January 16, 2019 Rumors

Any details on Velvet Buzzsaw? Rated R for some sexuality/nudity. Cast includes Zawe Ashton and Natalia Dyer. Out on Netflix Feb 1.

Skimmed the Velvet Buzzsaw screenplay and Zawe Ashton has a sex scene and a scene as she gets out of the shower. Seems more likely it’ll be all male nudity however.

Also skimmed the Polar screenplay and don’t think there’s any nudity from Vanessa Hudgens or Katheryn Winnick. Vanessa has a bath scene and Katheryn has a scene in a strip club where she’s hanging out with two strippers. Ruby O. Fee should have a sex scene where she’s riding on top. There should also be a lot of naked extras.

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No female nudity in Punisher S2 so far, but there has been a lengthy scene of Bernthal getting a bullet removed from his bare ass for the ladies in the audience. XD


Any other male nudity? Ben Barnes again?


That sucks. I was hoping for some more hot scenes with Amber Rose Revah. Oh well.


Is the new season any better than the first one?


It's different... but just as good imho


Well the first was awesome and so far 2 is great too


In 6 days Sundance is starting. Hope for nudity from Kaitlyn Dever (Them That Follow), Kara Hayward (To the Stars) & Ine Marie Wilmann ( Sonja: The White Swan).


As far as I can tell, Kaitlyn is only a supporting character in Them That Follow, as Alice Englert's friend. Not sure there would be any nudity but the plot suggests it is more likely from Alice.


I was checking out imbd and it says Adelaide Kane is shooting 'The Swing of Things' with Luke Wilson. Storyline "A groom-to-be accidentally books his destination wedding and honeymoon at a swingers resort in Jamaica." I know it's a long shot but any info on Adelaide's character Georgia?


Any nudity from Lucy Hale in “the unicorn” ? Movies about a threesome so maybe there’s some


Scroll down.
The answer is already there.


Mr. Skin confirms no nudity.


Mr.Skin was spot on about Sophie Nelisse in Close. Unfortunately.



Margaret Qualley might also be nude in IO which is coming to Netflix this month.

Alas, not quite nude.



The relevant bit a bit slower & a bit brighter.



You can still see her ass though
Really can't wait for Donnybrook to come out


im not seeing her ass in that clip, or do you just mean the movie in general? And agreed, donnybrook sounds like a wonderful scene, she has such a great body.


That makes two of us. Just one more month till VOD release.


Catherine Reitman - Workin' Moms S03E03:


Am I the only one who finds it funny that the first photo is giving a "bandwidth limit exceeded" error?


what's happened to her boobs - implants or cgi?


Definitely not CGI (you can tell when seeing the the scene in motion). Her boobs were really deflated from pregnancy in the prior seasons so while I really don't like implants she at least had a decent job done so that she doesn't have fried-egg titties any more.


Looks like fakers. Real shame.


Look fine to me.


When'd she get those put in? Is it addressed in the show at all or we meant to believe they did that naturally?


I believe in the show, she recently gave birth so her breasts are filled with milk. Later in the scene, the guy she had sex with squeezed one and milk came squirting out, so they may be prosthetics


Whoops, that last one should've been this:


The Emperor of Paris's listing on French Amazon says blu-ray will be available on April 19th.


Do we know if there is even anything in this? I haven’t been able to find much.


No, but the trailer hints at nudity and she plays a prostitute/the protagonist's love interest.


4 episodes of Freya Mavor’s series on Arte, “Il etait une seconde fois” are going to be screened at Berlinale (the TV bit of the festival). The show is due to air sometime this summer.


All four episodes, since it's a mini-series. Plus the release date is an ambiguous "first half of the year", so it might be spring too.


réalisée par Guillaume Nicloux et diffusée sur Arte avant l’été 2019.

Ah, I was going from this bit from an article in Madame Figaro, but my French is appalling


Avant means before, so it’ll be before summer.


Does Isabelle grill or anyone show full bush in midsommar?


Any chance that Anna Kendrick show anything in Stowaway? Or ever?


I think she still gets naked when she showers at home. But yeah, I won’t say never - because we live in a world where Kate Miccucci did an amazing nude scene.
But there’s little point in asking, either it’s going to be a huge headline - or it’s not happening.


What kind of male nudity can possibly be expected in Velvet Buzzsaw?


Natalie Dyer’s “Yes God Yes” is premiering at SXSW. It’s the feature length remake of this short film.


and probably the same amount of nudity as the short? (none)


also Harmony Korine’s new film “The Beach Bum”


Thanks recapped, so does Ruby O. Fee show any nudity in her sex scene? Just looked her up and she’s a smoke show, plus her tits look promising.


Ruby already got naked in "As We Were Dreaming" (topless) and "Zazy" (FF, but the scene by the pool is very dark tough) by the way.


Now Apocalypse Trailer


anything in the unicorn? specifically lauren lapkus?


(0:18) Lucy Hale in Little Jean shorts leans over the bar to get s drink and we see s little bottom cheek.
(0:22) Lucy Hale in her little Jean shorts lying down on the floor as the Coyle checks her out.
(0:36) Brief panties on Lucy Hale as she lifts up her t-shirt to flash the couple.
(1:02) Dree Hemingway in her panties on top of Lauren Lapkus in her bra giving her a massage. We see some sideboobs on Dree but that’s about it. Even when they kiss her hair blocks their mouths.


Less than three weeks until HD naked Rosamund Pike.


THE Good parts will be digitally obscured or blurred in the bluray release, mark my words