Godless Nudity Review

Michelle Dockery makes her nude debut in Godless which is up on Netflix on Wednesday.

According to MK, Michelle is topless in episode 4. The scene is well lit but is a bit unpleasant. In episode 6, Michelle is briefly topless in a dark barn but there is some makeup involved.

Also believe Christiane Seidel is naked in a couple of episodes.

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Anne Friel and Louisa Krause have their best lesbian sex scene in the new episode of The Girlfriend Experience and Louisa has two other scenes. Also, Catriona Balfe shows her breasts on Outlander as she takes it in the ass.


I thought the calendar was such a great addition to the website. That it'd bring teases and sneak peeks. Such a shame it's been left barely touched.


Toni Collette is full frontal nude in French movie Madame (2017).


Good scene? Full bush, shaved, merkin?


Caps of Esther Garrel in Call me by your name?


lola kirke is topless in 2 scenes in Active Adults


Does anyone have caps or clips from Surrogate? It's TV series from Blackpills app.



Someone was also asking for this earlier, so here is the M3U8 list for the episodes in A Girl Is A Gun:

E1 9e1b3c2657a936f4e3d694d83211f650
E2 9be9ae8217ea26ea601c7e0f3f3a3f4c
E3 81f2537ca0cc4b1535cf459b17e01071
E4 c2e8ba82c147858eccc4073c81547102
E5 2dce3bbfef8f94e176aa3fe8c5a58e9f
E6 57278dd14f6aa8bf6b03946f49b513e5
E7 6458349c16fd8c965cc11d727d6ce409

Video (Format "https://e-cdn-stream.blackpills.com/stream/#####/hls/vid_1080_6000_index.m3u8", insert numbers in place of "#####")

Audio (Format "https://e-cdn-stream.blackpills.com/stream/#####/hls/aud_1_index.m3u8", insert numbers in place of "#####").

Merge video/audio .ts files with VLC/Video DownloadHelper, convert audio files to .m4a, and merge all with FFMPEG or your favorite muxing utility.


sorry for being less than competent here but can someone please explain how to make this work to someone who has no clue about any of this at all?


it's not working , I just like to know if denise richards has a nude scene or not ?


I'll save you some time.

No, Denise Richards is NOT nude.


It is working. Just play the m3u8 link with the episode in MPC. I'm providing you with the tools. Not going to scour all of the videos for one specific actress.

Happy Turkey Day though.


So is anyone going to tell us what nudity there is, if any, or is it like a guarded secret reserved for the chosen few that have put in their own work, like a nudity version of scientology?


Here's the M3U8 list for the episodes in Surrogate:

E1 3408d4d4f5e523f3b2844a38c576d542
E2 247ff016295a2f2c8da645cc17a8232c
E3 41e5be258b140f5b5c1145e51b7c28c5
E4 2b5da6ff485f4abc6331d99a6ca95634
E5 3cb4e2fafa64fd42d9aa0535969510cc
E6 39990157688421aad36add017959825b
E7 1e12e3871c786f4d6c9e45a320519b2d
E8 0b6b6671b42daf04d064cafbaa2d8d04
E9 e9e89bbef8024d2f3c7591f23e479a87

Video (Format "https://e-cdn-stream.blackpills.com/stream/#####/hls/vid_veryhigh_index.m3u8", insert numbers in place of "#####")

Audio (Format "https://e-cdn-stream.blackpills.com/stream/#####/hls/aud_1_index.m3u8", insert numbers in place of "#####").

Merge video/audio .ts files with VLC/Video DownloadHelper, convert audio files to .m4a, and merge all with FFMPEG or your favorite muxing utility.


thanks it's working for me , where can I get more M3U8 episode lists from blackpills?
till now I have found here only episodes from A Girl Is A Gun, Exposed, Surrogate, Virgin.


It's a little complicated. You have to run an Android emulator with Lollipop support, and while watching the Blackpills episodes, simultaneously run a packet sniffer program. Lots of trial and error finding the right .m3u8 files that point to the right video resolution.

As such, I can only be bothered to do this for those 4 shows at the moment (until something else new comes along). Ms. Leeming was very worth it though 🙂


Funtimez! You're the most underrated commenter on this site ?
Care to shed any more light on that Android emulator w/ lollipop support info? I would love to contribute in gathering up other shows' m3us


Thanks, if you find and share more shows links with female nudity here at recapped I and may be many others will be happy to download 😉

I used youtube-dl to download the videos and (i stil have to find the time) ffpmeg to merge with the audio.


