High Life Review

Around 38 minutes into Claire Denis’ High Life, Juliette Binoche is nude while she rides some odd futuristic sex toy. The scene is edited pretty weird so we only get glimpses of Juliette’s breasts and butt. There is also a bit of bush in one shot as we see a closeup of Juliette’s scar.

Mia Goth is also topless but her chest is covered in milk around 73 minutes into the film.

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This was posted back in July.


I appreciate it when people post videos, pics, etc... but is it really that hard to actually let us know who or what we're looking at? Not all of us on here can figure it out


Thats Aya Wolf from her own short movie MIA


Some real "art" right here 😉


Fucking hell, that has livened up my Sunday.


I saw that short film a while ago...really hot but still really befuddles as to what decisions made them go "Let's tweak this ever so slightly so it's not just fancy porn" lol. Plus it's listed as documentary and is 100% not a documentary.


that's intense!


Does anyone have
Teresa Ruiz nude scene in here on earth S01E03 in HD.
I Found one But video is not so clear..


According to matthew srilanka movie released. Any news ?


Only side boob from what I read,so nothing like clear nudity


Some caps plz!


Clique S2E3 should have "some sexual content". Any news?


Synnove Karlsen sex scene - don't think there was any nudity


Another "non nude sex scene"? Pffff...


Thanks, but it's quite disappointing, considering the Season 1.


Still no Emma Stone.. ?


Searchlight opens The Favourite in four theaters Friday: The Landmark and Arclight in Los Angeles along with Lincoln Square and Union Square in New York. The title then will head to seven more cities November 30 while expanding a bit in New York and L.A. to 35-40 cities. By December 14, The Favourite will be in between 600-700 going into the Christmas holiday.

So it's only in a few theaters for now. Goes wide in three weeks.


Who wants to go watch the movie and do the recording? I'll pay the popcorn.^^


This is a long shot, and a long read (sorry) but has anyone heard anything about this movie: https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/11/blind-items-revealed-10-anniversary.html?m=1

I’m assuming it’s dead, but it sounds amazing!


"The producers got the best director (A lister who had a very good 2017/Christopher Nolan) for this project"

That's where I stopped reading. Sounded like fishy fan-fic already till then and that is just a straight forward BS line.

Maybe, just maybe, some of that sounds reminiscent of Tarantino's new flick but nah.


The blinds on this site have lately taken a turn for the outlandish, and the guy who was the source for this is a con artist who poses as Robert Downey Jr's friend, or sometimes even as Downey himself.
Besides, Christopher Nolan is quite noticeable for his cold, carefully composed style that would never work with a film about porn.


This sounds like fan fiction to me. Would be great if it was true though.


A bit OT:
I notice when actresses talk about nudity they're done, it's usually either the "it was so freeing" card or they try to explain why they thought it necessary to the plot. Alex has one of the funniest (intentionally or not) I've ever heard during some Q&A: "I had to get naked in order to leave no doubt in the audience's mind that Woody was cheating on his wife." Gee, if that's all it takes, you'd think she'd get naked a lot more.


In truth I bet a lot of them would say "I decided to do a nude scene because I was about to lose my SAG insurance due to not meeting the minimum days worked requirements."


Thought it was also Weinstein made me do it


You might be surprised. The fucker had no problem cutting out Alice Eve's major full frontal nudity in Crossing Over at her request.


Harvey and Ray Liotta got to see it so they're satisfied, unfortunately


And if she had that kind of leverage over Harvey...there's probably a reason why. So whether we ever see scene or not, he'd already gotten what he wanted.


Except that’s not the reason why. I posted an interview with the director a few posts back where he explained that Harvey wanted 20 mins cut from the movie (including reducing the sex scenes to post coital stuff and yes the full frontal) to improve test screening scores. It worked. The numbers went from the 70s to the 90s.


This "Alice Eve banged the producer to have her sex scenes cut" talk has to stopped. Weinstein is an awful person but he was also good at his job, and cutting an explicit sex scene from a movie about immigration laws sounds like a decision a good producer could make. No need to drag Eve's name in the dirt for it.


What makes more sense — Eve agreed to the sex and nude scenes, shot them and then weeks if not months later decided she was uncomfortable with the sex and only some of the nudity? So she slept with Harvey to remove some of it but not all?

OR did three test screen audiences of a few hundred average Americans decide there was too much nudity and Ray Liotta’s sex face than what they’d like in their Harrison Ford movie?



There’s the full post with all of the director’s comments.


Paula Beer and Saskia Rosendahl in Never Look Away(Werk Ohne Autor)?


I watched the movie last month and both go full frontal in several scenes.


I like how the latest nude scenes are posted on here every Friday.


Pimp is out, and it looks like nothing was changed after Lee Daniels became the producer, since recapped's review was pretty spot on.

Haley Ramm & Keke Palmer



so much .... NOTHING ....


Well, probable Haley Ramm nipple at 40sec. Circular dark spot, right size for a nipple. In other shots, looks like she may be wearing pasties. We also see a clear shot of tape covering the crotch. We don't know how many takes, shots & recuts went into this footage. All we have is, there's little for us to see, through most of it, except for this one dimly lit nipple, apparently.


Well folks, with any luck, we'll have something good from Emma Stone within 24/48 hours.


Easy boys, let's not get too excited and keep our expectations level headed...


My dick is ready.


My dick has been ready since 2007


Yeah it was Superbad for me also.


Easy A for me!


Isabelle Chester is topless about 55 minutes into Threesomething


Isabelle Chester in Threesomething (2018)



Is Robert Pattinson naked in this too?


As her quote regarding the non-nudity has been posted a few times, here's the end result:

Florence Pugh - The Little Drummer Girl




I'll never understand this kind of scenes...


Someone posted a quote about her nudity in this show? I never saw such a thing... I swear


I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this but Penelope Mitchell has several sex scenes in Between world's . Also naked butt while in front of mirror and see through wet clothing. She's wearing pasties unfortunately. And it's mostly side boob during the sex scenes .


Yep. Posted af while ago.


Nathalie Emmanuel and Jennie Jacques have been cast in Hulu’s reimagined series of Four Weddings & A Funeral. Nudity is probably unlikely but there’s a chance.


The movie didn’t have nudity so I wouldn’t expect the show to either.


isn't binoche like 80


Well she's younger than me, at a risk of saying too much. Most of us who'd flock here like a nude debut at any age more than repeaters. So there's that. I liked Andie MacDowell's even tho she really crossed the line years ago, we know, we've seen. Now it's out there, public, known to the unclued. Kids know stuff cuz the net. As for the thrill of looking at a wrinkly beauty, you don't have to love it on its own, to like it for its implications.


Hate to break it to you: but this is not Binoche's nude debut. Far from it.


Sorry, I do apologize for being literate. Able to read & write. When I said "So there's that", I meant this not being her 1st nudity, not by a long shot, which everyone here knows (presumably), I'm not too excited by "repeater" Binoche naked yet again. But age itself isn't the only factor. Other examples of older women doing nudity, like Charlotte Rampling & recently Cyndy Preston, women who were high beauties & still so "for their age", again, some of the magic is gone. I still appreciate their contributions because it normalizes nudity as art, as a tool for art. That said, I thank you for reminding me that most of us here are shallow readers. Also, a lesson to me not to forget Poe's Law. Irony's a lost cause.


Now, we may have to talk to him about Santa Claus...