Gloria Bell Review

Julianne Moore has several nude scenes in Gloria Bell but only shows breasts in them. Two of the scenes are before or during sex, while she is just in bed for the other two. The best nude scene is the last one around 87 minutes into the movie where Julianne is just lying on a bed naked.

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Recapped, do you think you'd be able to update the release calendar?

Colette -- Eleanor Tomlinson topless (September 21 limited release)
All About Nina -- Mary Elizabeth Winstead topless (September 28)
A Star Is Born -- Lada Gaga topless (October 4)
The Favorite -- Emma Stone topless (November 23)

I'm sure there's more (like The Deuce, Shameless, and Kidding). It's just convenient to see when nudity is hitting all collected in one place.


Charlie Says (Manson movie starring Hannah Murray, Suki Waterhouse, Sosie Bacon) picked up for 2019 US release - almost certainly before the Tarantino film arrives. Reviews say it has female nudity.


anything on Chloe Grace Moretz in Greta ?


Rated R for some violence and disturbing images.


From the early reviews, it seems at least one of the sex scenes in the “Tell It To The Bees” script made it into the film itself.


Is Holliday Grainger in the sex scene?


Yes, Holliday and Anna - though to be clear it was called a love scene, not specifically a sex/nude scene.


Just Anna Paquin and a hive of bees.


Interestingly, this is from the same director who did the infamous Super Mario movie back in the 90s, plus Max Headroom in the 80s


The actress they cast to play Alex's mom in "We Summon the Darkness" is only 6 years older than her, Unless they rewrote her character as a stepmother, but that would take away the power of a certain thing that happens. They did, however, change her first name.


So who's getting naked in the new Halloween movie? Recapped said Rhian Rees' character takes a shower in the script, but I also heard a rumor that it's Andi Matichak who has the nude scene.


A guy on Reddit who saw it at the Tiff screening said its a flashback of Judith Myers getting killed in the original. Shame, I was foolishly hoping for either Andi or Virginia Gardner.


I knew it was too good to be true that a modern horror film would feature a good old-fashioned nude shower scene.


Yep, nobody has the balls to do something like that now.


Margarita Levieva @ "The Deuce" s02e01


Any extra nudity on this episode? Is it toned down like everything else this year?


There are several more nude scenes in peep show places, on porn sets, and when porn producers are reviewing/cutting film. Breasts and merkins. Nothing rivaling the explicit scenes of last season.


Thanks for the info


Only you could complain about getting another Margarita Levieva nude scene.


I wonder if there's going to be any nudity in the upcoming Jessica Chastain movie "Eve?" The original director had to step down once social media got wind of his past and pointed out Chastain's hypocrisy for working with him.

His script must be pretty damn good for Chastain to still be involved.


I can barely find anything resembling a plot description. I imagine it's too early to know anything about that unless someone has a copy of the script.


Five bidders are circling the Toronto drama “Donnybrook,” Variety has learned. Those in the mix include Lionsgate, Neon and IFC Films. A deal is expected to be reached in the coming days.


Who's naked in that?


Check my comments for the previous post. Margaret Qualley is going all in. Allegedly.