By the way, you might be pretty interested in Episode 6 😉


Episode 6 was awesome. So is episode 7. One short scene in Ep 2 (bottomless) too. Great nudity!


Instructions for viewing and saving the episodes!


to watch the video (but no sound), take the base URL and replace the xxxx with the correct number,
go to VLC, Open Network Stream, Network tab, paste that URL in and Play.


LOL .. share some pics or clips.. as I don't even know how to watch it ...


Who is nude in it?


Does South Korean actress & singer Nana get naked in The Swindlers?


DeWanda Wise & Ilfenesh Hadera in "She's Gotta Have It" s01e04



Can confirm nudity from Ilfenesh Hadera in She's Gotta Have It in a girl-on-girl scene with the lead who is also nude. While she's fully nude, you only see her boobs and it's pretty brief shots so it's not mindblowing, but you can tell it's her. She's got a nipple piercing.

Episode 4 is what you're looking for and it's near the beginning.


Anything from Kim Director?


Wouldn't that be a shame if after showing nothing in the Deuce, she shows nothing in this? Ah well. We can only pray.


Doesn't look like it.


Lisa Vicari in Dark?


Or Antje Traue for that matter?
She was in the trailer & was previously on the cast list but suddenly was whiped off all cast list for the show.
She stated excitement for the role in a interview so I doubt it's one so miniscule as to be thrown out.
My hope is that she is the killer/kidnapper.


Easy season 2 goes up on Netflix December 1st. That's just nine days away! Any word on Aya Cash nudity? Or anyone else?


We know that Micucci and Akerman are reprising their roles. Hopefully they’ll reprise their nudity as well.


Also Aubrey Plaza. Wonder if she'll get naked now that she took the plunge in The Little Hours.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel premieres Nov. 29 and I hope there will be more nudity from the lead actresses. Her tits in the pilot were amazing. Hopefully it is not like some other Amazon shows where the nudity disappears after the pilot.


Lucky even if they have it in the pilot, they try to copy HBO with signature style.


Gone are the days of Basic Instinct, Spartacus , Blue is the Warmest color and the likes ....

🙁 🙁


To be honest, films like Blue is the Warmest Color and Below Her Mouth are too much like pornography to be of much interest to me. Like, I can get porn for free whenever I want. These quasi-pornographic lesbian romances just don't do it for me.

Bring on the downvotes.



Lea Seydoux & Adele Exarchopoulos goin down on each other ??? .... IF THAT DOESN'T DO IT FOR YOU .... Then you need to have yourself check .... mate ....


Except the trailer for the new movie by the director of Blues is the Warmest Color came out two days ago and looks equally explicit...


Below Her Mouth was released earlier this year and is more explicit than any of those. Give me a break. Stop trolling.


The writer/director of Godless said it's a limited series. That means we most likely won't get a second season of Michelle Dockery. Shame but maybe she'll be open to doing nudity elsewhere.


Nude debut!!! Hahaha, breasts!!! I'm masturbating right now!!! I'm doing it everytime I go to beach when I see all the women topless!!!


I think Dave’s gotten this way because of the overwhelming negativity with which any commentary on the state of nudity is received on this site. Simply pointing out apparent trends and offering explanations gets met with massive downvotes and non-sequitors like, “You’re not entitled to nudity.”


Recapped, please can you ban him? At this point he's nothing more than spamming troll, that irritates everyone.


I disagree, every time censorship is introduced in a site it ruins it because *certain* people then want more and more of it. I wouldn't object though to a system that hides messages that are below 10 downvotes for example.


free speech

(even if he is being a dick)


Dude, I partly agree with you that the feminist loons are ruining everything including celebrity nudity but don't you think your whining has gotten a little annoying now? We got it the first few times, now you're like the old man yelling at clouds. Moreover demanding from every actress to show her vagina is a little entitled to say the least. Please stop now, even if there were people agreeing with you you've lost them 30 rants ago.


I presume you regard women who are clamouring for more frontal male nudity as equally 'entitled' - right?


just curious, when you say the feminists loons are ruining celeb nudity, how so? what do you mean? thanks.


You have to have your head in the sand not to notice it. It's not just nudity, any type of feminine sex appeal in entertainment will often get criticized. Just this last week for example there was a controversy about the Amazon women in Justice League's outfits being too skimpy and numerous articles written about it.


You guys need to chill out a bit. It's called Hysteria. It will pass. Batshit crazy radicals are not going to tell Starz, HBO, Showtime, or anyone else what to make and how to make it. They may dial it back for a year or two, but that's it. It will pass!

