January 12, 2019 Rumors

Some Q&A from our Annual Preview:

Only Isabelle Grill is nude in Midsommar? I was hoping for Florence Pugh and Julia Ragnarsson.

There are also lots of full frontal nude female extras during the Isabelle Grill nude scene.

No other nudity in Lying and Stealing because it is rated for nudity?

Only sideboob from Emily Ratajkowski. There’s a topless blonde woman we can’t identify.

I hope Elizabeth Debicki’s “best scene yet” means full frontal.

Nope. Just means it’s well lit and lengthier than Elizabeth’s other nude scenes.

Anything in Happy Death Day 2U?


Please tell me, is there male nudity in Now Apocalypse?

Yes, but don’t think there is any full frontal.

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Kelli Berglund - “Now Apocalypse” promo.
Can’t wait.


More info?


Anyone in the UK who have been able to see Eva and Candela? Looks interresting.


Anything from karen hassan in cellar door


Anyone in the uk able to get this movie for Virginie Efira's nude scenes ?


Shit that's some amazing news. I thought I had to wait for the french vod release in march. Can't wait for the caps. You'll be my hero.


Quality isnt very good but its not my video.


awesome, she's beautiful, more of this please


Where do you find this material, guys? What are your sources?


thanks man you rock


This is excellent news. I love Virginie.


Anyone know if this was ever released outside of festivals or if Paige Spara (The Good Doctor) is nude in it? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2246575/ It is supposed to have nudity but I am not finding much information about it or even find it online anywhere 🙁


from back in October

The one episode a month horror series Into the Dark premiered on Hulu a couple of days ago. Hearing the fifth episode airing in February should have nudity and may feature Natalie Martinez.



Nice Carmen Ejogo sweater meat in ep1 of True Detective, but I won't get my hopes up for anything more than that.
She wouldn't even show in The Girlfriend Experience.


Right. Went out of her way not to. Still pissed about that.


Polar (Katheryn Winnick, Vanessa Hudgens) is rated +18 in UK: There are strong sex scenes featuring thrusting, breast and buttock nudity and implied oral sex.


I don't think Katheryn will show anything. Vanessa maybe. But I am sure that Ruby O. Fee will be nude.


Some actual nudity from Vanessa Hudgens would be splendid. “Spring Breakers” was an outrageous tease. Recapped, any news on this one? Thanks.


Those are most likely from extras and strippers tho


Don't think there will be any nudity as it's an ITV co-production (not that you'd know it from this trailer) and it's been 25 years since Kate's only nude scene - but people ask about it


Well, this wasn't the idea I had about this show according to its title. I expected a thriller involving a romance with a toyboy, setted in a city. Very disappointed.


Judging from the trailer, it doesn't look like Kate will be blessing us with her magnificent nakedness. I look forward to The Widow none-the-less. Kate is great, I'd love her to do another hot naked scene more than any other actress, but as time goes by ,it seems evermore unlikely.


So it will be 14th April when we are likely to see Cersei Body Double (Rebecca Van Cleave ) nude


GoT season starts April 14th but there will be 6 episodes and we don't know what happens in any of them including nude scenes. Rebecca may not even be playing Cersei's body double but returned to play a new character.


also now know that Euphoria, and probably Warrior, won’t air anytime before 20th May


This summer Paramount Network aired uncensored boobs on Yellowstone, I expected other basic cable channels to follow suit but none have yet. Is there any upcoming basic cable shows that may also break that taboo?


The previous post a comment was made about Kaley Cuoco announcing she was just cast as the lead in a movie called The Flight Attendant based off the novel by Chris Bohjalian and the possibility of nudity from her. Based on her character I would say there is a 50% chance for butt nudity, 10% chance for boobs and less than 1% for full frontal. Her character has sex with at least 3 different men in the book (mostly one night stands) as well as being a binge drinker but I'm unsure if there is nudity metioned in the actual book. I'm guessing there might be a clothed sex scene and probably a butt shot either riding a guy or the morning after a one night stand getting dressed and some cleverly shot angles for any other sex scenes hiding her boobs. There is always the possibility of a body double with a high profile actress in a movie like this. For me though a raunchy sex scene without nudity is something I would take without complaint, especially from an actress like her. Kate Beckinsale, Emma Watson, AnnaSophia Robb, Natalie Alyn Lind, Stana Katic, Jenna Dewan, Gal Gadot, Molly Quinn, Danielle Panabaker and Anna Kendrick as well as many others fall into that category for me but I figured I would name some of my most sought after. I excluded a couple favorites like Lili Simmons and Alexandra Daddario because there is already some great content out there or on the way. Hope to see a few of those names in the next couple years have a raunchy seen or nudity and looking forward to see Kaley in something other than Big Bang Theory.


I'm gonna bet 270 fake arbitrary internet points that she doesn't show anything.


One last thing..i know i am reaching and probably being overtly optimistic..but this could very well be the next Manhattan Night. I did get it right back then. Kaley is someone who doesn't seem to shy away from showing off her knockers in revealing dresses and even boasts about them. So I am gonna have my fingers crossed and hope for the best.


This seems like the next perfect movie for you guys to get your hopes up about. You can start imagining all these nude scenes that will be in it and then be upset and disappointed that there’s nothing.


Btw that's a tv show and not a movie AFAIR


Couldn't agree more. I'll absolutely be ok with a good 3-4 raunchy sex scenes from her. Butt nudity if possible without a body double. As awesome as her Globes are, I think I'll be ok with not seeing them in all their glory..hopefully. Thanks for going through the book and hinting at the possibilities. I was planning on doing it but you saved me the work.


I think at best might be butt nudity. IMDB has Warner Horizon producing and I don't think anything of theirs has anything outside of butt nudity.


Thanks for answering about Now Apocalypse!


Any updates on Too Old to Die Young?


Any news on Katee Sackhoff in Another life?


any news on julie ann emery in clooney's "catch-22" for HULU?


Hell yes. Do it for Herr Starr, Featherstone.


Will Izabela Vidovic show anything in future?


So if the person who leaked that small My Days of Mercy gif a while back could, like, go ahead and pop up again to leak the parts we all wanted to actually see, that would great...


There is breast nudity and mechanical detail during scenes of sex.

Someone probably should tell the BBFC that the release date has been pushed back. Now they've published their more detailed "Insight" ratings, that usually only gets posted right before a film comes out.



I have a feeling that is the only thing they ever shot and that “movie” is just an elaborate prank that was played on all of us and doesn’t actually exist.


xx where you at?


Does Isabelle grill or anyone else show full bush in missommar?


Are there no upcoming ENF scenes or comedic naked scenes? Asking for a friend.


Some sad news, according to nu.nl Benedetta has been postponed a year because of director Verhoeven's hip surgery. Probable premier in Cannes 2020. Good news is that the scriptwriter had his name removed because of "the emphasis the director places on sexual rather than the political aspect of the true story".


Interested to know the amount of nudity by Virginie Efira. Did you read the script recapped ?


Mmm... Fingers crossed for Charlotte Rampling.


Ummmm pass.


Hope it has the same level of nudity as Black Book