Harlots 104 Nudity Review

Holli Dempsey continues to be the only main castmember on Harlots who gets naked. This time, Holli shows her breasts briefly while washing herself.

This episode should be available online in the UK early next week or on Hulu in the US on April 19.

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According to Kirsten Dunst, she has sex scene with Collin Farrel in The Beguiled. Previously, Elle Fanning has also said that there is lot of sex in the movie. I guess, this more or less confirms sex scenes by both, no word on nudity though there is talk of ripping clothes (google) , so hopefully there will be also be plenty of nudity. Now i hope Nicole Kidman also has sex scenes in this and is nude. So far no word on Kidman getting nude or her sex scenes in 'The Beguiled'.


Elle never specifically said SHE has sex in the film though, just that there's lots in general


Yeah right. It would be devastating if Kidman, one of the most nudity friendly star, does not have a solid nude scene and a solid sex scene in this, considering the theme in general.


Alison brie. That's all I'm gonna say. Confirm or deny. Don't leave us hanging man!


We should start taking bets


It was an April Fools joke. Brie is never getting naked. Dream on...


If it were an April Fools joke, why would the site risk its reputation for having such a reliable track record by not confirming it as such?

This is directed at GaryG for what it's worth.


To be fair, Recapped was famously wrong about Miley Cyrus releasing an R-Rated music video for "Wreckingball" with her nudity intact. The date it was posted along with the show associated (a comedy about women's wrestlers in the 80's) and the prior misfire regarding Cyrus warrants at least a little bit of healthy skepticism.


That's not being fair, that's comparing oranges with apples. I don't recall that Miley report. That you have to go to back several years ago to pick up a reason to justify your scepticism is quite telling. It could have been posted by a commenter (do you remember the mess that the forum section used to be. with basically everybody signed "Anonymous"?) or you could be misremembering the wording of the report, maybe wasn't as definitive as you thought to be, or maybe you are confused with another site, since a search for Miley Cyrus here doesn't show anything related to Wrecking Ball...

But more importantly, even if you are right, you'd be pointing to a mistake, a wrong prediction, not to a deliberate false report posted to serve as a joke. As I said, apples and oranges.


Here is this post: http://www.recapped.com/celebrity-nudity-rumors-september-3, but it was taged rumors. Alison case is totally different.


Skimmed that link and there are lots of warnings that that was not the final cut and there's a chance the nude parts could be cut out. Does anyone doubt that there is an earlier version with more nudity?


Why you guys still don't believe that?


Because of when it was posted, the phrasing that makes it sound like a 4chan troll post, the fact she's got a (probably undeserved rep as a dodger).

I don't really care either way but I can see why people are a bit suspicious and unbelieving.


Because we still haven't seen those boobies 😉


Any early Game of Thrones rumors?


The entire season storyline has already been leaked.
Google for it if you don't care about spoilers.


Last year and 2 years ago, most of storylines also "leaked" and in the end it turned out to be not true.


Have nudity details been leaked in those spoilers?


I do care about spoilers, just not nudity spoilers lol.

Hoping for Jessica Henwick. I'd say Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams but that's not happening. I'd love an Emilia Clarke or Nathalie Emmanuelle sex scene too, although just nudity wouldn't be disagreeable.


Have you read them? I don't want to know the entire plot, just the rumors/spoilers that pertain to nudity.