Gypsy 107 Nudity Review

After many episodes of will they or won’t they, Sophie Cookson and Naomi Watts finally have sex in episode 7 of Gypsy. Near the end of the episode, Sophie straddles Naomi and removes her top, revealing Naomi’s breasts. Then they work together to remove Sophie’s top and Sophie’s left breast is shown briefly. Note that the scene is dark so it is shadowy left breast but at least there’s no pasties or anything on. There’s another look at Naomi’s breasts as the camera switches to a first person view while Sophie works to remove Naomi’s pants. The camera switches back to the side and pans over to show that Sophie’s pants are already off and you can see part of her ass. Then there’s a peek at Naomi’s right breast as Sophie nibbles on her neck before the scene ends.

This is the last episode with nudity unless we missed something. Sophie is topless during a dream sequence in episode 9 but nothing can be seen really. Lots of pokies from both Sophie and Naomi throughout that episode. Erin Neufer has a sex scene in episode 8 but again you can’t see much. And there are several other non nude sex scenes throughout the other episodes.

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South Korean actress Sulli made her nude debut in the movie Real. Does anybody have caps or clips?


ok so Naomi Watts shows he breasts and Sophie Cookson obviously shows breasts and ass, but the scene was very underwhelming. It seems like a terrible show too so don't be surprised if they cancel it.


Sorry but no. Since you can't see Sophie's nipple(s), she's not really topless and she doesn't show her ass either cause butt crack is not nudity. The only one who gets naked on this show is Naomi.


You don't even hardly see Sophie's breast, just a shadow. And there is NO topless Sophie dream sequence in ep.9 unless I missed something as I skimmed thru it. VERY DISAPPOINTING.


screencap or clip ?


I'm happy with any Sophie, even shadowy Sophie

Gif (not my work - credit to the creator)


Sense8 coming back next year with a 2 hour special


really? i thought netflix was against that.


Any information on when body of deceit is out


In the trailer of Abstentia, We see the breast of Stana Katic at the end!!! It's fast but there will be nudity and sex with Stana!! Yes!!!


Good news, when is the show supposed to premiere?


The first link I saw was clearer!!!


Good news about Stana Kutic. I'm hoping for something from her co-star Cara Theobold.


Super excited! Not only is Stana gorgeous, she can act and the show looks great!


All videos have been delated.


Yep..we are getting boobs..Hopefully more than that though..That was a bit too shadowy and dark


If you screenshot it and brighten it up at the right moment you can make out a nipple 🙂 but its a bit blurry


I'll take anything from Stana though I'm hoping for more as well. She isn't shy if the part calls for it. Haven't had a good ass shot since she was in 24 so fingers crossed for that!


Anyone has Dismay (2016) with Nathalie Hart? Can't watch/download it in my area.
Here's the link:
Hope someone can share it. Thanks in advance!


And can you give me the link


Any information where I can watch body of deceit


where i get the full movie?


Could you post a link to the clip from where this gif comes from, cause it's not from the video link posted above. She doesn't wink in that one and the quality seems to be better here.


Body double? I have my doubts... When we see her body, there isn't a clear shoot of her face.


oh lord.. thanks
any more gif/video wapbytes?


got any link for full movie ?


also, there's a sex scene of Gwen Zamora and a nude scene of Annicka Dolonius in Apocalyse Child.
Watched it in the cinema last year, it's an independent film with good narrative and cinematography.
Here's the link :


it's not available in india also...hope someone get access to the movie n share the clips..


Thanks for the update! Wish there was more from Sophie but its better than nothing. When you say that you see part of her ass, is it from the side? (Hope not) or from the back and you see top half? Also, do Sophie & Naomi have several non-nude sex scenes or were you referring to Naomi & her husband?


wish there was more but sounds pretty awesome


Mmmmm lesbians. Here's hoping for more nudity in season 2.