Harlots 102 Nudity Review

Near the beginning of the 2nd episode of Harlots, Holli Dempsey wakes up with her right breast out.

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Not sure if anyone cares, but Kate Del Castillo just made what I would argue is her actual nude debut in the new Netflix Original Latin Show "Ingobernable".

Brief nipple during a bath sex scene in what I think is episode 11 but the real scene to look for is at 28:00 during episode twelve. Well lit, can clearly see both her breasts, albeit from the side, but it does show her face as well so it's clearly the real deal.

Also a bit of nudity from random other Latina actresses in the show. Worth checking out.

I'm literally terrible with computers, so please don't ask me to upload pics or vids. I'm sure they'll be up soon anyways if you don't have Netflix. But come on, who doesn't have Netflix nowadays?


I was looking for it all day long.. ????????????


Forgot to mention, the main issue with the scene in episode 12 is that it keeps switching between the sex scene and other scenes throughout. Watch all the way through to the credits if you want to see everything.


Can someone who has Harlots post the caps?


Obvious body double is obvious


I have to respectfully disagree. Comparing her underwear scenes from It Follows, she has a very specific body type that would not be nearly so easy to body double. You can see pretty clearly in her waste that its the same body.


Is this from the trailer or is it everything in the film?


trailer only shows her bare back


Meh for the actress and meh for the scene. By the way, thanks for the update.

Anything of Reese Witherspoon in next episode of Big Little Lies?


Literally nothing in tonights episode of BLL. HBO execs must have all gotten together and decided to use content advisory system to pull a nudity bait and switch. How far does Nuditygate extend? Is nothing sacred anymore??


Well, there was nudity - Alexander showed his (probably fake) penis.


I think she's one of those actresses where you wonder where she's been hiding them all this time. I know I'm looking forward to this, anyway.