GLOW 101 Nudity Review

By now you’ve probably heard that Alison Brie does her first nude scene ever in GLOW so here are the long awaited details. Early on in the series premiere, Alison shows her breasts and ass from the side as she changes out of her leotard while talking to Betty Gilpin in a locker room.

A little later, Alison is naked while riding someone cowgirl style. Again, we see Alison’s breasts and part of her ass but from the opposite side this time. Also, this scene is somewhat dark while the first nude scene was well lit. The camera then switches to the front and we see Alison’s breasts briefly as she bends down and tells her lover to hush.

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What happened to this scene? Is this in the season opener still?


That's very obviously not Alison Brie.


Does anybody know, what is the name of the girl?


My prediction is that these scenes will be nothing-burgers.

The pics we've already seen demonstrate that Alison seems to be going for the "technically nude, but not so you can see anything" approach. Why else would the only time we see her breasts from the front be when she bends forward to speak to her lover? I call bullsh*t.

It's disappointing that so many actresses are incapable of doing a proper nude scene these days. It's all ridiculous lighting and weird angles and merkins.

I would bet that the only Alison "nudity" we see will be these poor quality scenes in the pilot, as they need some kind of press buzz to promote the series.


Yeah, the nerve of those actresses not giving us gratuitous nudity to masturbate over! Who do they think they are? We have needs? Selfish, animalistic needs that they owe to us to satisfy!


All hail Sir Von Raschke, the White Knight of the Realm of Recapped!


Can we not do this again?


Nina Dobrev in Flatliners ?


She (well, her character) had a shower scene in the original script but it was removed in later revisions, so probably unlikely.


How did you find the original script?


I hope we get a good (well lit) frontal view of Alison's nipples, otherwise it can't be in contention for nude scene of the year. That so far belongs to Lily James for The Exception.


Lily James nude scene of the year? LOL. What about India Hair in Staying Vertical or Natalie Krill in Below Her Mouth?


Nude Scene of the Year isn't just about nudity. There are plenty of other much more explicit nude scenes out there. It's also about the actress. Lily James was fairly famous from being Cinderella and this was also her nude debut. India who? Natalie who?


You are weird guys. "Nude scene of the year isn't just about nudity" LOL. "It's like jerking off to the nipple". For me these girls are superior and very brave. I respect them. Lily James? Who is Lily James...? Nothing special for me.


If I want long, well-lit nudity, I can get free porn. So yeah, it is about more than just nudity.


Just to prepare you for disappointment: the second scene isn't really frontal, it's only a second or two and its particularly dark down by the nipples, so you'll see next to nothing. The real nudity is all from the side, fwiw. Still fun!


Any LQ caps/vid you can share of that? ???? I'm happy to be disappointed.


Anybody got video/caps of Zoe Lister Jones in Band Aid? Got released on VOD a few days ago.


Only a LQ cam copy


May I ask where you got the cam vid and/or the cap?


the 1st scene of alison was posted here as screepcap...can anybody have the 2nd nude scene(screencap) of alison from GLOW ?


That sounds amazing, thanks for the details. Any chance Sunita Mani will have a nude scene later in the series?


Have the press screeners for Gypsy been released yet?


Let's hope Betty Gilpin goes naked too later, she has spectacular breasts.


The frontal shot during the sex scene sounds nice. Not all slight side views.


Ha! June Fools! Good one, recapped!


This is relevant to my interests.


I'll be in my bunk.


Speaking of Betty Gilpin does she get naked at all in GLOW? Her tits were amazing in Nurse Jackie so it'd be a hell of a missed opportunity for this new show not to include them.


That's disappointing if true.


Recapped, any chance of a half year preview on multiple movies/TV shows? You did one at the start of the year, which was awesome. An update would be great!


Band Aid is out on Demand. Anybody got some pics or video of Zoe Lister Jones?


It's times like this I really do envy you industry insiders. Any speculation about release date?


Do you have the video for this?


Who is this? It won't let me zoom in enough to get a good view


Ophelia Lovibond in Gozo. Is there a vid?!


any info on who's nude in Casual 307?


Probably Nadine Nicole


I believe Recapped will post review next week before episode will air - in my opinion there's no need of asking that questions all the time if the title is in Recapped calendar.


Fantastic, thanks for review!


thanks a lot recapped 😀 . Quick question,is this the only episode she will nude in? thanks


I believe it's been confirmed ( by the leaker of that first LC screen cap) that the first episode features all of Alison Brie's nudity for the season.


Yep, her only nude scenes of the season.


So it's really not worthy of nude scene of the year. It's only worth mentioning that it's Alison Brie.


Is it true Kate Nash (Rhonda) is topless too?


Yes, episode 4 I believe.