no reason at all. Its just a stunt. And its not a knock against big women, because there are some sexy ass big women out there, but Dunham is just a huge frump. She doesn't even try and she's at an age now where youth is starting to dissipate. Get to a gym woman, you aren't 22.


Girls is the show of least care or bother about when it comes to nudity