Did you know this same kind of shit was occurring in the 1980s? Women in New York were literally protesting in the street against.. yes, sex and nudity in movies and TV, female objectification, blah, blah. Not only didn't it last, but whole decade of the 1980s were probably the most liberal stretch of years ever in terms of T & A in American movies.


I'll add this too.. where are you reading that people are criticizing Game Of Thrones, Califonication, etc? On social media? Huffington Post maybe? None of that is a sampling of what our culture wants and expects. It's just a soundboard for really, really stupid people spouting utter nonsense. They are too dumb to think that if you criticize female objectification, you must also criticize male objectification. They are actually too stupid to realize what they are calling for is the end of sexuality in our culture. They DON'T want this and it will not happen. They are just dumb people. Welcome to modern feminism. Modern, 3rd wave feminism is one of the most thoughtless and pointless cultural movements ever in this country. It will be seen as such in the coming years.

Anyway, most women are NOT feminists and are not radical in their views about nudity in movies and TV.


You would have to believe that HBO, Showtime, and anyone else who does nudity, is doing it because they are forcing it upon an audience that doesn't want it. This, of-course, is nonsense. If most people in the country didn't want to see nudity, it wouldn't exist in entertainment. Plain and simple. BOTH men and women like watching nudity and there are tons and tons of women, yes, even after Weinstein, who will have no problem doing it. Chill guys... chill.


Shows like Californication are now considered sexist and primitive. Shows like GoT are CONSTANTLY being targeted by these sex negative geniuses (sex being one of many reasons actually).


He is trolling. Don't engage.


Emilia Clarke Above Suspicion? Any info greatly appreciated.


This might not mean anything but Emilia recently gave an interview talking about her nude scenes to a magazine and in the article they mention shes doesnt have any in her next two movies. Which are Above Suspicion and Star Wars. This wasnt a quote from her though just something they said, though its possible they asked her and just didnt feel the need to quote her.


Good to know. Thanks for the info. One review of the screening says something about "hot car sex" so I was being optimistic. Although the interview only states "neither of these parts requires Clarke to talk about dragons and nudity." That doesn't mean that she isn't nude though. Link to the interview: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/a13586407/emilia-clarke-interview/


Katee Sackoff has a fairly good sex scene in the series finale of Longmire.
Some nice boob squeeze. No direct nudity tho.
NOTE - Scene is basically a spoiler for the whole series, so if you ever want to watch the show consider ignoring this scene until you do.
Good show, similar to Justified.


What!?!? Only boobs? No macro shots of her labia?? Fucking PC crowd ruining film. Making me see penises - which I must secretly crave and hate myself for. I love the labia!


Btw Azeri - you clearly can't read. If you could you would have noted that martiangod stated 'no direct nudity'. So it's not a case of 'only boobs' and more a case of 'not even boobs'. Nice attempt at humour though. Well done you.


Oh well, this happens when you run out of valid reasoning. We get it, you can't understand what we are talking about, (even tho it was written pretty simplified many times). It's sad, sometimes its just above you. You can try reading them again slowly, paying attention to the words, or just give up and stay silent. I'm glad I could help. 😉


Why do you want to start this repetitive debate again?


Couldn't help it.
But yeah, let's not do this again.
Shutting up now.


Well I'm not finished. Still waiting for that list of '101' films containing female full frontal nudity Darkstar.


Oh boy. That is golden. Snatched? Alien Covenant? Logan? Voice from the Stone? Fist Fight? The Zookeeper's Wife? Care to point out the full frontal female nudity in any of those films mate? And how the hell did your post get upvoted, when it's clearly all sorts of wrong? The male feminists are clearly out in force ...


I know it's quite old by now, but anyone has screen caps or videos of Adèle Exarchopoulos in Racer and the Jailbird? Can't seem to find anything online. Thanks!


It was released in Belgium on October 4th. France on November 1st. So it's early days and a home or VOD release is still some ways off.


Thanks for the info Basher !


I was thinking Michelle Dockery was one of those Game of Thrones chicks and had already gotten naked,


Any word if Frankie Shaw gets naked again on smilf?


anything on she's gotta have it?


Thank you MK and recapped for the info.


Anything from Samara Weaving in SMILF??


Nothing. All the future episodes contain only penises and balls.


Ban this troll.


Pointless. Anyone banned could re-register in about a minute. Should just remove the whole comments section. Nothing useful gets posted here anyway - it’s just become, to paraphrase a great man, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.


What? No way. People post great gifs here all the time and occasionally break some news.


How about you ignore his comments. Alternatively you could just stop visiting this page. How about it?


btw my c.o.mmets are m.o.d. e r ated out completey, and they never appear. So this s. it e went down to the bottom.