Imogen Poots Nude in Frank & Lola

Frank & Lola is available in theaters and on demand Friday and here’s Imogen Poots nude right from the beginning of the movie. If only all movies started like this.

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Any news about ‘Personal Shopper’ VOD release date?


I think it's March 10. Not sure why the December 14th date was toted around, it's pretty worthless to those not in Belgium.


OMG OMG OMG March 10!!!!!

holy shit that's really pathetic....Waiting for another three months.


Any news about Lily James in 'The Exception'?


There's an earlier nudity review here. It's good, but although the movie's been acquired by a distribution company, there's no scheduled release date.


So... is personal shopper coming out this week, any news?


Its out in theatres tomorrow in France and Belgium. VOD release isn't until next year.


So basically that date of December 14th that has been the target all along is useless and we won't see anything until March 10th?


Might get a few leaks, but not anything of quality I imagine.


Any nudity info in the man in the high castle season 2 ?


You have the Netflix series The OA on the Calendar for December 16 and have Paz Vega listed. Is it confirmed that she is and/or she's the only one that's naked? Is there nothing from Brit Marling?


Any idea who gets naked on Shameless tonight?


Shanola Hampton briefly topless near the end of the episode. And some random naked extras in a hotel room, passed out after an orgy.


Since it's been a while since I asked, any nudity coming from Gillian Jacobs or Brie Larson?


And any news regarding #sixseasonsandamovie?


is this the only nude scene from her in this movie?


WOW! Thanks for the download link.

Turns out 2016 was an amazing year for nudity

First time Yvonne Strahovski, Ellen Page (double debut!), Ashley Greene, Morgan Saylor, Imogen Poots,

Amazing nudity by Malin Akerman (3 some with Kate Micucci), Olivie Wilde, Riley Keogh, Thandie Newton, return of Emilia Clarke, Andrea Riseborough, return of Lizzy Caplan, Sasha Alexander, Jodi Balfour, Rose McGowan leak, Jodi Balfour

I'm sure I'm missing someone but that just goes to show what a year it was. Hope 2017 is better starting with Kristen Stewart and Tatiana Maslany.


I got to disagree. I found this year to be yet another year of very disappointing nudity. Very little quality nudity, those who got nude weren't A-list, some no one wanted to see naked (Ellen Page, Thandie Newton, etc) and almost zero bush (merkins don't count).


you forgot Briana Evigan


Awesome! Beautiful boobs, I'd love to see her standing up but this will do the work too.

Next target: Personal Shopper. It was scheduled for december 14th, right?