In a Relationship Nudity Review

The only female nudity in In a Relationship is a brief topless scene with Dree Hemingway as she is about to go skinny dipping about 48 minutes in. Emma Roberts has an implied nude scene shortly before this where the guy’s arm covers her breasts and you can maybe see a bit of underboob. Emma has several other scenes in her underwear or a bikini top and also makes out with Janet Montgomery.

Speaking of Emma Roberts, we’ve also seen her upcoming film Little Italy and she’s not naked in that one either.

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Interesting. According to Irish Film Classification there is strong sex and nudity in movie "On Chesil Beach" .


Mr Skin review:
(0:14) Anne-Marie Duff full frontal breasts and bush standing outside.

(0:45) Saorise Ronan pulls back dress

(0:49) Anne-Marie Duff kneeling in living room with her dress down displaying her breasts.

(1:03) Partial panties visible on Saorise Ronan as the guy goes up her legs as she lies on the bed. Then he pulls her panties down under her dress.

(1:04) Saorise Ronan in lingerie checking herself out in a mirror.

(1:11) Left leg on Saorise Ronan under the guy trying to thrust into her.

(1:13) Saorise Ronan freaks out when she discovers a puddle of semen on her leg.


For context, from the plot summary of the book the film's based on:

During the course of an evening, both reflect upon their upbringing and the prospect of their futures. Edward is sexually motivated and though intelligent has a taste for rash behaviour, while Florence, bound by the social code of another era and perhaps having been sexually abused by her father,[1] is terrified of sexual intimacy. Florence tries to mentally prepare herself for the inevitable consummation, but the thought of it continues to repulse her.

When the couple are finally about to have sex, Edward becomes overexcited and ejaculates on Florence's stomach before the intercourse can begin. Disgusted, Florence storms out. When Edward follows, the couple get into an argument where Florence makes it clear that she is not interested in ever having sex. Edward accuses her of lying to him during their marriage vows (in which there is a vow of sexual fulfilment), and is further angered when Florence suggests he sleep with other women to fulfil his sexual desires. In turn, Florence accuses him of being insensitive and aggressive. The couple separate, and the lack of consummation annuls the marriage.


One good new show is “Kiss Me First” from the creator of Skins. It’s currently airing on C4 in the UK and then will be on Netflix worldwide. There has been nudity in all 4 episodes so far, from Tallulah Haddon and Simona Brown.


"And Then I Was French" with Joanna Vanderham is out today on amazon. Are there any news? Trailer looks promising.


Recapped said there was no nudity from Joanna


Any tongue involved in that make out?


"Euphoria" the HBO teen drama pilot that is supposed to feature lots of nudity is set to film in early June so we should hear some casting news relatively soon.


Regarding Janet Montgomery in "The Romans," I found it online. I'm sorry for the low-res in an already dark scene, but that was the only version of it available. I'll post the link to watch the entire movie below.


Any Handmaids Tale news yet?


Emma spending most of the movie in her underwear sounds nice.

How hot is the make-out scene between Emma and Janet?


Already ask in the last post regarding "Katie Says Goodbye":
Are there any specific timestamps to look out for?
Can't promise anything, but I'll watch it on Wednesday or next week.


I've been waiting for that movie since like 2016, Olivia is amazing. How are you able to watch it, has it been picked up by a distributor? I know it played some festival ages ago but I can't find a link to a stream anywhere? Thanks


The movie has a limited(?) theatrical release in a couple of european countries.


Mr. Skin and MK (reliable Recapped source) both reviewed the nudity when Katie Says Goodbye played at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016 and wound up with differing timestamps. Here's what they had.


28 mins – Olivia and her new boyfriend sit nude on the bed after having sex for the first time. She’s completely naked, but due to the angle only her breasts are visible. Long scene, decent lighting.

40 mins – Olivia’s left breast is visible as she lies naked in bed with her boyfriend. Dark and shot from a distance, brief scene.

55 mins – Olivia’s butt and right breast are briefly visible as her boyfriend has rough sex with her from behind. Her left breast is visible for the remainder of the scene as they lie in bed, though it’s mostly out of focus.

Mr. Skin:

(0:21) Olivia Cooke sits up naked in bed giving us a great look at her breasts.
(0:27) Left breast on Olivia Cooke lying in bed praying.
(0:37) Partial Buns on Olivia Cooke on all fours being screwed from behind. Some side right boob as well.
(0:38) Brief left breast on Olivia Cooke lying in bed talking to Abbott.


So still no Karen news?


Always happy to see Dree disrobed though 🙂